Movies Galore takes a look at director Michael Dougherty’s “Krampus” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


After the success of his horror themed anthology from 2007 “Trick ‘R Treat” director Michael Dougherty went on board with Universal Studios to film Krampus in 2015.

The film begins in the credits with an almost perfect sequence of Black Friday shopping madness as people are fighting eachother, grabbing presents from one another, Stepping over and even includes the unbelievably cruel idea of a mother and father forcing their child to get pictures with Santa and the child of course is squirming to get away…


The main story centers around a grandmother, a boy and his family of degenerates who’ve lost the spirit of Christmas…. Max (Anthony) all he wants for Christmas is to have his family start acting like they used to “a little nicer.”

He writes it up in a letter which at Christmas dinner with his girl cousin has snatched and reads aloud to his family.  Upset Max goes to his room.  A little while later the power goes out and Max’s sister Beth goes and checks on her boyfriend which as she’s being chased by an unseen creature Krampus sends one of his toys after her and she is thought to have been killed… Meanwhile back at the house the two fathers go out to look for Beth but get chased by a creature beneath the snow and return.


A ginger man drops through the chimney and drags a cousin through the chimney and out… and Omi the grandmother shortly afterwards tells the family when she was a girl she’d called on the Krampus to take her family. This part is told in some kind of animation as she watches the Krampus kill everyone except  her as she is then given the bell, in which we see Max has been given the same, as a parting gift before she immegrated as an orphan over to the US.


Long story short toys, gingerbreadmen, creepy evil elves and Krampus go after the rest of the family including afunny moment where the family pitbull eats a cookie to help kill these rampant ginger cookies ultimately ending in a final stand off between Omi and the Krampus creature, Max goes after the Krampus creature and then as thebowels of the earth opens up and swallow him he wakes up with the rest of his family as all of a sudden as Max opens a present where the bell that says Krampus resides they all look up suddenly remembering the events that happened or sowoukd you believe as the scene makes you think they are all inside a snow globe now in Krampuses workshop along with some thousands of others collected…

I really enjoyed the cgi animation in this film it wasn’t as entirely used or over the top relied upon on by as some major films seem to use.  I do think that through the family members treated eachother like shit at first you did begin to respect some of the characters as the film went on.  I do however believe if I’d been a parent.  Beth sneaking off wouldn’t have even happened she’d of been watched plus she looked rather young to have any kind of a boyfreind yet.   I will say even though I enjoyed her performances in “The Sixth Sense” Toni Collette as Sarah the mother in the family seems to be rather too old for her role I think she could have been recast as someone younger in my mind. She just seemed out of place other than this though the animation was unique for Oma’s tale I feel this was not so much as a creative move so much as a time constraint decision where they didn’t have even film role left to film an actually real film scene location with real actors but they had to keep it pg-13 so I understand the animation but I still feel as if it was some kind of Cop Out.

Other than this I enjoyed the (Tolman’s) Aunt Linda’s fighsty comeback after her kids were being taken from her was pretty cool as well as once you finally got to see the Krampus creature in its full entirety I feel that Dougherty had a very real sense on what he wanted his Krampus to lookand feel like.

I think this feature had its pros and it’s cons definitely had some things and people it could have changed  but you kinda just have to sit back down enjoy this film s the comedy it was meant to be.  Aren’t you supposed to be ble to watch a movie and not pick it apart really till the end? These are just my thoughts on the film why not just go see it yourself and come back and tell us different.

I think that horror enthusiasts true horror film lovers actually enjoyed this film I think a lot of people need to just sit back and watch films and goin open minded as I think a lot of people go in judgingly thinking films are going to be bad when actually they are impressive. I’d certainly recommend this film to see in the holiday spirit! Enjoy!

Starring Emjay Anthony as Max, Adam Scott as Tom, Toni Collette as Sarah, Stefania LaVie Owen as Beth, Krista Stadler as Omi, Conchata Ferrell as Aunt Dorothy, Allison Tolman as Linda, David Koechner as Howard, Maverick Flack as
Howie, Jr, Queenie Samuel as Jordan, Lolo Owen as Stevie, Sage Hunefeld as Baby Chrissy, Leith Towers as Derek, Curtis Vowell as DHL Man, Luke Hawker as
Krampus, Seth Green as Lumpy (voice), Breehn Burns as Dumpy (voice), Justin Roiland as Clumpy (voice), Brett Beattie as
Der Klown, Mark Atkin as Ketkrókur, Amy Brighton as Þvörusleikir, Trevor Bau as
Hurðaskellir, Ravi Narayan as Kertasníkir, Felicity Hamill as Gáttaþefur, Sophie Gannon as Bjúgnakrækir, Kelly Lily Marie as Giljagaur, Clare Odell as Gluggagægir, Gareth Ruck as Stekkjarstaur, Ivy George as Perchta the Cherub (voice), Teddy Klaue as Teddy Klaue, Tik Tok as
Tik Tok, Collin Dean as Ruprecht the Elf, Pascal Ackerman as The Yule Goat, Skye Broberg as The Yule Goat, Jessie Carson as
The Yule Goat, Thor as Rosie the Dog, Adam McArthur as Dark Elves / Gingerbread Men (voice), Jon Bailey as
Dark Elves (voice) (uncredited), David W. Collins as Dark Elves (voice) (uncredited), Gideon Emery as Krampus (voice) (uncredited), Sean Fleming as
Christmas Shopper (uncredited), Sophie Fulton as Screaming Kid (uncredited), Chi Jiajia Lim as Extra (uncredited), Chong Sin Lim as Security Guard Opening Credits (uncredited), Eric Lopez as Dark Elves (voice) (uncredited), Alexander Polinsky as Dark Elves (voice) (uncredited), Byron Schepen as Various (uncredited).


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