Movies Galore takes a look at director “Sandy Collora’s newest short film “Shallow Water” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


When I was looking for cool campaigns to fund I came across this campaign for a feature that was going to be directed by a very talented short filmmaker and director of a science-fiction film Called “Hunter Prey” That sounded really cool. Now the campaign for the first run was not funded but when he actually funded it to turn in to a short  film he was able to come up with the money to do so and I’m glad that he did.


Sandy  Collora working with Montauk Films is very much a visual director. The film begins as a woman who looks like she is part of a military group is running through the forest away from something that is chasing her.The woman runs into what looks like an abandoned Shack or hut But the reason why I say visual is because while she was running there were bodies of what appear to be her team being mutilated along the way that is to say eaten and we don’t entirely see what they were eaten by or what type of creature it is, until the very end.


Now if you were to put the creature from Creature from the Black Lagoon and mix it with Predator I believe that you would have some kind of a idea of what this creature might look like. But when he brings the tale about face and you are seeing the creature that Sandy has created full suit and all there’s almost a royalty involved in the creature. Shot extremely well I enjoyed watching.


I believe in creating this as a short film This very much brought to life what’s Sandy might have had in store for us if it had been a feature. even the kickstarter rewards for fantastic but that is because I believe he was marketing for a feature film. I’m really glad that I put money into this film to help get it made. And I think if you are a short film lover out there who enjoys horror short films like this which have creatures I should be on a longer feature but can be scrunched to fit a time frame will definitely enjoy this short film. I definitely recommend this film for people to watch and definitely check out actress Lisa Roumain her acting in here was brilliant as she is beautiful and her homage to the scream queen of B movie type was spot on certainly seek this film out if you can.

Starring Lisa Roumain as Diane, Jason Liles as Creature / Elder, Kurt Carley as Creature, Todd Christian Hunter as Creature, Matt Cable as Creature, Dale Pearson as Creature Head, Jacob Roanhaus as Creature, Craig Peterson as Creature Head, Wyatt Stanley as Creature Head, Gabe Cooley as Creature Head, Dave Ploessel as Creature Head, Paul Romanowski as Creature Head.

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