Movies Galore takes a look at director Craig Jacobson’s experimental short films “Cerberus” and “Commute” from 2012, and “Alligator Bitch” and “Terrain” from 2011!

Written by David Strege

Again as I did with Cassandra Sechler’s short films I’m going to first explain what these short films mean to him but I’m going to describe them in my own words as well…

Cerberus – 2012


Brought to us by Dreams For Dead Cats Productions director Craig Jacobson has worked behind the camera and as an actor in some of director Cassandra Sechler’s experimental films but as we find out has dabbled in the experimental film department himself.

Craig explains this film to be about A man that is caught in a state of purgatory, paralyzed by the weight of his inability to reconcile with his self-perception.

So honestly this is my favorite film of these four as I believe it is the voice of Craig Jacobson i could be wrong but this man is having different flashes of what I would consider personal demons in ultra violet flashes.  I like how the imagery is played out in here definitely riveting, dark and explorative…

Commute – 2012


In Commute from 2012 as well, Craig explains this short film is about A bus as it passes through another dimension of reality. I actually slightly like this film in the fact it does change it’s hues of film coloring.  I’d actually put this in the category of Neonsploitation. Not entirely a whole lot to it but definitely a blend of Color shaking.

Alligator Bitch – 2011


In this short film Alligator Bitch, Craig explains this is about A nightmarish vision about a woman confronting a possible identity. So this film is a bit similarity tormenting as the film Cerberus  was but this involved a woman with demons of her own but we see her walk down a hallway and experience visions of a creature coming up the stairs at herself. She seems definitely disturbed as the imagery grows stronger of the creature, the beast that seems to be her….

I think this could possibly portray the subject of transgender in a way but then again films such as this can be interpreted many ways.  I’m not sure whether I enjoyed the film, I more enjoyed trying to describe it here.  Certainly check this film out if you can.

Terrain – 2011


In this short film Terrain from 2011, Craig explains that this film is about exploring various “terrains,” inspired by planetary rovers. Though this was supposedly based on space vehicle road lines, I can see how the lines in cracked skin and the hair of eyelids might very well look entirely like a landscape on the moon.  I keen even though that is the palm of a hand at close up range it could look like sand dunes of some kind this film was certainly a visual experience as it seems Craig was exploring the maps of someone’s skin to represent a “Terrain” or landscape.

The only thing I’d say from a reviewer stand point is that I’d of wished I could have displayed who might of acted in these films for Mr. Jacobson as they weren’t on IMDb or in the description of the films so the actors and actresses I assume are unknown at this moment…

As far as I know both Cassandra Sechler and Craig Jacobson are getting ready to release their newest feature together called “Elliot” so keep a look out and enjoy!

Movies Galore takes a look at director John Dylan Robert’s short film “Lemon” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Once vagain brought to us by Bad Theory Production director John Dylan Roberts who directed “The Wheel” from 2011 brings us this loser-like super hero tale in the spirit of films like Turbo Kid I imagine but one I’m sure we can relate to.

At a rum time of twelve minutes twenty-eight seconds the film begins with an info-mercial reguarding a character called “Princess Galaxy” (Musni) whom goes up against a bad guy by the name of King Rat (WI native actor Michael Denk) whom apparently send some battlebots of some sort which makes me think of Power Rangers and or Transformers mixed with manga anime… in any case the infomercial is selling a bike that little scarred Lucy (Park) wants really bad.


So Lucy does what all of us kids of the 80’s did to save up for what we wanted the most she carefully prepared some lemonade to sell for 25 cents a cup innocently enough.  Of course sitting there she watched as a richer snobbier girl followed in toe by her snobbish little slave of a sister on the bike that she wanted.  Lucy innocently askjed nicely if that was the so called bike and the older girl rolled her eyes and huffed off.


When standing across the street in their wake is an elderly man who ends up popping over for a cup and instantly takes a liking to the lemonade enough to strike a bargain with Lucy if she’d make a jug of lemonade every day he’d pay her 11 dollars per jug.  Instantly she agrees knowing it will begin to pay for the bike she wants.


Ultimately days later when she runs out of sugar… on her way back she notices the old man that buys her lemonade is not only having a big party but he has capitalized making more money selling her lemonade which is slightly funny as he apparently needs a body guard now and everyone at the party including the old man makes fun of her because of her poverty and what’s even worse is the old man expects her to continue to make that lemonade while digging into her about the scar that’s very apparent on her face.


I thought this film was shot beautifully, you can definitely tell there was some money put into this film as their is some excellent looking CGI moments of lighting bolts I believe.  The acting of the elderly man on being this snobbish like character was definitely spot on for his age as he seemed a well dressed old codger but never should you capitalize like this… in the end there is a surprise twist and ultimately a moral and happy ending.

