Movies Galore takes a look at director Meg Skaff’s short film “Terry Kendall and Orange Green” from 2011!

Written by David Strege


brought to us by director Meg Skaff and her production company a film maker from New York I’m imagining that this oddball serial killer Short film is a student film of sorts possibly but reminds me a bit like if Sister Sister met Clarrisa Explains it all with a bit of Peeping Tom.

The main actress (Sellers) as Terry Kendall an average Supermarket employee whom arrives at work exactly on time but is followed around by a creepy man (Cox) always looking for Chicken breasts.

She tries to avoid him but every day at exactly two pm he shows up. Like I said this is an oddball short film as it has Sellers but narrated by another narrating her life up until her untimely demise but how it comes about is comical to say the least.

I think the acting was relatively decent on Sellers part but Cox also put on a level of creepiness as well. But strange as it may seem it is possible that something similar could happen as someone getting killed isn’t funny but it was laughable for a moment, entertaining and a little off. I liked it but I’m not sure how others might have perceived the film.

I certainly recommend that if your a short film lover to at least check out this film if you haven’t it is up on vimeo I believe for free but definitely worth a one time watch if not more I think I’ll remember the name of this serial killer down the road hehe!

Starring Brit-Charde Sellers as Terry Kendall, Timothy J. Cox as Orange Green, Kimberly David as Traffy, Anna Calabrese as Narrator (voice).

Movies Galore takes a look at Andre Ovredal’s The Autopsy of Jane Doe from 2016!

December 17, 2017

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Written by Michelle Jaeger

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First, an Introduction….

Hello readers, I’m Michelle Jaeger from Jager Entertainment out of Detroit, Michigan.  I’ve been in the Entertainment industry for over 40 years, mostly as a Model, Actress, and Writer.

I was in Talent Management, Promotions, and Booking with both Jager Entertainment and Northwest Entertainment for over 13 years.

I hold a degree in the Broadcast Arts.
I am the only ever Born To Be Wild Babe, licensed by Steppenwolf, and I was the Michigan liason for the band  from 2010 – 2016.

I am super excited to be joining David Strege as Editor for Movies Galore. I am looking forward to sharing my reviews with all of you. On the good, the bad, and the downright stinking terrible films we may run across from time to time.

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Now back to the regularly scheduled review…

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

André Ovredal directed this 2016 American Horror Film. He proved you don’t need a mega watt top grossing star or a massive cast to make one hell of a powerful movie.

The movie starts off with the grisly discovery of a woman’s naked, perfectly intact corpse half buried in the basement of a home where a brutal triple murder has occurred.

The corpse, portrayed by Olwen Kelly, arrives at the Tilden Mortuary, run by father and son coroner team Tommy and Austin Tilden. Played by Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch. They run their mortuary out of their basement. The setting definitely adds to the creepiness factor for this movie.

In the beginning of the film, the character building phase was done effortlessly and came into play later on in the movie. Brilliantly done, in my opinion.

The Autopsy begins like any other, but as it progresses a wild storm begins to rage outside, which kills the power to the morgues elevator. A generator keeps some of the lights on in the exam room. The dark morgue makes for a terrifying backdrop for this tale.

Of course a large tree falls onto their only other escape, the cellar door, trapping them inside. So back to the examination they go, continuing to look for clues as to how this woman died.

The insides of her body show serious traumatic injuries even though the outside of the body shows no damage and is flawless. The coroners note much scar tissue on internal organs consistent with multiple stab wounds. Her tongue had been ripped out, she had vaginal mutilation, a woman who had been severely tortured, yet showed no signs outwardly of it at all.

The make-up and special effects team was top notch on this film.

As the story unfolds circumstances become very strange for the coroners. Bodies disappear out of their drawers, the men hear the bells that are tied to the dead. They discover Jane Doe’s not truly dead, but not yet alive.  Chaos ensues and everyone ends up dead in a most spectacular fashion.

What I personally loved about this film was that none of the mysteries were solved, none of the questions were answered. Who was she ? What was she ? What had happened to her ? And what was happening around her ? The way the story ended it left it very open for a sequel or a prequel.

