Movies Galore takes a look at Swedish film director Andreas R. Ramos’s “Man In the Forest” short film from 2013, director Sara Giercksky’s “Anya” short from 2012, “Behind My Eyes” short from 2013, and”Mimes” short from 2017, director Krister Twizs Forsberg and Erik Hansson’s “The Participants” and “Vladmar” shorts from 2016, director Xander Turian’s short “The Girl in the Snow” from 2016, director Anne Visuri’s “Aren’t They Adoreable” from 2017, director Eleni Kounis and Daoris Imeri’s short “Uninvited” from 2017, and Director Ananya Samanta’s short “Sisterhood” from 2017!

Written by David Strege

So the reason that I am grouping these short films together in this review even though some are directed by different directors is that many of these short films either have or been directed by and involved actress Sara Giercksky As she is an actress and an experimental director of horror shorts from Sweden who also runs a YouTube horror review site with a fellow female called Bitches of Horror soon to have her film that she’s acted in called Skarsgad for 22017 with Bloody Fierce Productions.


Filmed in 2013 this first short film was directed by Andreas R. Ramos with bloody Fierce Productions which I believe is his production company.

The film begins as a man wakes up in the middle of the forest struggling to get out of a trash bag yelling help.  As the man struggles to walk through the  Forest or Woods or whatever you want to call it he realizes there was a wound on the back of his head but as he does the object  he finds start to give him flashbacks of different times with his girlfriend played by Sara.

Meanwhile there is another man in a surgical mask and a raincoat with weapons that cut roaming around the same Woods.  From what I gather the man and his girlfriend are having a child but the man is providing money for their little beginning family by sources the  are probably less than legal. You are never shown why he is in trouble or why someone ends up taking both of them to the woods but in the end you were made to wonder what kind of food you are actually eating…

I think I’m left in the end thinking I missed part of the story because I think there is more to tell.  From a gore angle this film wasn’t bad.  I don’t think the acting wasn’t entirely too terrible either you could definitely follow some of what was going on the film was even in subtitles with English.  Based on the premise that this film could be built into somewhat of a bigger film it’s possible to  build more up on the tale.  The kidnapping of the couple waking up all tied up was very real.   I think that’s if you are a Gore lover you would definitely enjoy the short and if you are a fan definitely seek this out.  Enjoy!

Starring Jeroen Dunnink as The Butcher, Sarah Giercksky as The Girlfriend, Fredrik Jansson as The Mafia Guy, Junior Valento as The Man.


I am assuming the Sara Giercksky Is helming under her own production company as a director end in 2012 she directed a black and white short film called Anya.

From what I can understand Anya is about a woman who seems to be paranoid and it appears that she thinks that she has some kind of animal or kept thing as she sleeps under a table and doesn’t answer phone that keeps ringing.  Now there have been many people that have had dogs that have probably played with toys that have run out in the middle of the street and gotten killed.   I’m wondering if this isn’t based on a similar incident.  The short film has a very slow narrative and from what I understand it is about a very simple happiness.  My guess is that this film is somewhat explorative I suppose it was interesting in a sense to see one person not act like a human and I suppose if you’re into this type of felt you should seek it out and watch it.

Starring Alicia Henriksson as Anya.


Directed by Sara Giercksky Again I am assuming under her own production company  is another short film called Behind My Eyes from 2013.

This short film begins with a young girl naked sitting in a tub as she looks around the room and then she screams but then begins with a narrative shortly after that about someone’s mother whose story begins  as the narrator says she dies. The woman who was apparently the girl’s mother and also the naked woman or girl that we see in the beginning I believe is in loss so she takes what looks like a masquerade mask with musical symbols on it and  wears it  as she watches another girl in a park.

This is actually a short film that I don’t think needs a lot of words and I think it tries to explain some of what a single mother might go through after the loss of a child, a daughter in fact.  this phone doesn’t really explore the  why or the circumstances surrounding the mothers child’s death but sometimes and dealing with loss we tried to mask how its really feels and sometimes we try to recapture  the life we had with that person we lose.  I think that’s what was tried to capture the emotion in the moment. I don’t really think a lot of acting really had to be involved in the snow but what there was it was someone entertaining and I liked it although I think this short film was actually rather sad but you could definitely see the emotion behind it.

If you’re a lover of short films and more of a drama/ horror short film lover  then you might enjoy  this short and if you do definitely seek it out.

Starring Sarah Giercksky as The Girl, Alicia Henriksson as The Woman.


Directed by Sara Giercksky Again I am assuming under her own production company as well as Popcorn Short Films and Cuprite Productions is another short film called Mimes from 2017.

