Movies Galore takes a look at director Andrew Jones feature “Wherewolves of the Third Reich”

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by director Andrew Jones from North Bank Entertainment along with Independent Moving Pictures and Ideas Factory  is a film about a Nazi experiment involving the SS and a story of 4 Misfit men who seem Bound for a death camp with their rebelry.


Told in sections the film begins and what looks like a German bar setting where it looks like two  American men one of them actor Lee Bane who is a returning actor Andrew Jones go to man who has in every performance That I have seen him in brought his A-game.  Bane  plays in here one of the Fearless four a ragtag group of American soldiers being transported to a prison camp of some sort.


We also have the appearance of a doctor and his wife Ilsa was gotten around to be known as The Bitch of Buchenwald, Ilsa Koch  is also having an affair with one of the leading Nazi enforcers an illicit affair that’s will be brought under control of her Nazi doctor husband Doctor Hammerstein when he uses his werewolf serum to an act to help out his fuhrer.


I really feel that  actor Lee Bane has stepped up his game in this field he kind of reminds me of a United Kingdom version of Hugh Jackman At least in a sense with the rugged beard. the other actor that I’d like to mention Is actor Darren Swain Who plays “fighting Joe” Kane,  who played one of the Fearless four American soldiers that were on their way to some kind of a Nazi camp I like the show of physical strength between him and his captain before he rebelled As he literally kicked his ass.


My only 2 vices  for the film is that 1 I wish to werewolves once they turned  would have had more screen time.  For it’s low budget I thought that it looked pretty decent. The Nazis certainly looked like their uniforms were original so I give credit to the person in charge of props.  I think the film moved along Steadily enough.   And 2 I think with Lee Bane’s character Mad Dog it was dangerously coming close to the character that was created in Back to the Future 3 with Mad Dog Tannen.  I think the acting was better in this film then in some of his previous Film’s but I still think that Lee Bane is a strong actor and I have not found much fault in Andrew Jones’s films other than the fact that they tend to be rather slow, also. Bearing that in mind I certainly enjoyed this film I might like to see more from this world if he can include the Fearless four in another adventure possibly I’d like to see them return.  I definitely recommend this though if you have not seen the film if you’re into werewolves they definitely weren’t bad and I loved the transformation part at least you get to see some kind of enactment of a transformation  without CGI.   So if you are a fan Of independent film definitely search this film out.

Starring Annabelle Lanyon as Helga Hammerstein, Gareth Lawrence as
SS Officer Hess, Lee Bane as ‘Mad Dog’ Murphy, Suzie Frances Garton as
Ilsa Koch, Derek Nelson as Billy ‘The Butcher’, Lee Mark Jones as SS Officer Schreck, Patrick O’Donnell as SS Officer Schneider, Jared Morgan as The Bartender, Kwame Augustine as ‘Reckless’ Reggie Brown, Francesco Tribuzio as
SS Officer Becker, David France as Doctor Hammerstein, Darren Swain as
‘Fighting Joe’ Kane, Neville Cann as Doctor Josef Mengele, Dennis Farrin as
Sergeant Peck, Oliver Fritz as Adolf Hitler, Rik Grayson as Wilder, Felicity Boylett as
Camp 7 Inmate #2, Christopher Bennett as Camp 7 Inmate #3, Matt Bloom as
Camp 7 Guard #2, Matthew Reed as Bar Customer #2, Amy Evans as Camp 7 Inmate #4, Joseph Simpson-Bushell as Hyde, Angharad Berrow as Erica Hammerstein (as Angharad Nia Berrow), Tim Larkfield as SS Officer Streicher, Gareth Colwill as Bar Customer #1, Nigel Jones as Camp 7 Guard #1, Matthew Leigh Maggs as Camp 7 Inmate #1 (as Matthew Maggs).


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