Movies galore text to look at director Jeff Leroy’s feature “Creepies 2” from 2005!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us once again by Amsell Entertainment Inc.and Sterling Entertainment is a sequel to the film Creepies from 2004 that though it had low production values there were definitely decent actors And I believe special effects of CGI used with creature effects  where a military secret of a spider, mutated  to become the next weapon in war against our enemies.   Where the army base that kept the canisters  couldn’t Exactly maintain the arachnid and having shipped of canister by mistake to a recording company  where the Barenaked Barbies An all girl Band that ended up going up against these eight legged freaks But in the end not having many survivors of the incident and the situation got out of control.


This sequel called Creepies 2:  Las Vegas Attack Begins about where the last film left off by somewhat having some kind of a narrator of sorts explaining the spider outbreak.  Set after the bombing of Los Angeles it appears that a containment truck either searching for survivors are searching for signs of the spiders, connected with the military is going in to inspect the area.20

As they are inspecting this area we see a return in Soldier it was now I think promoted I’m not sure of his name entirely but they are walking around what I think is a military compound where they see body is wrapped in webbing. when the trucker vehicle that they had arrived in stopped at whatever entrance to wherever they are they’d actually driven through a pile of skeleton skulls. so there are definitely picked clean bones and somewhat recently eaten bodies, And also some in mid decay as they travel through the scenery of destruction. The military men run into trouble with the larger Spider but are saved by a manpowered machine called the Mecha destructor, a but like a small gunned robo-machined suit.


Meanwhile in Las Vegas a man named Paul has a suitcase filled with these mutated spiders as it appears he is running from somewhere or something. After being chased what looks like government agents Paul doesn’t realize that what he’s holding in the suitcase is the spiders in these canisters so when he mistakenly shakes the suitcase it cracks the canisters open spider start devouring him. after an agent blows some kind of a weapon at the dying man the spiders begin to escape towards the casino..  So it appears these agents are in the deployment of a General McGinty played by Robert Ambrose  who is also the man behind the man powered Mecha Destructor, with a high stakes Poker game  going on, with Elvis impersonators, a stripper and Vegas waitresses it’s about to get sticky and more ways than one. and when once a giant spider climbs out of the pussy of a stripper after a shower of getting attacked by spiders Starts the beginning chaos of the Las Vegas invasion of these bugs.

hqdefault (1)

Three actors that are of note the girl who plays Kristen the girlfriend, who is a waitress of one of the pilots of the mecha Destructor, the pilot boyfriend that I so call Spoke of and the main chunky Elvis impersonator named Chuck, who no one know who is named till now.  Returning  as well is actor Jed Rowen from Aaron’s House and The Ghastly Love of Johnny X fame as one of the poker players. I actually liked the first film better than I liked the second feature to be honest and I had to say that about films but I felt the special effects where were relied on  a little bit more but I did enjoy watching the film.  I thought the action could have actually been a little better not on everyone’s part But this seemed like it was chaotically put together and maybe that’s partially why I like it. the film is hard to pay attention to a certain moments and I can see why it could be turned off by some people but the action scenes in here similar to like that you would see in like a Godzilla versus Mecha-Godzilla type of film except with spiders and the mecha Destroyer Seemed like it was more like a Transformer or a type of Power Ranger like man powered vehicle.  

 I could see Jeff Leroy’s Creepy’s possibly  plane on television I’m platforms like the Sci-fi channel because I’ve seen some relatively badly CGI films on their platform that I could write this up there with some of their earlier TV films. Now don’t think that I’m saying any of this to make this out to be a totally bad film It’s not,  but it’s not entirely good either this is one of those films that I think you can’t just watch it once to like it I think there are things in this film that were very funny and could not have happened.  I mean you could de0rygk-83CWDR5KBFJ-Full-Image_GalleryBackground-en-US-1507594499601._RI_SX940_finitely tell that they were working somewhat off of a miniature scale of a town with toy cars and working with CGI a little more on, like explosions  but I think this but the first film had and that is mechanical or rubber spiders and I believe that they were mechanical.

Here is the Trailer:

I guess if I had a favorite moment it was when the gigantic spider climbed out of the strippers vagina and that to me was hilarious.   I guess I enjoyed this film it’s definitely not going to be liked by everyone and I have to admit this was a tougher watch there were a lot of slow boring action moments hard to describe but for film lovers that love really bad movies this is your kind of film.  I’m not sure I totally recommend this feature I mean I found it entertaining enough but I like a lot of terrible films. I’d call this one of those totally bad but good films.  What do you think?

Starring Randal Malone as The King, Loren Paul as Sever, Star Hansen as
Kristin, Gregor Collins as Jeff Quest, Eric Coffin as Gregg, Robert Ambrose as McGinty, Gina Valona as Brooke, Katie Guman as Lyla, Matt Emery as Eric, Scott Mullin as Romy (as Scott Walker Mullin), Alex Remington as Paul, Alexandra Ackerman as Holt, Ford Austin as Lt. Cmdr. Snake Eyes, Heather Branch as
Fighter Pilot, Foxtrot 2,Jeff Burr as Burt, Joe De Angelis as Jed, I mean, Ned, Athena Demos as Hooker, Warren McCullough as Lt. Rudd, Sascha Rasmussen as Paul, Jed Rowen as Robert Rose, Corbin Timbrook as Lt. Helms, Mitch Toles as Elvis Impersonator #1.


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