Movies Galore takes a look at director Craig Jacobson’s experimental short films “Cerberus” and “Commute” from 2012, and “Alligator Bitch” and “Terrain” from 2011!

Written by David Strege

Again as I did with Cassandra Sechler’s short films I’m going to first explain what these short films mean to him but I’m going to describe them in my own words as well…

Cerberus – 2012


Brought to us by Dreams For Dead Cats Productions director Craig Jacobson has worked behind the camera and as an actor in some of director Cassandra Sechler’s experimental films but as we find out has dabbled in the experimental film department himself.

Craig explains this film to be about A man that is caught in a state of purgatory, paralyzed by the weight of his inability to reconcile with his self-perception.

So honestly this is my favorite film of these four as I believe it is the voice of Craig Jacobson i could be wrong but this man is having different flashes of what I would consider personal demons in ultra violet flashes.  I like how the imagery is played out in here definitely riveting, dark and explorative…

Commute – 2012


In Commute from 2012 as well, Craig explains this short film is about A bus as it passes through another dimension of reality. I actually slightly like this film in the fact it does change it’s hues of film coloring.  I’d actually put this in the category of Neonsploitation. Not entirely a whole lot to it but definitely a blend of Color shaking.

Alligator Bitch – 2011


In this short film Alligator Bitch, Craig explains this is about A nightmarish vision about a woman confronting a possible identity. So this film is a bit similarity tormenting as the film Cerberus  was but this involved a woman with demons of her own but we see her walk down a hallway and experience visions of a creature coming up the stairs at herself. She seems definitely disturbed as the imagery grows stronger of the creature, the beast that seems to be her….

I think this could possibly portray the subject of transgender in a way but then again films such as this can be interpreted many ways.  I’m not sure whether I enjoyed the film, I more enjoyed trying to describe it here.  Certainly check this film out if you can.

Terrain – 2011


In this short film Terrain from 2011, Craig explains that this film is about exploring various “terrains,” inspired by planetary rovers. Though this was supposedly based on space vehicle road lines, I can see how the lines in cracked skin and the hair of eyelids might very well look entirely like a landscape on the moon.  I keen even though that is the palm of a hand at close up range it could look like sand dunes of some kind this film was certainly a visual experience as it seems Craig was exploring the maps of someone’s skin to represent a “Terrain” or landscape.

The only thing I’d say from a reviewer stand point is that I’d of wished I could have displayed who might of acted in these films for Mr. Jacobson as they weren’t on IMDb or in the description of the films so the actors and actresses I assume are unknown at this moment…

As far as I know both Cassandra Sechler and Craig Jacobson are getting ready to release their newest feature together called “Elliot” so keep a look out and enjoy!


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