This was definitely not your typical Horror Movie ending. No one got the girl, the mystery wasn’t solved, the monster wasn’t destroyed.

I love movies like this. Minimal actors with incredible talent, great direction, fabulous plot twists….

It is on my must watch list.  give it four out of five stars on the Michelle-O-Meter. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Movies Galore takes a look at director’s Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein’s feature “Blood of the Tribades” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Launch Over Film Productions directors Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein of the features “Ten” and “Magnetic” previously bring about a world steeped in hate and religion.

i’d have to say there are some Roman and Greek mythological origins to this vampiric tale but after 2000 years of banishment by Bathor a sort of God after getting a disease the men of Bathor start a war with the banished women of Bathor thinking they are steeped in sin and responsible.

The film begins as two hooded figures stand by watching as one female is assasinated all the females are Vampires from what I can tell but being killed in the blood of Bathor.


Right away there aare three factions of people the men of Bathor, The banished women and the wild outsiders. Fantine survived the assasination and ran to her lover Elizabeth.  When the three wise women of the faction of banishments gathered a meeting together they were advised to do nothing even though they knew there was a traitor Amongst their midst….


Grando the leader of the men of Bathor is on an extermation kick he may not come back from even though a cure was brought to his attention his hate consumes all…


After the almost complete massacre of the  rest of the banished women the wild outsiders whom were also women and vampires that appear to be like Amazonian warriors saved Elisabeth and Fontine along with the Judas of their kind,  it is Elisabeth that is found to be special and be able to read the language of Bathor’s and finds a ritial of complete faith and sacrife that once enacted would unite herself and Fontine to even in death become more powerful…


I feel like there is certainly some aspects of this film that are remeniscent of the times of the Spanish Inquisition… the language of Bathor ended up being French which is a beautiful language to hear but I am glad there were subtitles as I do not understand much of the language.

I think the best actress of the film was Chloé Cunha as Elisabeth but the Chinese woman playing the Vampire that wanted to help her kind but was restrained was close to second being as she was my favorite character out of the lot.  I think when Elisabeth was reminiscing with Fantine in  the woods the way she spoke she had great articulation and diction.  This film had more the feel of a shakesperian play than an actual movie, movie and the colors were beautiful so I have to say this film has the makings of being an arthouse type feature.

The Women of Bathor kind of reminded me the way they were dressed of the women on mount olympous in Greek mythology. As for the Men of Bathor Seth Chatfield definitely put on an interesting performance as the man bent on total destruction of that which he’d thought was what Bathor wanted but in the end was driven by his own sins…

Though the acting was somewhat high and low in places I think I enjoyed the story and enjoyed watching this film as it’s colors were indeed beautiful, some of the women indeed beautiful as well.  I have to give credit to whomever was in charge of their clothing very original.  There was also some fdefinitely beautiful Avery of bridges and castles and I know some of it had to be some what computer generated but they’d captured a sense of beauty on film which I’d rather liked.

I’m not sure everyone I know should be able to sit through some of the dragging moments for there are a few but I think that those who do enjoy the film can over come these moments that drag and enjoy the story line and the scenery as I have.

I think that if you love the stage and screen sword and sandal type films with a clash of lesbian vampirism mixed with a Herculese The Legendary Journey’s  sense of landscape and have a pure love of the thespian this film would be straight up your alley! I enjoyed the film and I do recommend the you search this film out if you can it certainly wasn’t a bad film at all.

Here is the Trailer!

Starring Chloé Cunha as Élisabeth, Mary Widow as Fantine, Seth Chatfield as
Grando, Tymisha ‘Tush’ Harris as The Great One, Kristofer Jenson as Sava, Zach Pidgeon as Berwick, Sindy Katrotic asGiltine, Simone de Boudoir as Naga, Stabatha La Thrills as Wendigo, Lilith Beest as Nephite Theodosia, Irina Peligrad as Nephite Geraldine, Maggie Maraschino as Nephite Ruthven, Dale Stones as Jacob, Andrew C. Wiley as Esau, Savana Petruzello as Darvulia, Serena Petruzello as Erzsi, Edrie Edrie as Lilith, Wednesday Alice Edrie as Baby Aluka, Aurora Grabill as Carmilla, Melinda Green as Mircalla, Hugh Guiney as Stoker, Scott Dezrah Blinn as Acheron, Jake Vaughan as Alnwick, Warren Lynch as Bagdana, Porcelain Dalya as Akantha, Shannon Keelan as Hadria, Rachel Leah Blumenthal as Akeldama, Tracey Sturtevant as Zillah, Kevin F. Harrington as Lethe, Sean M. Kennedy as Cocytus, Sophia Cacciola as Bathsheba.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Dallas Lee Blanton’s feature “Lost In Time” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