I certainly enjoyed this short film it was amusing definitely kind of an homage to super heroes and current in the ways of the present where people can really be that cruel to the point you really don’t want to and or can’t stand to be around them.

I recommend you short film lovers out ther to seek this film out if you would it’s definitely worth your wile to see. Enjoy!

Starring Georgina Park as Lucy, Richard Halverson as Maximillion, Joan Hentzen as Evil Mary, Riley Fitzsimmons as Evil Sally, Kat Musni as Princess Galaxy, Michael Denk as King Rat, Peter Batchelder as King Rat (voice), Britany Rose Lange as Evil Consort Britany/ Lemonade Girl, Alaina Zieman as Evil Consort Alaina, Ken Williams as Adonis, Royal Ramseur as Royal Guard, Ashley Heller as Lemonade Girl (dead & alive).

Movies Galore takes a look at director John Dylan Robert’s short film “The Wheel” from 2011!

Written by David Strege

The wheel

This steampunk fantasy short film was brought to my attention by one of the actors involved with the project so I figured I’d sit down and take a viewing.

Brought to us by Bad Theory Productions director John Dylan Roberts comes the tale of a family that keeps “The Wheel” that grinds the motion of the world, the machine that keeps the world spinning.


The narration of this price kind of sounds similar to the way “The Night Before Christmas” or “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,” so I wonder if the director had some insiration from Dr.Seus, plays out in its prose just in its rhythm and its flow.  Being a past poet myself I can recognize a decent flow age of words when I hear it read to me.

The Cinematography of the film is brilliant and whoever did the editing job on the film did a fantastic job here especially since much of the set was CGI it was very cool.  Back to the story… As all families who run a business tend to do is when it’s time to step down you give the legacy and responsibility of taking care of the business after you become to old or tired to do so and just that is done… Holster (Skrauss) plays the lead son and heir to keeping this “Wheel” spinning.  Elle (White) is the daughter and as often second children sometimes are prone to be was left in the shadow jealous of her brothers favored attention takes care of feeding her brother and plots to poison him. It did go through the two childrens childhood like a bedtime story.

So she does, thinking she’s killed her brother she goes straight to “The Wheel” and tempts that fate in her excitement “Touched the Wheel” and in so doing did not know the rules…

I think that this was a very creative tale, told well the diction of the narrative superb. You might even notice actor Michael Denk whose played in such films as “From The Darkness Theatre” by local film maker Michael Viers or from “A Dubious Night” by another local film maker by the name of Nelson Olivera.


I found this short film to be fresh and entertaining, may I also give credit to the person behind the costume design as it is very periodical of the time period I believe from the “Roaring Twenties” maybe.  I certainly enjoyed it and recommend if you are a short film lover definitely check this film out! Enjoy!

Starring Richard Halverson as Narrator, Mark Metcalf as Father, Clarise White as
Young Ellie, Nell White as Ellie, Skrauss as
Holster, Balen Essak as Young Holster, Peter Batchelder as Holster (voice), Michael Denk As Prison Fiend, César Gamiño As City Inhabitant, Ashley Heller As City Inhabitant, Kat Musni As Prison Fiend, Margaret  Mascuza As Ellie (voice), Erik West As Prison Fiend, Zach Zovic.

Movies Galore take a look at director James Baack’s feature “The Bloody Rage Of Bigfoot” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


Distributed by Cheezy Flicks with Great Lakes Artist Group’s director James Baack from Illinois comes his first feature “The Bloody Rage Of Bigfoot” from 2010 even though the back of the film has you thinking that Pus-E the Clown and Brandy or Freedom may have been earlier films of his since the description says “from the creators of…”

The film begins with a news reporter talking to some local ladies of whatever town this is one saying you should not allow your children outside, the other worried about her perennials,  meanwhile in a nearby cave some scientist are apparently looking for god knows what when growling is heard somewhat after one of them mentions that they never found a body… the men run… more growling… you never see them come out then the title sequence…


The next segment is where Pus-E the Clown (Feyereisen) comes in to play where at first it seems like he’s part of a cooking show but then he’s swearing then calling up a reverand talking about his weewee…

Next we are taken to Crooked Hollow Sanitarium where Vernon Knutson has been locked up pending an investigation on his claims to having been persecuted by two witches and seen Bigfoot.  we don’t know who’s talking to Vernon but we assume it’s a doctor of some sort and Vernon is asked to begin his tale again. Next we see what looks like a prison an alarm sounds and we see two women running in not “Prison Blues” not an orange jumpsuit and not even the old black and white stripe outfits, but T-Shirt and jeans that have on the back the name of the prison escaped from “Arkansas State Prison.”


