Movies Galore takes a look at director Donald F. Glut’s “Scarlet Countess” aka “The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula” from 2001!

Scarlett Countess

Originally called The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula And now specifically called Scarlet Countess from Frontline EntertainmentBy director Donald F Glut made fan films in the early 60s But this film was from 2001 and it seems like it was shot on VHS.  

So the film begins with an orgy scene of 4 women surrounding the main actress They aren’t really having sex in the scene but there is one lady doing an act like she is eating her out, as this is happening we hear a narration of an apology.  Pornstar Elizabeth X plays Scarlet a singer that is about to go record her either first album are songs at a recording studio, it is the 60s So what legendary horror actor and TV Western Star William Smith who’s been in film all the way back to The Ghost of Frankenstein And played in films like Conan the Barbarian, Hell Comes to Frogtown, and Invasion of the Bee Girls Stars as the Dracula in here as it appears he watches the Scarlet…And then turns her into a vampire with a craving for blood.

I will have to say that in the nude Miss Elizabeth X looks really good in the flesh… For when she wakes up Renfield played by Del Howison, which this is a different kind of the right field cuz normally Renfield is more of a  seedier character, I noticed that Renfield called her Mr. Scarlett when she is clearly a female. I kept on thinking that she should be called mistress or something to that nature but you kept on calling her mister. This Renfield yes he ate bugs but he acted more like he was person who had the run of the house then more of a servant it would do his master’s bidding entirely. I’ve always felt that Renfield was a little bit more kept to the Shadows kind of character at least until his master called him but this run filled is more of a host, he is there when Scarlet awakes and also when she returns to the castle and which she was taken to.

I have to say Force sexploitation horotica film the set design of the club and the inside of the castle are very authentic for the age in which it was supposed to have come from so I did like seeing scenery from the place that Scarlet slept in  and the inside of the club in which she frequents.  After 35 years of being a vampire and having been from that sixties vibe the people in the present day certainly seem to dance like they would have in the sixties. Scarlet instead of being a vampire that longs and lusts for blood, instead is lonely and wants to end her existence. When Renfield is given no choice and told to make her end quick, Renfield couldn’t bring himself to do it so we went out to find the Bible of the Undead not necessarily of course because he didn’t know exactly what he was looking for it till I found it.

In this book he found a way that his mistress or should I call mister, that she should become mortal again if in a single night is she found three willing maidens in a single night to come and be turned she may become mortal again. but Renfield doesn’t have much time he has until sunrise to find three willing virgin women for Scarlet as it were.

You would probably find this spell in the erotic section of exclusive company for this is dangerously close to being pornography I’d actually call this more of a skin flick, there Is some ass grabbing,  and there’s definitely a little bit more than meets the eye but what surprised me about this film is that there is kind of a storyline and the acting, when you think pornography acting isn’t always the greatest, it wasn’t that bad.  I mean you can’t quite get off and I don’t know what it is about being a guy but for some seeing girl on girl is a turn on. They are not doing entirely full sex acts But it is definitely erotic and its nature and it’s not like you see the women looking nervous to even be in the same room with each other while they are performing these erotic scenes. So I guess if you enjoy sex scenes of a lesbian nature that are a little bit more risque and erotic to spice up your mood for the evening along with a relatively okay storyline this might be your film for the evening.   there really weren’t a lot of action scenes so this film was slow but I found it entertaining.  I also enjoyed learning about the different things that the Dracula in here was in while I was researching this film.  This film may not be for everyone but I have a certain acknowledgement of enjoyment from it, not necessarily because skin is being shown mind you.

Here’s the music video to “Vampire Girls” by Koo koo Boy which is as good as trailer as any:

Starring Elizabeth X as Scarlet (as Brick Randall), William Smith as Count Dracula, Del Howison as Renfield, Meredith Rinehart as Tiffany, Nicole Liberty-Whitlock as Vicki, Julia Anna Thurman as Shado, Luther Robinson as Skyler, Charlie as Wet Dream Girl, Shea Alexander as Maggie the Waitress, Joan Marlowe as Josie the Bartender, Jason Peters as Nightclub Masher, Tony Clay as Radio Announcer, William Pappas as ‘Scarlet Countess’ Bar Patron Dancer, Utaka Ito as Chinatown Hooker.


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