From what I gather because this Film doesn’t have any English subtitles that I can see we are brought about into a rehearsal before the night of a show or showing of a mime entertainment show. The two mimes I can’t really see what they’re saying to each other but from what I understand they have a strict teacher and this is only going off of what I see but it seems the female mime played by Sara Seems to have a split-second decision while she’s in the dressing room with her fellow male mime,  end horrifyingly as it may seem seems to leave her real self inside of a mirror  while eventually going out on stage and after the performance mimicking an act of killing her partner and then killing herself…

Now I know  I normally try to do these short films with no spoilers but it was kind of hard to on the short films but I like being able to describe The short films that I see and hope that you enjoy reading about  them.   As far as I can tell The acting in here was definitely not bad especially when you’re trying to portray someone was trying to tell you everything by their way of motion with hands or sound effects gimmicks of the stage.

This film didn’t really scare me but what in fact would happen if something like this and actually happened where am I’m had actually killed someone without Having any kind of a weapon.  If you enjoy this kind of town in a short and if you are a short film lover you should definitely check this out. I’ll leave it up to you  on whether you will actually enjoy this film. Enjoy!

Starring Sarah Giercksky as Elsa, Xander Turian as Amadeus, Anne Visuri as

The Participants

Directed by Krister Twizz Forsberg and Erik Hansson of Dark North Productions directed Several short films one being Deltagarna/ The Participants from 2016.

Having the short film have absolutely no English subtitles didn’t exactly help me understand it entirely but this film looks like it was decent.   So I’m going to describe it the best that I can from what I see.  from what I can gather a man is driving quite some distance he stops by the roadside in between but As he is driving it becomes nice and it looks like he’s pulled over by a police officer who looks like he Tasers him I didn’t so doing the man wakes up in a room with other people where there is a table surrounded by candles.

Waking up with about seven other people with no cell phones with the only device that seems to be around is a computer with an automated message as soon as it opens up and it seems like these people are about two-player game unwillingly with their lives.  It appears that they have to spend the night and when morning comes the group of them go out and the viewer sees them followed by a sniper but it would seem that they are being lead by a sadistic killer who’d rather kill them off by chance of who’s more foolish as we see them drink a fluid from some water bottles and shortly after one of their group falls dead bleeding from the mouth.

I think the inspiration for this phone comes from films like that of  James Wan’s Saw Or films like Circle of 9.

From what I could tell there were definitely some ingenuous Props like my favorite in the snow where align of holes where a man would have to stick his hand into see if there was anything in them I think that part was unique but Sara  in this film play Sussie a girl  possibly tied up from a previous game and though this film does not have English subtitles it would seem that one of the masterminds behind this game is actually someone amongst the group.

I think from what I can see of this film it was shot pretty well. I think for a small production they made the props that would hurt and torture them the actors really well. I wish I could understand what they were saying though. if you enjoy short films of this nature definitely this film out. if I could have  understood the actors and actresses but I enjoyed what I could see and would like to see more from this production company.

Starring Magnus Bäckström as Mange, Krister Twizz Forsberg  as krister, Masked Man, Sniper, Sarah Giercksky as Sussie, Christian Hansson as Robert, Policeman, Erik Hansson, Anders Jalmberger, Johan Jalmberger as Johan, sniper, Jasmine Martinez as Rachel, Alma Wolin Mendoza, Anna Petersson as Malin, Kalle Thuleman, Malin Wolin.


Coming from Dark North Pictures  I would say that this is a feature-length film or at least in between a feature-length film or short film directed by Krister Twizz Forsberg, Erik Hansson, and Johann Jalmberger from 2016.

From what I understand 4 Young Person’s rent a cabin in the woods and wake up like ancient evil. The film begins with what looks like a fisherman is fishing when he gets a phone call and he explains that he won’t be home for a while and he explains back that he was up in some ancient fort and he didn’t see anything but stones But his fishing line starts the bob and some hooded character ends up stabbing him with a soda can.

Now a year later a group of people being kicked out of their current residence rent a place out on a lake in some Woods and like most slasher start out poke fun at the Legend of the chief that was once called the Vladmar That people once honored with blood sacrifices. Vladmar’s people Overthrew him for a newer God. What is interesting is his men impaled him with a steak while drowning him but before doing so Vladmar Vowed to come back with a vengeance and wipe whoever settled upon the land out. The young people promise not to go up to the fort But as always do not listen and guess what the protection that Generations have been given that helped Vladmar  rise for his revenge has run out!

I can outrightly say that I enjoyed this slasher of a short film. I loved it gore I love the fact that it was half black and white half and color.  I love that it was special effects and not CGI. I love the fact  that this came off as more of a Viking Tale or Legend it was definitely unique.   I like this film even better than the participants but maybe that is probably because the participants wasn’t in any kind of English. I definitely recommend that any of you who are horror films with some really nice splatter Gore to seek this film out.

Starring Nicklas Barklund, Magnus Bäckström, Krister Twizz Forsberg, Christian Hansson, Erik Hansson, Johan Jalmberger, Annika Larsson, Ulf Nyzel, Anna Petersson, Kalle Thuleman, Sophia Wilhemsson, Stefan Östberg.