And oh my god this is some bad acting the women come across a weapon and a goblin mask and overtake a Spanish dude and for some reason Satantha has some kind of powers… I say bad acting as the Spanish guy is over taken by Loosey-Fur he is obviously stronger than her and smiling, while looking at the camera as you can see he is trying to keep from busting out laughing which is kind of funny technically he’s supposed to I believe look like he’s struggling.  Also as Boivin who is playing Loosey-Fur puts this gun that she has found around this Spanish dudes neck i think she is supposed to show she has some kind of strength in order to knock him to the ground except he kind of just falls back smiling like I said at the camera like he’s giving a did I do this right kind of look? Plus when they were stealing the car one of the women went to the wrong side of the car which also probably should not have happened but like i said this made it more comical to me, these mistakes you could clearly see.

So evidently Satantha and Loosey-Fur are part of a cult so thety call their leader Hezekiah.  Honestly this is becoming more comical as it seems these witches have a language of their own, Hezekiah is this hooded monk of death looking creature and they sound like they are speaking some star wars language of sorts.

As the film progress’s we find out Vernon was or had been a part-time clown, that he’d had a partner nicknamed Slappy who’d shot himself and a wife that had been killed by this Bigfoot he’d been hunting for twenty-five years. I really don’t know why I keep noticing these things but during the Wolf News12 interview on the reporters end you can hear children talking in the background I think it’s funny as I don’t think that there is supposed to be any sounds at all…

So what it sounds like is they all ended up at this witches Satanis’s house Pus-E the Clown and these polish girls and all hell breaks loose when Pus-E The Clown steals the spellbook Satanis had of rituals only it was in latin so he runs into a guy name of Sebastian Lance, meanwhile Satanis and Loosey-Fur start a killing spree of torture that even leads to a ceremony resurrecting the Bigfoot monster under the witches control.

Against Sabastian Lance’s advice Vernon is still on a quest to find this Bigfoot creature that claimed his wife’s life so he contacts a certain Reggy Mortis to conduct a ceremony that involves Satanis and Loosey-Fur and all I’m going to say is what do a chicken suit, the mayor and a badass monster woman hunter name of Sugarbad Jones (Stephens) in an all out hunt for the big guy have in common? Is there a such thing as Bigfoot? Or Witchcraft you tell me….

You know this film was really slow, bad acting, crazy names for characters but I enjoyed it, god it was slow.  You really did’t see much of the man in the suit in action but from what i could tell of the actual Bigfoot character at least it was a full suit.  It’s not that Mr. Baack didn’t use any effect he did but minimally, Sparingly and you can tell that the actors were having fun.  I think that Feyereisen wasn’t a bad actor, neither was the character whom played SugarBad.  The Commentary between Sebastian and Vernon was somewhat commical but I can see how some people might be turned off by how bad this movie was with it’s mistakes but I can laugh at thes moistakes and enjoy it for what is.  Not bad for his first film.  I think trhat those are into SOV films would enjoy this feature out there in the horror film community.  I’ll recommend this for a drunken party night of drive’in homage to monster films of old. Enjoy!

Here is the trailer:

Starring Tina Boivin as Loosey-Fur, Andrea Hutchison II As Satantha, Ron Feyereisen As Vernon Knutson / Pus-E the Clown / The Wizard, Steve Galayda as
Jack Talon — world’s worst news reporter, Bob Rogers as Mayor Scheringhausen, Star Stephens as SugarBad Jones, Wendy Pierson as Wolf News anchorwoman, Alicja Ziecina As Gosha, Karolina Ziecina As Kasha, Pete Allesi As Dude in bar, Aaron Alaya as Farmer, Tony Mendez as Bigfoot, William Warner As Bigfoot, Bianca Baack As Young Satantha, Andrew Baack As Goblin Boy.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director John Pata’s and Adam Bartlett’s debut feature film “Dead Weight” from 2012!

Written by David Strege


Distributed by Horizon Movies working with Ruthless Pictures and Head Trauma Productions director John Pata and Adam Bartlet in association with Gilead Media, a Wisconsin native Known for the short film “Better Off Undead” from 2007 helms this feature film “Dead Weight.”

Dead Weight begins in an apartment of Charlie Russell (Belknap) where he is just arriving home to to hear that there is an outbreak of some sort through his girlfriend Samantha Macready (Lindberg) has called to warn him about before she has to go cause her boss has found a way out of the city.  When Samantha calls him back she tells Charlie her boss has a canoe and even though Minneapolis has been quarantined because of the “infected” so Charlie makes a suggestion that they meet up in Wasau where they’d met.


So next we see Charlie in an abandoned house as it appears he’s been on the road for a month with this group of stragglers still on his way to meet up at least it’s still on his mind.  As the film progresses it flashes back to a moment in time where Charlie Visits Samantha in Minneapolis after she’s been gone for a month already interning at the job he’s been at and she comes back with news that she’s don such a great job for her boss already he’s offering her a job to stay on.

