Movies Galore takes a look at director Thomas Veys short film “Damnwich” from 2011!

Written by David Strege


Not to be confused with “The Damnedwich” short film by Pungent Studios this short film was brought to us by the UCC Film Soc with Splatterbox productions director Thomas Veys.

The film begins with a homicide detective and his female partner arriving on the scene of a crime where a victim is found dead and the only thing nearby a sandwich, I think his partner vanished but next we see that a Zombie Apocalypse happens over a 26 day span and apparently the detective oblivious to all that is going on never really solves his crime meanwhile his Zombie partner seems to follow him everywhere.


The fact that there are pillow fight, attacks, people beating eachother up even a newscaster in the back ground being chased by these undead creatures is enough to emit a little bit of laughter, including the people dancing behind him along with some random dude in a banana suit.  I think that this film was made for the heck of it wasn’t meant to make any sense but apparently it’s a sandwich that will start the Apocalypse folks.

I liked the fact the detective spoke like the old time Perry Mason detective stories kinda like the old black and white whodunnit mysteries I enjoyed this short film for what it is stupid but not totally makes ya kind of go WTF? In any case seek it out if you like it is on youtube….

Starring Thomas Veys as Vicitim/Banana King, Athoulis C. Tsiopani as Greek Zombie, David O’Donochud as Homicide Detective, Emilia Aro as The Partner, Brian O’Mahony as News Gentleman, Lorna Buttimer as Food Gatherer, Richard Toolan as Falling Zombie, Christine Dilworth as Pillow Fighter/Dancer, Jonathan Twomey as Pillow Fighter/ Dancer, Amy Dennehy as Taxi Driving Zombie/ Drunken Auntie Dancer, Ellis Couchlan as Zombie/ Dancer, Niamh Costelloe as Small Zombie, Rocksy “Chipstick” as Balboa The Cute Cat himself.

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