A StoryArc film in association with Atomic City w/Dad and Chad productions “Lost In Time” is Director Lee Blanton’s third film shot on location at Copper Canyon Ranch.

The film begins as a narrator is narrating the story of Roger (Fuller) a man who lost the love of his life when he was twenty-five years ago.  We see Roger talking to his best freind/therapist Seymor also going through marital issues about the incident of his wife’s death.

Now we go back a few years where a strange little man appears in Roger’s home and shows him a strange door he’s never seen in his life, a gift from time herself to make up for lost time. When he walks through it he steps back in time to a western town of Copper Canyon filled with people that begin to accept him.  As we find out later he becomes Marshall of this town and every afternoon Roger slips through the door to enact being the law bearing Marshall of this western town until he runs into a woman who looks exactly like his lost love Helen in the Miss Melinda.

At almost the same moment that untimely short man that had appeared in his home told him he had only two moons left ten years later honestly he seems a bit like the Cheshire cat in the story. There are parts of the film that are part animation of some kind as to make it seem like this small portly man is keeping an eye on Roger. Roger needs more time before he’s caught in a fight and a bank heist stuck in the past to find out if love still exists….


I enjoyed this story, the acting coming from Chad Fuller was brilliant especially when he was speaking to actress Maggie Gardner as Melinda who was a ray of sunshine she definitely seemed like she was and is one character who would warm your heart every time she was close by.  Because it is independent it does have moments of slowness but the characters and the actors are definitely wearing authentic clothing of the west.

Something I like about the present is the fact a little girl keeps hitting Roger with a nerf gun… I also like the air of mystery that the narrator brings to the tale.  My only gripe in the film is when you first see that strange little man there’s a cell phone ringing in the back ground that i think wasn’t supposed to be picked up hehe other than that the film was enjoyable.  It’s certainly an oddball drama of sorts but I think characters like Missy and Melinda and Roger can definitely be remember-able and there was a little bit of a surprise ending that sort of tied it all together.

I recommend if you are a film lover that you try to seek this film out.  I think it was entertaining enough to watch and was a different take on time travel with almost an Indian in the Cupboard meets  Narnia kind of thing going on.  Thankyou Chad for making me aware if this film.  I can see why you enjoyed the role.  As I understand this was the last time Mr. Chad Fuller worked with his Stepmother (Carole Emery.)

Starring Chad Fuller as Rodger, Maggie Gardner as Melinda, Christopher Bower as Seymour, Alan Walters as Uncle Darrell, Manuel Sanchez Austin as Jesus, Patrick Lowery as Jessup, Adario Mercadante as Mr. D, Angela  as Missy, Dallas Lee Blanton as Narrator, Nathan Austin as Sid, Jason Zackary Kassinger as
Daniel, Jennifer Stokes as Jezebel, Tim Emery as Farmer Bill, Jacob Hall as
Matthew, Deanna Sherman as Gale,
Brenna Sherman as Maria, Connor McCloud as Bartender Wyatt, Kathy West as Lady of the Evening, Matt Green as Townsperson #1, Gwendolyn J. Ferreira Hartley as Townsperson #2, Audrey Lamb as Townsperson #3, Lori Beth Fooshee as
Townsperson #4.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Emir Skalonja’s feature film “Jericho” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Foxtrot Productions director Emir Skalonja whom brought us Flesh of My Flesh and The Plague is a as he calls it a neo-noir western action film not unlike Sin City and films of this nature…

My assumption as to his title probably stems from the Bible where a city fell to the ground after circling it 7 times to the ground.  But Ryan Jericho (Nemi) is a force unto his own.