The thing that I’m getting about Charlie is he’s not ready for change and even though I understand that it was a great opportunity that Sam Excepted she didn’t really communicate as if she was in a real true relationship. Back on the road the group of people he’s with runs across Three men who try to take the female they have with them.


When Drew one of the people he travels with attacks Meredith and tries to rape her Charlie kills drew and I believe something changed in him something for the worse.  I think when your on the road too long fighting for survival with time slipping away for you to find your loved ones, the time alone can drive you mad.

I think that this film is a really good movie about humanity and sometimes even people turn more undead then the infected the film speaks about. Literally you see absolutely no Zombies until the very end and yet there are sounds and the implication that there was an outbreak being more about cabin fever than the outbreak itself.  I certainly enjoyed this feature as it has a very “real” story line and stuff that “could” very well happen if there was an outbreak.  The reason why I haven’t written this film up yet is I think this is one of the best Indie films I have seen and I watched this a year and a half ago already It’s just so many come out its hard to keep up.  To some this film might be slow but no girlfriend should have to do what Samantha had to do.

Those who are into independent films that are horror I think this was a different kind of Zombie film where it’s more about the way people survive through it that about the monsters themselves. Well done for your first feature Mr. Pata and Mr. Bartlett. I certainly recommend it. Loved the acting can’t really find anything wrong with thins film I had a blast watching how dark this film became.

Starring Joe Belknap as Charlie Russell, Mary Lindberg as Samantha MacReady, Michelle Courvais as Meredith, Aaron Christensen as Thomas, Sam Lenz as Dustin, Jess Ader as Drew, Matty Field as Bobby, Jake Martin as Roy, Mark Muetzel as Clint, Steve Herson as Harrison, Cheri Sandlin as Ellen, Fran St. Andre as Greg, Jason Ryf as Riley, Reva Fox as Janelle, Adam Loper as Bruce, Lee Marohn as Allan, Don Summer as Don, Coree Van Thiel as Karen, Alex Marohn as Mark, Mary Manchester as Alex MacReady, Eric Van Thiel as Doug, Seth Frank as Scott, Becky Belknap as Shelly, Rachel Sandlin as Lora, Dale DeVries as Waiter Dave, Adam Bartlett as Wedding Party, Scott Burns as Wedding Party, Ashley Lamers as Wedding Party, Sami Duerhing as Wait Staff, Peter Herr as Wait Staff, Joel Kopischke as Ted Rosen, Stangaar as Himself.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Cassandra Sechler’s Short films “For Emily” from 2009, “Voyeur At A Carnival” from 2009, “Belle Nouveau” from 2010, “Lovey” from 2011, “Wire Boy” from 2012! “Smiley” from 2013, “Sugar Cubes” from 2014, “Passing” from 2014.


Written by David Strege

So because I’m not an entire fan of Experimental films I thought i’d take a look at director Cassandra Sechler’s ink blot short films and see if I can provide an explanation of the films she has filmed over time… and as I am not fully familiar I’m going to put first what Cassandra explains the films as and their meanings but then ad what I thought of them afterwards… if this makes any sense.

For Her

From what I gather back in 2009 Cassandra Sechler with Dreams For Dead Cats Productions began to experiment with images that she’d catch on film which began on Super 8 film stock in black and white with the image you see above in “For Emily” as it explores the world of some abandoned toys.  Specifically with a bride doll as it appears after being left alone from being played with goes off on a search for her horse through a surreal landscape of other lost toys and alphabet blocks.

I guess this was a little bit more easier to understand once I knew what Cassandra had thought she was portraying I can see she was trying to portray a kind of surreal beauty in a misty sort of way.   As in the title “whenever I may find her” right after the “For Emily” as children do when they grow up their toys become a memory of the past.

If you look at it from the abandoned toys perspective a child often in their own fantasies especially if you grow up as a single child with no other siblings it’s only fair to assume that to be imaginative you create a world within your mind with these toys of yesteryear.  In this respect i thought this film was imaginitive and interesting in a way so definitely check this short film out of hers…


From what I gather this film From 2010 called “Voyeur At A Carnival” was filmed at the Fiesta Days carnival in Vacaville, CA where it seems that Cassandra has captured the feel of motion in a visual, to be on a swing ride in the air, also alone enjoying an existence of freedom, with images of rides that whirl as well as a carnival wheel, just capturing a mood of gaiety and fun possibly…

I was actually not getting into this short film though I understand that Carnivals are a bygone age but that being said I feel like this is a retrospect or tribute as it were of childhood memories of fun and the possible thrill of being on these rides for enjoyment.  I think for a sense of amusement you can take this as a captured moment of a time where possibly Cassandra had enjoyed frequenting Amusement parks but because there was no one else there there was a sense of lonesomeness that maybe might redflect that life is not Amusing spent alone? I don’t know but you can search the film out if you like this one just wasn’t my cup of tea though I did try to like it…

Belle Nouveau

In “Belle Nouveau” from 2010 Cassandra begins to bring into play her express views on how woman even though they have more rights they are always depicted sexually and stereotyped into not being Capable of understanding technology as well as being passive as I understand it.

