Movies Galore takes a look at director Chris Peckover’s “Better Watch Out” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


What surprises me with this holiday horror film is distributed with Well Go USA which normally dishes out films that are martial arts related or of foreign origins with subtitles whether action, sci-fi or martial arts with drama/ espionage, in association with Storm Vision Entertainment with Best Medicine Productions director Chris Peckover which I have his film “Undocumented” but I haven’t seen it yet so give me time but I’ll try to relay this one without as many spoilers as I have with some films.


Think babysitter… asked to do a job before moving away… slightly 80ish styled with an omen-like home alone twist.  This movies was brilliantly fresh least I think so.  Ashly (DeJonge) is very pretty has been looking after Luke Lerner (Miller) since he was a child so she spent expect a thing when things started happening in the home to make her feel like an intruder was in the house…


I honestly never really had a true baby sitter my mother was always sort of a stay at home mom myself but if I had and I’d had a baby sitter as comely as Ashley I might have even of had a tiny crush.  Honestly Levi Miller kinda reminded me of the gangly youth playing Bruce Wayne on Gotham David Mazouz but I know it’s not him.


I think what disturbs me the most about about Levi Miller’s Character Luke is one moment he seems like such a normal kid but there is an element of a psychopath we right beneath the surface.  I believe that can stem from having a spoiled life and yet the parents were quite snippy at each other.


I think that the director was able to look at a slasher through the eyes of Kevin McAllister of Home Alone but mash it with a little bit When A Stranger Calls.

I enjoyed this film it wasn’t that it was scary I think that I liked how much planning went inside the mind of Luke I felt for him as I know his character really did like Ashley… I think she was going away he’d fallen in love and couldn’t let her go.  I certainly enjoyed this film what I didn’t expect was the horror film the two were watching was also not a real movie so it’s almost like we were watching snippets of a different slasher, a movie within a movie…

I think horror enthusiasts would get a kick out of it over a one time watch what do you think?

Starring Olivia DeJonge as Ashley, Levi Miller as Luke, Ed Oxenbould as Garrett, Aleks Mikic as Ricky, Dacre Montgomery as Jeremy, Patrick Warburton as Robert Lerner, Virginia Madsen as Deandra Lerner, Alexandra Matusko as Scary Movie Girl, Georgia Holland as Scary Movie Girl, Beau Andre as The Mangler, Michi Fifer as Christmas Caroler, Tara Jade Borg as Christmas Caroler, Tricia Mary Hennessy as Christmas Caroler (as Tricia Hennessy), Mary Clearkin as
Christmas Caroler, Hugo Monotti as
Christmas Caroler, Brendan Clearkin as
Christmas Caroler, Christopher Moriarty as Police Officer, Theresa Duong as
Police Officer, Matteo D’Agostino as
Police Officer, Lisa Thornquest as
Police Officer, Mark Cronin as Ambulance Paramedic, Simon I. Proud as Ambulance Paramedic (as Simon Proud), Neil Sharma as Pizza Delivery Man, Ben Ward as
Snowman Boy (voice), Elizabeth Matusko as Snowman Girl (voice), Steffanie Siebrand as Ashley’s Mom (voice), Ian Keiner as Horror Movie Victim (voice), Ken Tillman as Horror Movie Victim (voice), Leo B. Ramsey as Horror Movie Victim (voice), Rachel Murphy as Horror Movie Victim (voice), Daniel Peckover as
Horror Movie Victim (voice) (as Dan Peckover), Alexis Brown as Horror Movie Victim (voice), Jase Ricci as Ambulance Paramedic (voice), Jeremy Shipp as
Ambulance Paramedic (voice).


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