Jericho has retired in his mind as one of the world greatest criminal assasins.  Not because he wants to snitch or rat his employer’s out but because he has fallen in love with a woman. So Jericho wants out and to settle down.

Holmes (O’ Hear) in his line of business nobody leaves his employment you either kill or leave in a body bag so he sends some goons under his employ after Jericho’s woman and kill her.


Ultimately this is a revenge film in black and white for the most part.  I want to say I liked it a lot but the first goin with the glasses he wasn’t really a believable bad guy.


Don’t get me wrong I loved the story,  loved the other characters I just feel the actor was a little bit more like an “Office Space” version of Roy Orbison than anything else.  I think the new technique Emir was using where red blood splatter appeared each time someone was shot definitely wasn’t bad at all.

This was certainly a change a good direction for him I feel. I did in the end enjoy watching the film and I love watching this director’s visions come into play, I see where he’s going with his films and I like his energy. I think the indie world has to keep a watch on this director for I feel he is on the rise.

I definitely recommend this film to all you Independent film lovers out there definitely check this film out you can find it on through its Facebook page.

Here is its Trailer!

Starring Mirela Ajdimovski as Natasha, Tyler Cheman as Todd, Brandon Czerwinski as Talon, Katherine Fudge as
Kick Girl, Nikko Gabayan as Kung Fu Guy, Jacob Hodgson as Informant, Michelina Houlihan as Psycho Girl, John Karyus as
Begging Man, Fattie King as Chain Guy, Robin Lalisse as Leather Jacket, Joshua McDonald as Tryst, Lori Dolan Meyer as
Guard, Will Nemi as Ryan Jericho (as William Anthony), Michael O’Hear as
Holmes, Bill Smith as Thug with Machete, Jimi Voelker as Brick.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Christopher Ambriz’s feature film “Dark Blood” from 2000!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Night Creature Productions director Christopher Ambriz brings us a shot on video vampire film from 2000.

The film begins as a man is looking for directions on a stormy night… another man is standing outside his place as he notices this storm he goes in to tell his freinds Billy, Brain and some others…


Meanwhile… the first man as we find out his name is Lupis, runs into an ample breasted young woman named Katherine on the street as she shows him a coffee shop he leaves, the arrives at a home where another young woman is sleeping.  We find out this man is a vampire as he seems to control her into letting him cut her arm and suck her blood.

Next day a couple of Brain’s freinds were walking by Lupis when one of them through something at him and he vanished. Turns out that the girl John is infatuated with Katherine, is hanging out more and more with this new guy Lupis and their certainly getting it on hot and heavy in a private section of a local arcade. In what looks like a Red Lobster, weird.


After spying on Katherine and Lupis, John finds out Lupin’s a vampire and quite possible he has seen too much… all I can say for a small micro budget film is this Jae Flores that plays Lupis seems to play a bad ass vampire rather well as he turns the freinds one by one of Brain’s into the undead.


The sound isn’t the greatest at spots, the volume is somewhat low on some dialogue but I will say the moment of catching these lightning and thunder storms for shots was rather a smart thing as they are natural storms.

After Billy was turned into a Vampire to do Lupin’s bidding is when some comedy moments began not bad on the make up either so I have to say rather enjoyed this film… though slow in its attempt I think horror fans may enjoy this feature if they give this film a watch.


I recommend that you seek this film out if you can.  There’s definitely some bloodiness involved. Enjoy!

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Christopher Ambriz as John, Jae Flores as Lupus, Ryan Hunts as Billy, Michael Cantu as Brain, Claudette Charo as Katherine, Sylvia Bolster as Val, George Carroll as George, Courtney Randolph as

Movies Galore takes a look at director Matt Jaissle’s “The Necro Files” from 1998!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us and presented by Todd Tuersland and Threat Theatre International Inc. Productions but directed by Videvil’s Matt Jassle from 1998 is this underground love with the dead micro budget gore comedy.


The film begins as a young woman takes a shower as she is being watched by a masked man, the lights go off as our masked killer corners this nude woman, proceeds to handcuff her, rapes her as he stabs her.