You know that scene in “Poltergeist” where the little girl talks to that little voice in the TV no one else seems to hear? Well this reminded me of that just a little bit but this film is like there’s a secret society of women watchers… I say watchers as there’s like three women constantly watching static-like TV channels that images of sex, politics, Brainwashing and being manipulated and whatever else to the point where it’s killing these women slowly… I thought that onmce I understood it’s back ground that so far this is my favorite film so far from the few I watched before of Cassandra’s.

I think that women to this day are still stereotyped as it was originally a man’s world, Men did the providing did the hunting for food, a woman’s place was to cook, bare children, iron the clothes, do the cleaning, be seen and not heard and property of the men in there lives.  Just like it was at one point the father’s decision whom married his daughter as they were thought of as property as well.  but such has not been the case for many years but there are people who still carry some of these values that others would like to forget.   i like the darkness that this betrayed, had an alkmost David Lynch Imagery going on or feel so was definitely diferent.  Seek this film out if you can.

Starring in “Belle Nouveau” Katie Benn as Woman 1, Cassandra Sechler as Woman 2, Hilary Sullivan as Woman 3.


As I understand this film “Lovey” filmed in 2011, Enter an idealized world of flesh and memories where fear meets sexual fantasy and become obscurities. The desire to escape from ordinary self-awareness, trauma, and a mundane reality is met through a profound emotional terrain of denial, arousal, and pain.

I think I would describe this short film as Venturing into the Neonsploitation genre of films… in a red screen we see a hand surfacing over flowers but then making use of a dominatrix stripping nude and a golden masked character toying with this stripped to nude character.   Images of dolls might represent innocence lost? I’d like to say i enjoyed this film but it was rather weird once i heard what it’s back story was I understood the imagery more… regardless Cassandra seems to enjoy portraying sexual frustration through imagery… If you enjoy this type of film as I don’t regularly but I enjoy attempting to understand certainly seek this short film out if you can…

Starring in “Lovey” Craig Jacobson as The Man, Cassandra Sechler as Lovey


Filmed in 2011 Qualia takes the viewer on a journey and explores thinking and expression in animals in a dreamlike context, emphasizing the inner-workings of each subject. Cassandra’s intent was to evoke feelings of displacement and suffering through the use of puppets that she created to exist in a world all their own. In this world, the characters go on a journey of self-reflection and allow the viewer to glimpse into the interior of an unexplored, ignored fantasy world that exists in another place and time.

Inspired by toys she used to play with as a child called the Woodsey Family, the plot is as follows: The leaders of the clan conduct experiments on various objects and creatures in order to reveal what makes them unique. They are suffering and empty inside and desire knowledge of why they are not considered special by man. Through studies of other species, the clan members continue to attempt to figure out the meaning of their existence. Different characters come to investigate the subjects and question what has happened and grasp to understand their place in the world. Each is affected differently and ponders the quality of their awareness of their own experiences.

What I got out of Qualia is a bunch of hand puppeted animals that seemed to be questioning or in a ceremony of blurred images of brains and intestines and Monarch butterflies that made me think that maybe we are all just animals and cannibalistic nature while there still is life after death or a rebirth as it were? Another film that wasn’t that interesting to me for much of the imagery was blurry sorry I just couldn’t enjoy it but once I understood it’s back story I did understand it more.  As you can tell i tried to describe it without knowing what it meant.  I can see if you were into this kind of style how you possibly might enjoy this as it has a Kenneth Anger kind of feel to the film and almost not quite but almost a dark crystal imagery to the film. Just not entertaining enough to follow along but please seek this out for your own self don’t take my negativity as a for sure that its a bad film.  I’m sure in certain circles this could very well be considered art and i would say Cassandra’s films are very experimental, i believe they were made for her amusement and to hell with those who don’t like I will say her style is unique and arthouse-ish.

Starring in “Qualia” Craig Jacobson as Woodsies.


Filmed in 2012 Enter the cyber nightmare of Wireboy: a visual representation of technology and sexual desires, overstimulation, depravity, corruption, and transformation. Representation of the self and the future that is being born out of media and culture is explored through metaphor using various characters.

Wireboy, a wandering voyeur, has a bizarre relationship with a mysterious woman who is entranced by enslaved monsters, a deformed model, and innocent children who are intrigued by this constructed world which all takes place in a dark alternate cyber reality.

