Movies Galore takes a look at director Jeff Leroy’s feature film “Creepies” from 2004!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Amsell Entertainment and Sterling Entertainment and distributed by Maverick Entertainment is a film directed  by Jeff Leroy who appears to be one of the kings of the low budget Cinema in his own right and I believe that this was actually one of his better films even though the CGI was entirely fake-looking that there were rubber spiders and the acting hokey.


But really, when it comes down to watching films like this you really have to have an imagination of some kind. The film begins as it appears a spider escapes from a laboratory and military personnel are trying to gun down this scientifically Genetically mutated spider.  We have Joe Haggerty showing up as Sargent Benson, I believe even though the film starts out with the military going after this spider, it goes back to the beginning of what happened that the military had to go after this bug.  So, we see two soldiers in a science lab when one of the mutated spiders that was in a jar broke from its habitat, biting one of the soldiers.


I like the creature effects in this film, like when the soldier that was bitten, there was a wound, and when it opened up a spider crawled out of it and made you feel like this was actually happening.  When some spiders crawl out up a canister and you see the shadow of the bug, hearing the darn thing crawling around it certainly made it feel like there was an invasion of sorts. Spider webbing has covered the entire base, as a small Platoon that is supposed to meet up with Colonel Graves inspect the premises. If you’ll notice that one of the privates by the name of Philips is actor Jed Rowen who played one of the bad guys in director Paul Bunnell’s  feature The Ghastly Love of Johnny X.  That being said  the group of soldiers started to disappear.    We see a soldier bitten, he shoots his arm off and then he gets dragged into a hole. One of his fellow privates here’s the noise she’s the soldier come up through the whole with one arm and he says “Save yourself”.  


Meanwhile Colonel Graves and his group of men come into the compound and notice all the  webs and the missing canister. The thing I find unique about this scene is that the dead body of Sergeant Benson all wrapped up in web gets dragged across the floor creepily. I love how that was done. On the other hand the missing canister was sent to what looks like a recording studio by mistake.   A girl band called The Barenaked  Barbies is on their way over when the two guys who remind me of the Wayne’s World dudes end up going to check out this canister which the spiders have hatched from and bit one of them.


So on the one hand the military personnel who created the spider is trying to kill it on the other hand the members of The Barenaked Barbies along with their guy friend Dave and the Stoner record dude Steve to kick some ass and fight some spiders. I actually thought that this was one of the more ambitious spider movies On a low budget I’ve seen with creature effects, I mean yes you had your rubber spiders, but you had four different kinds of spiders.  there were mechanical spiders, rubber spiders, CGI spiders, giant spiders it was a combination of things and that my friends is not what people normally see they say they see the bad acting they see the bad effects and they can’t look past it. Plus it did help to have some very pretty ladies on board.


I thought the story-line was decent enough, and I thought the acting wasn’t that bad there were some lines that had to do with rock and roll that I thought were unique it was just random but something to just throw out there in the midst of this comical invasion of sorts. and I think Steven the stoner looking recording studio guy the fact that though he was bitten, kept on acting like there was nothing wrong man.  One thing I thought was creative is that when one of the spiders was going up the side of the building you actually saw a CGI made egg sack which was fucking brilliant imagery at least for its time.   on a film like this you have to look past all of the bullshit  to see the hard work that I believe went into the film.   I enjoyed watching this film I think that there are other fans of this film. End it if you like low budgeted horror that is a tad bit comical I think you would enjoy this feature. I certainly recommend it. It won’t be everyone’s film or kind of film but I’d like to put this film in the top section of my favorite spider films because of its ingenuity. Not to mention a possible government cover up. Enjoy!


Starring Lisa Jay as Michelle, Jeff Ryan as Dave, Phoebe Dollar as Brinke, Calley Edmunds as Linnea, Ron Jeremy as Officer Spudic, Garrett Clancy as Sgt. Clancy, Eric Flenner as Jake, Joe De Angelis as Steve, Corbin Timbrook as Parker, Robert Ambrose as Wilkins, Carl Washington as Pvt. Taylor, Vinnie Bilancio as Pvt. Wilson, Joe Haggerty as Sgt. Benson, Savvy Brown as Ms. Ray (as Savanah Brown), Joe Myles as Pvt. Flyswatter, John Fava as Codispot, Jon Christian as Erkens, Jed Rowen as Pvt. Phillips, Matt Emery as Capa, Jack Sparling as Bud, Mitch Toles as The Paramedic, Paul Hellweg as Col. Hellweg.


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