Girl in the Snow

Xander TurianIs most notably known for being the frontman for a Swedish rock group called our Untold Story but as we see here it would seem that he has directed several horror shorts the first being called The Girl in the Snow pt. 2 from 2016.

Working with bloody Fierce Productions along with Cuprite Productions the spelling begins with Sara Playing the girl in the snow.  We see a girl with red hair and a parka or coat of some sort out in the woods in the snow looks like she’s wandering almost running from something or someone.

It looks like this girl was crying and is scared and then hears a guttural howl… it seems like this film was kind of a teaser for a possible larger film. There really isn’t much to this though I feel like I’m missing a larger part of the story though the film would suggest that it has something to do with the shapeshifter and that intrigues me. I thought the film was shot Well but I think and wish that’s something further what has been filmed because even though you get the emotion of what the girl in the snow was feeling I don’t know maybe it was too short for me.   if you like trying to watch films like this definitely check it out it’s not that it’s a bad film. I just feel like it’s incomplete, like it’s just a snippet of the tale.

Starring Sara Giercksky as Girl in the Snow.

Arent they adorable

Produced Popcorn Short Films from Sweden And directed by Anne Visuri Is a short film called aren’t they adorable From 2017.

It would appear that the entire film basically means that we are the rats in the maze.  For as we see in the film we see four subjects a b c and d one male  the other three females and it would seem that they are all in this white room the man is sitting up against the wall minding his own business while one of the females is exercising on an exercise bike while another female wakes up on a bench in the corner while Sara’s character seems to be more playful trying to get the attention Of the man and when she doesn’t she goes to the corner where is the one female Is on the bench end does emotion like she’s raping her.

And when a tray of food is handed down to them from someone that we cannot see who is behind the camera the three females begin to fight over the food, And when the camera pans back up to who is given the food that is why I would say my first statement is that we are the rats and they are the humans.

I thought the smell was actually rather intelligent for being a silent film done in black and white who are the actors and actresses just exit out a character they weren’t really any names or anyone in specific.  It was also a perfect example Of a one location film. I think that if you were shorter lover you should definitely check this out I certainly enjoyed this and I recommend the stuff for others to see it’s definitely unique and reminds me of Life Charlie Chaplin type of a film that Hal Roach would have produced.

Starring Sarah  as C, Jelena Jovanovic as
B, Anna Starrin as A, Jon Watcher as


Written and directed by Eleni Kounis and Daoris Imeri with Sundbybergs Folkhögskola productions this film was made by students of film from Sweden for 2017.

Again we see actor director Sara Giercksky play in a roll, where Her character seems to arrive home and Ashley is about to put some things away there is a spirit of some kind that seems to appear and disappear in the doorway.  The lights go out but the character continues on with her routines and light some candles. When a shape goes by her when she’s in the bathroom she takes a candelabra and goes to for what The noise was or at least whom it was.

This is another film that I wish had actually been done with English subtitles so that I can understand what entirely what was going on but from what I understand from what I see either she found a roommate or friend within the home by the name of Mia I’m tired of talking I fell asleep together and suddenly in the Darkness a face appeared…  and screams heard…

As in some of the other short films not much acting seems to have to be done in order to act in shorts like this but it does help and Sara’s favor that she is a very pretty young looking sweet Swedish girl and anything that she seems to be involved in.

I do think that this short film even though it was made by students because of the clothes perimeters it was  filmed in and the setting definitely made it appear to be more eccentric.  I like the location that they were using.  I enjoyed the film it definitely had a creepy by to it and I would have liked to have seen more of the story that went behind the haunting and the smell. if you like this kind of short you should definitely check it out I would certainly recommend this is actually one of my favorites that involves Sara.

Starring Sarah Giercksky, Daorsa Imeri, Emma Sandberg.


I’m not sure the production company but I do know the name of the director Who goes by the name of Ananya Samanta who has directed a short film called Sisterhood from 2017.

For once I’m glad this film was in English.    though I can read subtitles while watching a film I technically prefer English over-reading even though I understand that there are some phenomenal films that are in total subtitles.

After 10 years of their parent’s death  Maria finally Gets frustrated with her sister after having to work to help pay their bills.  The idea of how strong  there is a bond between sisters is that you can have some of the worst arguments and still be able to forgive each other afterwards and this is what the short film I believe portrays.  I don’t really think much acting had to be involved in the short film but I do think that tough times like this should be talked about. I think the actresses in here including Sara play these characters to the best of their abilities bear in mind I think they pulled off what the film was trying to  lead us to believe that is.  I enjoyed Watching the  film and I believe that other short film lovers would probably enjoy this too.   if so definitely seek This film out it’s certainly not a bad film.

Starring Sarah Giercksky as Maria, Irena Tereza Prpic.

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