I liked this one because of its abnormal story line, I read it as if there are people run and controlled by technology hence the person in a hazmat suit with black gloves.  There’s a transgender character that seems to travel through this world of enslaved monsters in technology masks with wires. Part Neonsploitation and black and white this was definitely a bigger and deeper explorative film and ultimately political in a sense that technology can advance eventually to control the human race.  I like films that I can follow not films that distract and this film did not. I enjoyed this film for its unique design of its imagery and was definitely not a nightmare I’d like to dream.

Starring in “Wire Boy” Jill Darnell as
The Model, Aaron Grobler as Monster 3, Craig Jacobson as Wireboy, Stefano Lima As Monster 2, Sean Luttjohann As Monster 5, Alan Macias As Monster 1, Cassandra Sechler As The Artist / Controller, Little Boy, Danielle Sechler-Gunther As Little Girl, Ian Stinson.


Enter SMILEY filmed in 2013, a barrage of sound and imagery reflecting insults, flirtations, emoticons, acronyms, and the harsh territories that reside in communication in cyberspace.  SMILEY is a collaborative video piece which serves as a commentary on the abuse of anonymity and other network conventions online which are seemingly leading to mass disconnect and broken intellect, filled with immaturity, indecipherable tones, and the inevitable personality crisis.

I found this film to be more annoying than likeable, it’s basically a yellow head of Cassandra in a bandage as she’s scrunching her face and or smiling as she is trying to portray a symbol of emotions. Though I understand sometimes emotions are restrained I guess it was amusing that Cassandra chose an emoticon to explain mixed feelings. If this is your kind of film have at it and seek it out.

Starring in “Smiley” Cassandra Sechler as Emoticon


“Sugar Cubes” filmed in 2014 is an exploration of memory, time, sexuality, innocence, and loss is presented through a recollection of a fond childhood experience

Though Barbie ad Ken were used, a Story of a love and a built time machine to the stars while sucking on sugar cubes was a cute tale told inspiringly.  I think whispering it made it feel better as if you were listening to something long ago or mythical.  I’m not sure why but I liked it.  Definitely a neonsploition film but more of a nursery rhyme or legend I found it unique ad entertaining.  If you like this type of film definitely check it out.

Starring in “Sugar Cubes” Cassandra Sechler as Cassandra


Trapped moments in time. Love lost, relationships tainted. Fragmented memories drifting in space are explored though a sad path of a dying man’s mind. Shot on super 8mm film in 2014.

If these were the thoughts of a dying man it seemed like there were memories on the beach, sun reflecting off the ocean and through the trees, flowers in nature to represent I believe love lost, lawns, white picked fences, garbage cans, a basketball hoop, cars, a neighbor hood all possible memories of having lived at these places, no one being around meaning the man died alone…. possibly reminiscing on places old flames have lived  this was sad and without knowing it’s back Story I can see a fragmented life, the blinders down.

I thought once  I learned what it was supposed to be about definitely helped make it sadder as there is an imprint of depression in the film.  Certainly emotional, guess I liked it I’m not often movies by experimental films but I believe I was by this film.  I suggest that you whom are short film lovers seek this film out to discover what you think.


Haunting & secretive emotions are unveiled in this poetic short told from the perspective of a monster. Promotional short for the segment “Chained” (filmed in 2015) in the feature film Tearful Surrender from 2018.

Told with a narrative while with visuals I think that this was definitely shot more beautifully definitely a darker spin on the mind of a monster the sunset landscapes were stunning with some rock formations…

I think the narrative was very cryptic, happy yet depressed that double negative thing going on there…now this I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of as I know this was just a snippet of a section of a larger feature, certainly made me want to watch the rest of it so I guess I did like this short promotional of Tearful Surrender.  I think again if you like this type of film definitely seek it out to watch it yourself.

After Watching All of these short films of Cassandra Sechler’s I believe three of them are the strongest, For Emily, Belle Nouveau and Wire Boy.  I feel that these three are the crux of her films and the others just branches of her visions and nightmares…. certainly these films could be interpreted differently as everyone often sees things a different way.  I will say these films aren’t going to be liked by everyone, but I do believe there is a certain group of people who will enjoy the  visuals… enjoy!

Movies Galore takes a look at director Stuart Wheeldon’s short films “Final Contact” from man 2017 and “Watching” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


From Nine Ladies Films director Stuart Wheeldon of “In Limbo” and “The Telephone” short films comes another short film made as part of the Derby Film Festival of 2017 for the Five Lamps 24 hour chalet get about an Agent 17 That needs to make contact with someone in a world of people dying that they’ve been chosen to survive.


from what i understand of the film there are unlimited amount of death tolls happening and collective agencies have put together groups of “agents” that are to collect a chosen list of people to bring them to meet their final contact. Much of the film is narrated, the scenery is exquisit location wise and I have no clue whether it is still circulating festivals. as far as acting goes you can’t really tell as there is a slight goofiness of a suicide and a dismissal which “I’ve not a clue what they have to do with eachother but as I know Stuart like’s to film the strange maybe he might enlargen this to a feature so in that respect I’d like to see more.  I guess I enjoyed this though I thought it was short maybe too short but maybe I’m wrong.

