Movies Galore takes a look at director James Amthor’s short film “The Damnedwich” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Pungent Studios hailing from Illinois director James Amthor of “Time Toupee” this short film is the studios second project and thought I’d touch on it. You kinda just have to go with the flow on this one…


Trixie and Tracy (Black and Starr) are roommates hanging out together and Trixie is making soup which doesn’t seem to agree to be a meal to Tracy.  Next we have a segment of Sandwiches, live pigs, anatomy, blood and what looks like a body being dragged to a cut off pigs head all put to an old song I think early 1920s not sure of it’s title.

Anyways its date night with Sid and Trixie and Tracy’s beginning to feel like the third wheel when their lives were interrupted at three in the morning by a new Deli down the street called “Deli”Ver us From Evil.

So the next morning the girls go down to the Deli to get a free sandwich and when they do this quirky guy and this is the part worth seeing is he pulls out an almost twenty foot long sub and slams it on the table.  Tracy can’t wait to eat it but three days later she is still eating the sand which and is acting really strange.


When taken to the doctor the doc thinks she’s a walking corpse as she has no pulse.  Trixie is really worried about her roommate and as the sandwich seems to have spoiled all the food and when Trixie tries to take the sandwich from Tracy her head twists around tells her to get out and a priest is called in to do an exorcism.

Ulimately I enjoyed this film because of the fact it was some really bad acting but a situation that would definitely not have happened normally I think the hand puppet of the sandwich was hilariously goofy.  It’s not that this was scary at all but it was definitely a spoof off the Exorcist and entertaining as it went along at least to me.

I think if your a no budget lover of crazy fucked up stories your will definitely love this nonsensical film. I recommend that you seek this film out if you can even if for a one time watch definitely not bad for a 300 dollarish budget. I also thought that Pamela Starr’s acting wasn’t too bad… she played the slobbish friend well…

I will however say that Trixie did seem like she did everything for her wanna be black man, white boyfriend Sid.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Kimberley Black as Trixie, Paloma Starr as Tracy, Tony Kozina as Pastor Troy, Mathew Wenzel as Sid, Joshua Robieson as Natsa, Emily Robertson as The Hipster Eating, James Amthor as The Hipster’s Boyfreind.

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