Movies Galore takes a look at director Michael Viers short film “Shades of Pride” from 2011!

 Written by David Strege


This short film was directed by Michael Viers a very talented  young man who runs Accidental Concussion Films a production company of his own making.  now I don’t understand weather or not he Helm this project under that production company but I’m going to try to describe with him in my own words.

As many small town folk are many are very proud of the very things that they own whether it’s been passed down from generation to generation end it doesn’t matter how much you know are you don’t know but the film begins  on a farm next to his grandchild a gram father is cleaning his gun by the name of Charlie Moss nicknamed shotgun.

a man in a suit and tie shows up by the name of  Bloom As it seems there’s a problem about him building a deck on his land even though it is his land. end response Charlie and no uncertain words tells the man to get off his land if he does not want to eat lead in front of his grandchild.


I think this film goes to show the different color of pride and I think the man that played Charlie (Beck) Played his character to a T there is a streak of feelings that one can feel for the things one has worked for in life by the sweat of his back and a man should be able to do with his land or property exactly what he feels he should be able to do with it without anyone having to but in and try to take that away from him.  I think the film was shot really well.  I am unsure about it’s reception but I believe that having met him I believe it probably did have a good reception when he released the film to festivals. I think that if you were short film lover that you would definitely love  this film and should seek it out if you can.

Starring Patrik Beck as Grandpa Moss, Linda Cieslik as Grandma Moss, Guy Holling as Warren Bloom.

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