For the short film Final Contact:

Starring Dominic Martinows as Agent 17, Jennifer Whitmore as Woman, Stuart Wheeldon as Man.


Going back two years with Nine Ladies Films director Stuart Wheeldon directed a short film called Watching.

This film is experimental and follows Nathan a killer as he reminisces about what happened before leading up to and after the murder of either himself or the girl. This was very interesting as he made it appear as if Nathan were in fact the perpetrator when it was tables turned and I mean other way around that is i think he was eacting it through the eyes of the killer through the victim killing their killer instead…


Done in black and white with no words, this film won’t be for everyone but is unique as i enjoyed the style as I would recommend you short film lovers out there to seek this film out to watch the film so that you can gain your own perspective. Again locale for hstuarts films have a beauty to them so he’s definitely an eye for his locations.  I’m certainly willing to see what else this film maker has in store for us.

For the short film Watching:

Starring Bernard Deegan as Nathan, Rachel Prince As Girl,

Movies Galore takes a look at director Stuart W. Bedford’s holiday slasher “Good Tidings” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Two-Headed Sake Entertainment in association with Blue Fox Entertainment director Stuart Bedford what looks like it could be a new cult classic called “Good Tidings.”


The film begins as it looks like three escaped mental patients over take a rent-a-Santa and his extra rental suits and then take over a homeless shelter on their annual Christmas eve party and proceed to kill them off one by one.  Sam Baker (Mulhall) is a retired vet that oversees this homeless shelter as protector and provider.


The world that this film portray’s is that which seems to be in a post apocalyptic world of sorts where it seems there is an over abundance of homeless people struggling to survive together and yet on this one night even though they’ve lost their homes this party has made this network of survivalists happy.  A formidable fortress though it seems at first while scavenging for food Sam picks up one more stray homeless man before buckling down for this party.

While the festivities are underway these dressed up Santa reject maniacs advance upon the shelter, lock it down and proceed to toy and kill these harmless homeless celebrators one by one but what these deviants don’t count on is some of these homeless characters have some survivalist traits kick in from experience of their own and they won’t go down without a fight.


Several other characters should be taken of note Roxy Muller (Crossland) a very strong female character with a history of what i think was with a needle… and Mona and Paul O’ Connor (Walsh and McMahon) where I feel Mona becomes like the Joan of Arc of this tale.

If you pit the four of these characters up against these madmen in santa costumes mix it with a soundtrack of a remix of the “Carol of the Bell’s” chiming in the background with that old fashioned slaughter concept this could paint a very vivid picture.  I guess what I’ve enjoyed from the film and take from it is that normally in horror films you have your basically stupid people getting slaughtered in some very stupid ways and you often wonder why the fuck would they go into that attic? Why? And for the most part except for the stray the Sam Character picked up whom later easily switched sides as he seemed to be the weakest whiniest of the lot, these were some pretty bright characters they were just caught unawares with their guard down.


I think the location was brilliant, the acting was definitely portrayed rather well on all parts and am glad i was able top put money into this campaign to see the film.  I think my favorite killer of the three maniacs is the one whom seems like he’s the looniest and yest listens to Christmas music while sucking on his bloodied candy cane candy after just killing or stabbing someone.

I certainly recommend this feature as it is a very decent slasher film with that Christmas theme going on and I think production values as well as marketing thew film to the public was spot on.  I think the indie film enthusiasts are definitely going hog wild over this film so i guess in the end it’s up to you whether you enjoy the film I did. Enjoyed the story development and look forward to more from this director.  This is how you make a film with men in suits and masks in my opinion, I think they made the mask’s look dirtier which I think made them look creepier because if they look brand spanking new you’d have to think they just ran into a dollar store quickly and bought whatever masks were available which they didn’t but would make ya think so. Enjoy!


