Movies Galore takes a look at director Michael Hegg and Joe Sherlock’s film “Inbred Redneck Vampires” from 2004!

Written By David Strege

Inbred Redneck VampiresAlright so obviously this is a collaboration of directors ideas distributed from Sub Rosa Cinema originally called Inbred Redneck Bloodsuckers but for marketing purposes went with Vampires instead now run by film distributor Ron Bonk but directed by Michael Hegg and Joe Sherlock from Skullface Astronaut Productions from 2004.


The film begins in a club scene of sorts or a house I can’t fully tell which at the moment with what seems like a vampire queen of some sort and her blood drinking servant Wendall whom seems to be a better actor than she is an actress in her fake Romanian accent but she is pretty.

Apparently they have to flee the scene as some other darker creature has been spotted. So Wendell the blood servant and his mistress end up hijacking a rednecks vehicle And in so doing turn that redneck Billy Joe Bob into a blood sucker which one seed gone home started turning is inbred family into other bloodsuckers.


Next we are introduced to the family of Pisser’s, Ma and Pa Pisser, Eva Pisser and Junior Pisser right so Junior so far as dumb, as Ma Pisser has indefinitely  won a  decorating contest which adds rednecks seem to do around here is open up there mail rather late so that she didn’t realize they were coming exactly today. Only thing is the Pisser’s home  is in sad shape and Claude the French designer has arrived in the middle of the trap shooting Festival which Ma Pisser has won  the last 3 cooking contest against the Petersons who live across the way.

Forget about being politically correct or thinking that one person will go one way when they go an entirely different direction but this is about to be a romp of good fun.


Not only do Billy Joe Bob and his wife go off on a turning spree but the comment area between mistress and servant Are somewhat comical as she the mistress the vampire that started it all treats her servant like shit even though he wants to be part of her ilk. My only problem is that I haven’t exactly caught the name of this mistress while watching the film and even though I’ve read the names of the credits it’s hard to figure out what her name is. What’s interesting is they mix all the different tropes that have to go with what we think a true redneck is you know that stereotypical stupid son of a bitch who only drinks, shoots Coons, and eats beans in with a mix above vampire invasion turning the town into just a bunch of stupid vampire drinkers. Not to mention farting competitions.

I know some of the special effex in here are corny and you can definitely tell they are fake but they seem to make it more comical then because they are fmessing up. I think this film is funny I  think the characters that were made up in here With  redneck vampires that killed themselves stupidly and others that bite the biggest butt in the ass to turn each other insane.


I don’t care that I didn’t figure out who the main vampire mistress is I enjoyed this film it’s laugh-out-loud wacky it’s not scary And definitely has a sense of humor you kind of have to go in to the film open minded and just enjoy the ride. If you are a fan of horror comedies and redneck humor this is the kind of film that I think you should seek out to watch just for some good laughs and probably a good film to put in for party favor. I certainly enjoy this film it’s one of my favorites lately that I’ve watched. I’d recommend this film  for a night of raunchy humor.  But one thing I’ve noticed with films that have something to do with Joe Sherlock is that he tends not to just go with the normal skinny mini actor actress and accept the people who have more than a little bit of weight on them into his cast.

Starring Dee Alsman as Peterson, Eunice, Emily Andrews as Ariel, Erin  Arbogast as
Luanda, Shannon Barksdale as Ronnie Sue (as Shannon), Sha Boseley as One-Eyed Lurlene, Joe Boyd as Tripe Days Attendee #1, Bill Bradford as Cletus, Austin Brosn as Tripe Festival Boy, Bob Brown as Shower Man, Bobby Brown as
Bar Patron #4, Makayla Brown as Tripe Festival Girl, Trish Brown as Darlene, Amber Carillo as Missy Sue Peterson, Josh Clegg as Burping Guy, Carrie Davis as Ma Poissier, David C. Duncan as Jed Flannigan, Warren E.B.B. As Lendel, Michael Edwards as Earl, Jeff Dylan Graham as Lonnie Bob Joe, Brenda Ann Harris as Bar Patron #1, Michael Hegg as
Pa Poissier (as Mike Hegg), Ron Heikkila as Waldorf, Brittany Hope as Corn Dog Girl, Lindsey A. Hope as Eva Poissier, Lisa Hope as Candy, Rich Hope as Bar Patron #5, Adam Husser as Tripe Days Attendee #4, Candy Jabin as Shower Woman, Stacey Larson as Raven, Rob Merickel as Lil’ Junior, Nate as Tripe Days Attendee #5, Joe Norman as Bar Patron #2, Shelly Norman as Bar Patron #3, Joyce Olds as
Phyllis, Bob Olin as Billy Joe Barney Bob (as Robert J. Olin), Felicia Pandolfi as
Catherine, Michelle L. Rosell as Mandy, Bruce Rydberg as Tripe Days Attendee #3, Tom Shaffer as Father Jones, Scott Shanks as Jean-Claude Les Eaux, Shannon as
Ronnie Sue, Connor Sherlock as CJ, Joe Sherlock as Mayor Gabby Farnsworth, Catherine Sweezey as Toni, Trinity as
Tripe Days Attendee #6, Tammy Voie as
Tulsa, Jon Wilmot as Peterson, Frank, Cynthia Wilson as Babs Flannigan, Dale Wilson as Mr. Wilson, Alan Winston as
Billy Ray Ray.


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