Meanwhile two cops are called to a scene of a rapist as the killer was noticed.  Back at the residence where the nude woman was stabbed we see this man shirtless, and mutilating this corpse while eating the flesh off of her slowly bleeding body.


On the account the rapist had raped and killed one of the two cops sister the two showed up at the scene only to be agravated into killing this canniballistic psychopath.

A Group of hooded satanist are gathered in a cemetery about to sacrafice the baby that was born of one of the rapist’s victims to reassurect the psychotic rapist himself. In peeing on the fetus a zombie rises from the ground and rips the mememer of the member of the the cult’s leader right off and eats his way around.


The two idiots on the other hand that escaped decided to summon a demon to counteract the risen dead rapist that their sect had brought back and it just so happens to be the spirit of the dead fetus…  in a sense it is comical that a Zombie with a boner goes around and kills while still raping and creating a gore fest… ultimately it comes down to a shootout between the two cops detectives Manners and Sloane and the idiots that tried to counteract their evil doings…

Honestly this wasn’t bad for it’s completely gruesome story line,  the effects are brilliantly bloody but the oversized penis and the fetus on a string chasing people was definitely over the top but made it all the more humorous.

The music somewhat reminds me of a techno version of the music behind Lucio Fulci’s Zombi. There is definitely nudity with some campiness… I think you gore enthusiast’s out there though obviously rape is not a laughing matter this still will satisfy at least from a splatter fest practitioners eye would enjoy.

For some reason I enjoyed this film after seeing it a few times it grew on me… just the fact you can see this fake fetus floating around on a string… haha

I recommend this film even though it has definite violence,some scene’s with a blow up doll and the acting was hokey but in all the right places, I can see watching this film again from time to time. Up to you in the end but I enjoyed it’s raunchy ride. Not a film for everyone but definitely comical and cheesy enough.

Here’s the trailer

Starring Steve Sheppard as Detective Martin Manners (as Steven Sheppard), Gary Browning as Detective Orville Sloane, Christian Curmudgeon as Jack, Jason McGee as Barney, Theresa Bestul as Shower Girl, Jenn O. Cide as S&M Amazon, Dru Berrymore as Camping Girl (as Drew Burymore), Anne R. Key as Doll Lover, Todd Tjersland as Lord of the Satanites, Jonas Arke as Fan Man, Jeff Nelson as Bondage Boy, Isaac Cooper as Logan, Larry Gygax as Satanite (as ‘Scary’ Larry Gygax), David Bramwell as Satanite, Sak Cameron as Satanite, Todd F. Baker as Satanite, Dora Taggart as Maggie, Akira Enomoto as Satanite, Matt Jaissle as Frank – Police Dispatch (voice) (uncredited), Jessica Roulston as Shower Girl (voice) (uncredited).

Movies Galore takes a look at director Tommy Wiseau’s feature ‘The Room” from 2003!

Written by David Strege

The Room

Brought to us by Wiseau-Films working with Chloe Productions and TPW Films is probably one of the worst films I have seen recently as I have discussed the film with others in my own podcast on Inside Movies Galore and I’m still on the fence whether I actually like the film. I watched this film twice once for my podcast and once for another that is enough and I will probably never watch this film again in my life if I don’t have to.

This is Tommy Wiseau’s debut film from 2003 where he plays a man named Johnny who has a beautiful blonde hair girlfriend named Lisa played by Juliette Danielle whom is actually kind of a bitch.  Johnny has a working class job as a banker, takes care of a teenager named Denny, who insists almost on being a peeping Tom on their sex life, comes home to his woman Lisa and over time finds out she is cheating on him with his best friend Mark played by Greg Sestero then offs himself… on a budget of six million how can you film something like this?

Tommy 3

Denny a young teenager is not entirely living with Johnny but is more like a son to him is caught up in the mix and gets into trouble with a drug dealer but you also see some kind of turmoil that Mark Goes through as he does feel guilty sleeping with Lisa but he enjoys it but is probably the most annoying actor on the set with his high pitched squeals. Also the fact of Lisa’s friends whom just can’t keep from fucking, started story plots that weren’t entirely needed and felt they were an after thought.

