Movies Galore takes a look at director Ryan Stacy’s debut feature “Midsummer Nightmares” from 2011!

Written by David Strege


It’s been awhile since I picked up the spell it came in like a 6 Bill pack of films from Concept Media Films so I’m sorry I’m just getting it to it now but this is director Ryan Stacy’s Midsummer nightmares From 2011.

So the film begins with Liz and her group of friends getting ready for a Halloween Bash of some sort obviously some plans in the works. One of their friends Holly  calls and says that she’s getting ready for the party when she gets this Anonymous call From someone who mistakenly thinks this Holly’s number was a sex line. not the end of the conversation he really says I’ll see you soon…


Next we see a scene with her mother or stepmother I’m not exactly sure where it seems like she is very controlling. She can’t joke or swear on the phone with her friends let alone it seems like even after her father has died is kind of treating her like she should grow up which maybe she should but I’m not entirely sure she should pack up like most of her things that she her mother that is Dean’s of s*** that isn’t useful in her life. Granted when I was a child my mom and dad would always threaten to come in with a green bag throw everything out if I didn’t clean up my room, of course that’s when trash bags were green. In any case when her mom goes off to the store Holly is inherently alone in the house when a man in a mask and a hoodie chases after her and murders her…


After overhearing her friend Holly see me link get harassed by someone and then getting a strange phone call from her Audrey is concerned about her friend the next day. a new neighbor named Rob, Bob or Robby seems to incessantly appear out of nowhere And try to be friendly.


Audrey has a fight with her boyfriend Gavin and well Gavin and Reese are over at a friend’s place setting up the party Gavin gets a message to meet her meaning Audrey add to the gazebo.

So it looks like there’s going to be one hell of a Halloween party but there is one person from the past that I believe will be the surprise murderer as people begin to die… I enjoyed this film it had taste and had some decent  acting.   I actually thought that the neighbor Rob and Liz wasn’t too bad there was kind of a back-and-forth conversation the seem like it was more intelligent side of things. I think this is a good party film,  one to bring out to show with a decent group.  As I’ve said before with Concept media films I believe that the music choices behind their films are spot-on for the film it’s not overly heavy screamo type music which would make it so annoying to hear in the background no offense unless it’s a club scene or and some kind of a Gothic bar or a rave it makes no sense to have music that no one will understand what it says in the background. The acting was really decent all around too.


I think this is a tale of betrayal and how someone can hold on To feelings of Revenge for a long time.   And how New Beginnings of friendships can be helpful.  I think there was a nice twist to the spell that helped it out there was a moment that it had dragged but I rather enjoyed  the film as it is.   I certainly recommend This feature to all you horror fans out there it wasn’t entirely scary as it was entertain and it wasn’t comical as far as easy to enjoy the drama going on.

Starring Jessica Mayes as Holly Peterson, Julie Sherwood as Audrey Small, Kelci C. Magel as Liz Landon, Chad Collard as
Reese Nichols, Garrett Freeders as Gavin Cross, Scott Gillespie as Rob Matthews III, Corey A. Thrush as John (as Corey Thrush), Amanda Collins as Michele, Karen Stacy as Mrs. Peterson, Autumn Richardson as Meredith McCoy, Patricia Garner as Chrissy (as Patricia Gardner), Stacy Freeders as Danielle Waters, Ryan Stacy as Ross, Joe Vollman as St. Lenny, Lisa Davis-Freeders as Tina Cross.

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