Here is the trailer:

Starring Colin Murtagh as Frank Roland, Wensday Pain as Homeless Person, Stu Jopia as Curly, Jonny Hirst as Jon Latham, Garry McMahon as Paul O’Connor, Claire Crossland as Roxy Muller, Alan Mulhall as Sam Baker, Alexander Mounsey as Marcus Jones, Giovanni Gentile as Larry, Liam W. Ashcroft as Moe, Emma Hind as
May Johnston, Steve Sears as Roger Rogerson, Amanda Robertshaw as Homeless Person, Andrew Oyeneyin as Reggie Bannister, Marcella Hazell as Val Lawton, Debbey Clitheroe as Homeless person, Neil Gallagher as
Dead Santa, Julia Walsh as Mona O’Connor, Mark Crellin as Homeless Person.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Moritz Hellfritzsch feature “Thief: Someday You Will Pay” and director Florian Hohaus’s “Die Giegerin” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Moritz Hellfritzsch Film Productions in association with Golden Gull Films comes a film all the way from Germany a film some what dealing with homelessness… that I just so happened to be the first American to buy his feature and bonus! It came with a short film directed by his Camera assistant on his feature called “Die Giegerin” which translates to The Violinist and or The Violin Player.

This being said I’ll begin about “Thief: Someday You Will Pay” first… Mario (Hehlgans) puts on a brilliant performance as an ex-thief, unemployed is having nightmares that he can’t entirely explain to his girlfriend Nadine (Ponwitz).


Nadine wants to move in but as this tale unfolds things around Marios Apartment go missing… first his boxers then his lighters, a tv after that the police were called and they didn’t believe his story as he did have a checkered past… So Mario goes to see a private detective a Jan Rosenbach (Flagranti) he doesn’t entirely believe but is willing to spend the night in Mario’s apartment to do his own recordings so he can possibly send what he finds to a colleague name of Dr. Justus Preuss (Badenberg).

In the morning Rosenbach had disappeared but left behind the recordings of a burned woman taking Mr. Rosenbach, hence when Mario calls Preuss in to turn him onto the case and he in turn suggests to spend the night alone while Mario stays over at Nadine’s.

When nothing happens at the apartment and Nadine goes missing and as Preuss does some asking around there is a homeless woman that was burned horribly beyond belief that had dreams of death…. What will Mario do? Can he bring his girl back and somehow make amends to a past that haunts him enough to take revenge on the things that keep disappearing and can he protect the rest of those that he holds dear.

I am absolutely glad I paid the shipping to this feature.  It is definitely a strange way to bring about a noir supernatural kind of story.  I thought the way that that the dreams and nightmares were portrays was definitely some great edititing here.  It’s also in how you capture angles and imagery and I think that’s what he set out to do.

There I see romance and regret, sorrow for wrong doing but also a sense of doom and no escape here.  I think that Badenburg played his part to a T on being that person on the optimist side on the outside keeping his cool while still having some things happen that were unexplainable…

I think that Hehlgans playing the part of Mario had a lot of emotion to put into this role so I think his character was perfect for it…

I don’t want to tell everything but I enjoyed this film.  I think it would and will be liked as it is on the side of being weird and witchy and hope that it has a great reception world wide and recommend it.

Should definitely seek out a copy before their gone it’s more of a mystery drama but unique in its own way I think it’s now a favorite of mine of 2017 so far and I have had a few of those you’ll have to let me know what you all think if you find the film. I didn’t see any flaws that I can tell…

Here is the trailer:



Brought to us by Hohaus Productions is a bonus Short film in the extras of the Thief feature directed by a camera Assistant not a bad way to get a film out there called “Die Giegerin” which could translate to “The Violinist” or “The Violin Player”.

We see a woman playing a violin it appears she’s in a nunnery outside of a church and it seems she’s either going to confession or missed it as the priest gets mad at her.  Now she’s out in the woods dreaming and she speaks some words I believe to conjure up bad juju as she wanders the dark of a cave… then wakes up..,

Now awoken she’s drawn to the mouth of a cave the same cave that was in her dreams where a hooded figure cranks some notes on a crank machine that seems to hold a circular metal bumpy sheet music which seems to relay or brainwash her into some kind of Dark message… I know that this is a film about her trying to discover what her life is about but this is what I see as I can’t understand the german said in the film.

If I am wrong I tried. I enjoyed watching this film as well but not having understood the language I wish that subtitles had been installed like in their so I can understand it a little more but cudos for having the short in black and white… I will say that it had beautiful imagery…

For Thief: Someday You Will Pay:

Starring Yannick Hehlgans as Mario Lessner, Sebastian Badenberg as Dr. Justus Preuss, Judith Ponwitz as Nadine, Nemo Flagranti as Jan Rosenbach, Skaidra Müller-Paulus as Claudia Cesaro, Tamer Afifi as Dr. Adrian Fux, Dirk Geil as Cop 1, Henny Pöppler as Mario’s mother, Thania Rodriguez as Cop 2, Andreas Makusev as
Vlad, Jan Hoffmann as Bum 1, Thomas Fuhrmann as Bum 2, Karen Piotrowski as
Bum 3, Stephan Wolters as Bum 4, Tommy Molotow as Voice on phone.

For “Die Giegerin”:

Starring Florian Hohaus as Bush/ Regie, Ruzica Haldari as Shauspiel.