Movies Galore takes a look at director Derek Braach’s feature film “The Icing” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


So this is the first production from  Cheevies A production company out of Illinois I believe Color Run by Derek Braasch which even though they have their own company website where they sell this film on I actually bought this film from Legless Corpse Films which I am sad to say is no more. I considered Chad Armstrong friend and I am sad that he won’t be able to see this review it is a tragedy that knows no words.   That being said This film is about a hitman Named Finn Scott Who is a Hitman and assassinator and I got to say for a small budget they’ve definitely got the action paced in this film.


Normally I’m used to this like all out drama and a slow pace in low budget action films but surprisingly this is action paced.

We start out with a narration From Fin as he’s just about to enter what looks like a hotel or a dining room of sorts. as he’s bringing a suit in he is accosted by a beautiful lady was trying to get into your evening dress and they have a little bit of a sexual conversation. But then two of the waiters end up throwing on ski masks and try to kill someone within the room. and Finn Scott chases after the 2 men. So we find out Scott is an ex cop also one of the bodyguards protecting Senator Sam Bellows. Scott gets a phone call that sets up a meeting. at this meeting Scott and another man in the Mist have a conversation over a matter of 100 G’s. Scott’s interested and the man tells him when he know something he’ll let him know.


Ultimately we find out that Scott is a haunted man. Haunted by the love of a woman that left his life.No Scott first bumps into Marilyn  as the woman he’s helped put a necklace on turns out she is Senator Sam bellows  so-called grieving wife.   but since the get-go Scott and Marilyn Seem to have a steamy encounter every time they meet. when he goes to  question her he ends up telling her about the woman that he used to love and when Marilyn  comes back into the room and see Scott with a gun to his head they end up having some steamy erotic sex.  once Scott realized he’s been mooked and playing played as the Patsy he ends up calling in some favors that him and his old partner who ended up being the man in the Mist used to know to go up against the person  behind the original hit as the senator has been killed.


I thought the acting in here was really good for the low budget film that it is I feel like this has kind of like a mechanic kind of attitude.  As it seems like Scott and the people he knows are like Jacks of all trades in their line of business. Is that I think all the actors did a decent job normally you have at least one or two with it don’t really sound enthused it being on set to act for an independent feature but everyone in this film seem to be very good actors enough so that it doesn’t look like it’s a low-budget feature.  I’ve been into watching a lot of horror films lately and this was a nice reprieve from watching the low-budget horror that I watch. I love watching all     genre of films And I should probably watch more of these more often the thing is some of the stances that come in some action films are hard for me to describe I don’t always know like if there was a boxing or wrestling type of action film what type of moves does might have been. I enjoyed this film and I certainly recommend it to those who enjoy the Hitman type of action films that are out there.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Tony Marino as Fin Scott, Kelly LaMont as Marilyn Bellows, Jeff Harrigan as Mick Cavanaugh, Anthony Bonaventura as Iceman, Gary Sugarman as Vic, Brian Broscoe as Clyde, Dave Sylvester as Damon Cain, Jim McMahon as
Rogan Carmichael, Katie Cleary as Shelly White, Toni Buena as Miki (as Stoni Buena), Matthew Bender as Heath Phillips, Nick Bender as Sports Announcer, Derek Braasch as Drunk punk, Ed Braasch as Baseball Coach, Julie Braasch as Airline Ticket Attendant, Elizabeth Susan Carter as Joey’s Girl, Ryan Highland as Thug 2, Sienna Macedon as
Officer Morris, David Meyers as Prison Guard, Levi Pack as Eddie LaMans, Darren Parker as Prisoner, Patrick Paul as
Thug 1, Mark Sartain as Joey Saldante, Jim Vernon as Bully.


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