Movies Galore takes a look at director Jeff Leroys film “Charlie’s Death Wish” from 2005!

Written by David Strege

hx97u-W8FC48XRTEE-Full-Image_GalleryBackground-en-US-1508556787206._RI_SX940_Brought To Us by Go-Kart Films and Dollar Productions but distributed buy Virtual Fluid Is a film directed by Jeff Leroy called Charlie’s Death Wish from 2005.

Scream Queen Phobie Dollar,  plays Charlie a chick who’s been in prison and finds out her sister was murdered while she was in the joint so in the beginning of the film we see Charlie surrounded by a group of thugs among them actor Jed Rowan (Aaron’s House, and later The Ghastly Love of Johnny X).


Close on her tail is detective Rosenberg played by legendary pornstar Ron Jeremy as he arrives on the scene of the crime in which Charlie has committed against these thugs.  As it is a movie producer or director of some sort  by the name of bloom has overheard the situation at the crime scene and is doing some editing of his own, meanwhile it appears that Charlie works for a gun place where the owner ends up getting some rather illegal weapons from different people. So Charlie gets a copy of the file on her sister’s murder and starts going after each person that had to do with the case as no matter what Justice was not served and everyone weather cop or Criminal will pay. It also seems like Charlie has a soft side as some of the people who come into the gun shop have been abused and need protection.  All throughout the film we see flashbacks of the two sisters together…


When Charlie figures out that it was Large Marge who’d killed her sister she started to plan a way to kill her. On the other hand detective Rosenberg is hot on her Trail when he starts figuring out the pieces he strings her a line of information false though it may be about Harry Niche A criminal crime board ran the operation of drugs that Large Marge  ran for him,  that in some way he was connected to her sister’s death and she took the bait.  One thing that wasn’t expected was that Mike blue was going to make his new documentary about what he would call the Dixie Chick killer where he would name her and the detective involved on access news.   Does Charlie have a death wish or what as it is She is all on hung up on Bronson films…


You know what I enjoyed the film, it had a little bit bad acting, but it wasn’t entirely bad, Even Lemmy showed up from Motorhead as one of the strip club patrons as someone who was on Charlie’s side. I thought it was that there was a moment where Charlie was at our house or apartments wherever she was living and a song that Charles Manson had sung Look At Your Game Girl  Played in the background. I also think that Ron Jeremy didn’t do a bad job either. I have to admit that seeing the Hollywood sign blown up once again except this time not by spider and I guess my favorite line and the film was  when Ron Jeremy set I guess they took the Ho’s out of Hollywood.


I thought that there were some relatively decent gun-downs in the film this was kind of a Revenge film so it was in a sense of humorous.  If you like a mob Revenge comedy kind of film then I guess the smell is up your alley. There were definitely some  scenes where there was a little bit ago of gore  not a lot but definitely enough to keep the most interested, so yeah I recommend this small indie film for those of you who have not seen the film, Definitely seek this out if you get a chance. I also wonder if they didn’t get the name Large Marge from Pee-Wee Herman’s Big Adventure…

Here is the trailer:

Starring Phoebe Dollar as Charlie, Ron Jeremy as Captain Al Rosenberg (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt), Kiki Encina as Large Marge, Randal Malone as Harry Niche, John Fava as Officer Harris, Calley Edmunds as Wendy Cummings (as Caley Edmond), John Clark as Dr. Pheifer, Mark Knudsen as Mike Bloomfield, Jo Anna as Enaceamu, Latrinka Brown, Matt Nespoli as Bob Huff, Lemmy as Lemmy, Dizzy Reed as Mumbles, Victoria Germany as
Molly, Vicky Parris as Bionca, Natayla Parris as Trionca, Tracii Guns as
Roscoe, Michelle Hixon as Bunny Blew (as Anne Hixon), Susie Hyatt as Officer Berg, Philo Barnhart as Lawyer, Riley Moore as
Jimmy, Dave Schulz as Heckler in strip club (as David Schulz), Eric Flenner as
Mr. NRA, Erica Horn as Officer Jana, Jennifer Burton as Desk Cop, Mike Callahan as Sheriff, James Chean as
Bartender, Joe De Angelis as Club Killer (as Joe DeAngelis), Jamie DeAngelis as
Club Killer, Larry Go as Club Killer, John Mario as Club Killer, Rob Rampley as
Club Killer, Art Ford as Club Killer, Vincent J. Bilanco as Club Killer, Aaran Mestman as Club Killer, J.B. Frank as
Club Killer, Mitch Toles as Thug, Jed Rowen as Thug, Anthony Demetriou as
Thug, Nemo Pierre as Thug, Ryan Green as Dead Cop, Donna Page as Dead Cop, Riley Burton as Dead Cop, Natalie Pierre as Access Entertainment Employee, Mike Diamond as Access Entertainment Employee, Marc Happenin Harry Harrison as Mr. Evil / Drug Lord, William Zoon as Assasin with Gas Mask (uncredited).



  1. Dude…learn to spell! And the first bit of the plot you’ve written is wrong….her sister got pulled over for a busted tail light and got found with a gun so was arrested. Then SHE was murdered in jail, not killed whilst Charlie was banged up 🙂



    1. Spellings over rated and it’s my interpretation was how i saw the film sorry i didnt portray it that way but thats the way I took the film man



    2. Maybe try insulting someone who gave the film a negative review. Its the passion and love behind writing these films up that matters more than butthurt spellchecking



      1. Reviews are always interpretations and can be slightly different than when they were shown. I may not spell the greatest but I enjoyed this film reguardless what happened plot wise. I’m just trying to understand because there really wasn’t any real negative comments made coming that I am and have a disability, have Autism


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