The Music behind the film feels like it should be in one of those older 80’s Canon fairy tales or something like Masterpiece Theater, but also elicit’s the feel of soft core love scenes like that what you would see on HBO after dark when it comes to the passionate scenes between Mark and Johnny.  I also feel that when Johnny taped the phone calls Lisa made on one of those old tape machine’s feels slightly dated as this was a film done in 2003.  I feel like the balcony scene was the worst scene as when they were up there you could tell that there was a stage wall behind them as the cast was talking as I understand this was called a green room.


Though I love dubbed films in Martial arts type films and Toho productions I think that having the actors and actress’s including Tommy Dub their voices in was absolutely awful,  mixed with his geriatrics of getting angry at Lisa, Tommy was annoyingly eccentric, there wasn’t a line in the film that was even remotely original. It’s all been said before but I do have to say are quotable.  I feel like I should love this movie but I’ve decided that I do not and only mildly enjoy the film as it is just that bad and even then I’m not sure that enjoyment can be the word decribing how I feel about the film.  I don’t understand the reason behind why people enjoy the film but point blank it’s terrible. Terribly edited, basically a film you can probably take to a film class and say here’s what not to do.

I didn’t enjoy watching this film.  I watched it for the purpose of discussing it on podcasts. I’ll definitely not recommend it to others either but I will say it paved the way to “the Disaster Artist” which looks like it could be an even better film than this piece of trash.  I’m sorry to shit on film growing a cult standing but this was not a good film at all. Sorry ladies and gentlemen. Though I own it you go ahead and enjoy it not me.

As I understand it Tommy Wiseau at least in Greg Sestero’s book had actually not been a nice person to his cast in fact he’d actually been quite abusive so those whom are actually on his side you have to wonder at their sense of morality in believing this film was remotely good. I guess I’d say this was one of those films where Tommy had the money to buy his film haters the ones that find it just that enjoyable to hate movie goers.

I understand that he, Tommy Wiseau, probably took the films he knew growing up which probably had more to do with those soft core roughies you saw at the peepshows after midnight but ladies and gentlemen I’m not into belly porn… Enjoy the film if you must just don’t lie and say it was a great film…

Three positives that I can say about the film is I loved that beginning shot of that cool looking Architecture, The part where the friends have fucked and dude comes back for his underwear and I guess the fact that all the lines are quotable in the same accent that Tommy has.

Starring Tommy Wiseau as Johnny, Greg Sestero as Mark, Juliette Danielle as Lisa, Philip Haldiman as Denny (as Phillip Haldiman), Carilyn Minnott as Claudette (as Carolyn Minnot) Robyn Paris as Michelle, Mike Holmes as Mike (as Mike Scott), Dan Janjigian as Chris-R, Kyle Vogt as Peter, Greg Ellery as Steven, Kari McDermott as Party Member #2 (as Kari Mcdermont), Jennifer Vanderbliek as Party member #3 (as Jen Vanderbliek), Daron Jennings as Barista #2, Frank Willey as Coffeshop #4, Bennett Dunn as Partygoer (as Bennet Dunn).

Movies Galore takes a look at director Jeff Frumess’s first feature “Romeo’s Distress” from 2016!

Written by David Strege

Romeo's Distress

About a year ago I met a young director name of Jeff Frumess in a film  group that told me about his film that he’d just made and it intrigued me at the time but I think that he like many out there at the time didn’t take me that seriously as a film reviewer heck there are still some here in Milwaukee that don’t realize how hard core film watcher I am. Enough about me. This film was filmed in black and white (which I loved) for the most it was about a young man named James played by Anthony Malachi. So i decided to ask if I could view it recently and thanks Jeff!

James’s hobby was taking pictures with his camera one day he was taking pictures of a girl named Jane, While trying to give her flowers she backed up into oncoming traffic and died… Romeo’s Distress is about the relationship in his head that he’d continued to have with Jane as the film begins with him loitering in the cemetery dreaming of a relationship that never happened.


