Movies Galore takes a look at director John Dylan Robert’s short film “The Wheel” from 2011!

Written by David Strege

The wheel

This steampunk fantasy short film was brought to my attention by one of the actors involved with the project so I figured I’d sit down and take a viewing.

Brought to us by Bad Theory Productions director John Dylan Roberts comes the tale of a family that keeps “The Wheel” that grinds the motion of the world, the machine that keeps the world spinning.


The narration of this price kind of sounds similar to the way “The Night Before Christmas” or “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,” so I wonder if the director had some insiration from Dr.Seus, plays out in its prose just in its rhythm and its flow.  Being a past poet myself I can recognize a decent flow age of words when I hear it read to me.

The Cinematography of the film is brilliant and whoever did the editing job on the film did a fantastic job here especially since much of the set was CGI it was very cool.  Back to the story… As all families who run a business tend to do is when it’s time to step down you give the legacy and responsibility of taking care of the business after you become to old or tired to do so and just that is done… Holster (Skrauss) plays the lead son and heir to keeping this “Wheel” spinning.  Elle (White) is the daughter and as often second children sometimes are prone to be was left in the shadow jealous of her brothers favored attention takes care of feeding her brother and plots to poison him. It did go through the two childrens childhood like a bedtime story.

So she does, thinking she’s killed her brother she goes straight to “The Wheel” and tempts that fate in her excitement “Touched the Wheel” and in so doing did not know the rules…

I think that this was a very creative tale, told well the diction of the narrative superb. You might even notice actor Michael Denk whose played in such films as “From The Darkness Theatre” by local film maker Michael Viers or from “A Dubious Night” by another local film maker by the name of Nelson Olivera.


I found this short film to be fresh and entertaining, may I also give credit to the person behind the costume design as it is very periodical of the time period I believe from the “Roaring Twenties” maybe.  I certainly enjoyed it and recommend if you are a short film lover definitely check this film out! Enjoy!

Starring Richard Halverson as Narrator, Mark Metcalf as Father, Clarise White as
Young Ellie, Nell White as Ellie, Skrauss as
Holster, Balen Essak as Young Holster, Peter Batchelder as Holster (voice), Michael Denk As Prison Fiend, César Gamiño As City Inhabitant, Ashley Heller As City Inhabitant, Kat Musni As Prison Fiend, Margaret  Mascuza As Ellie (voice), Erik West As Prison Fiend, Zach Zovic.


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