Jane’s family specifically her father doesn’t like the fact he is still hanging around the cemetery so he sends Jane’s fiance Bobby after James to watch him and sets a childhood friend of the family after James to kidnap him back to their house and make it look like he’s disappeared.

There is certainly a level of some kookiness in Jame’s Family where as he doesn’t have friends other than his thieving Uncle Elmo and his grandmother who seemed to be co dependant on James to take care of her. I definitely think the closeup shots that the camera does at times on the eyes of the father and Bobby and or grandmother were great….

I also think that in a way in the end the story did kind of follow the story of Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet in a sense as there was a parent who was against him seeing her but she was, rather morbid, already dead and buried.  There was an apothecary of sorts that gave him a vial of some sort that was given to him to help him leave his mortal coil…


I think that the strongest character was the father of Jame’s beloved Jane which was played by Jeffrey Alan Solomon because in the end all he wanted was for Jame’s to stay away from his daughter’s body… I think that the acting was brilliantly played out and there is a beauty and a Romance aspect that though technically all in Jame’s mind could be a grande fantasy that is within us all. for we all want to find that everlasting love and be like kings and Queens building our kingdom…

I think the film has from what I know had a decent festival run and I think if you haven’t seen this film you are certainly missing out on this relatively dark comedy of wrongness.  I enjoyed the film, James’s little bit wacked out family and the little bit of old time fantasy dreaming this film portrayed. I recommend that you see this film at least once if you can along it’s journey and hope to one day see it get a fantastic release somewhere as I do think it deserves one.  Hopefully you still might get a chance in a festival sometime soon as it’s still running it’s circuit. I enjoyed Romeo’s Distress and recommend it.

Here is the trailer!

Starring Nick Bohun as Concerned Shopper, Alex Echevarria as Dr. Myles Woodbine, Jeff Frumess as Fake Shemp, Stevie Grossett as Seymour the Flowershop Keeper, Anthony Malchar as James Ferrose, Kimberely A. Peterson as Jane Matthews, Charese Scott-Cooper as Samantha Robinson, Jeffrey Alan Solomon as Dale Matthews (as Jeff Solomon), David the Voice Stein as Mr. Cundalini, Adam Stordy as Bobby Samson, Dave Street as
Uncle Elmo.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Mikeal Burgin’s short film “I’m A Gun” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Okapi Pictures director Mikeal Burgin in association with Media Adventures LLC. Is a short film that is a little bit as if Housebound, and Texas Chainsaw masacre had a love child but a little bit of a twist.


A hitman gets sent to do a job.  The film begins as this hitman is narrating the story… we see him come up behind a man, shoot him he then leaves in an elevator… but this is not the job in question… his next hit is more than he has bargain for…

I’ll try to say this without too many spoilers but this film has some troubles in the very beginning I don’t know whether it’s audio or how it looks but I can see how if one viewed this film up to the elevator scene they could start not to enjoy the film but… and there’s a huge but once you get past this there are some really nicely shot Arial scenes leading up to the hit in question…


If you can get past this rough beginning you are in for a surprise if you enjoy films like Housebound and or Texas Chainsaw Massacre for sure.

Though I think this film was a little rough around the edges  I think once you sit back and enjoy the narrative and take it in I think you may well enjoy the atmosphere and wish for more…

I think I’m going to recommend that you take a chance at viewing this film if at least once.  I’m not sure if it will be enjoyed by everyone but at least take a gander and watch it if you can… hopefully a festival will accept this and people will watch it for what it is I think it’s something that can be built upon with the right kind of love. I enjoyed watching the film it was entertaining to me. Enjoy!

Starring Kaylynn Burgin as Anna Snyder, Nannette Gunn as Mom Snyder, Daniel Hampel as Kenneth Morgan, Mandy Brown as ‘Scary’ Mary Snyder, Nick Austin as Samson, Gregga J. Johnn as
The Broker, Bryce Taylor as Jason, Deidra Mohr as Feral Woman, Kathy ‘Kat’ Walsh as Grace Snyder, Jay Gunn as Pop Snyder, Nick Austin as Samson, Zach Kuhl as Pokey Snyder, Ryan Stoick as Jesup Snyder, Jason Neff as Chaisson.