Movies Galore takes a look at director Brad Sykes feature “The Zombie Chronicles” from 2001!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Sterling Entertainment and Razor Digital Media is a Zombie anthology film directed by Brad Sykes from 2001 that was originally filmed in 3D. Being this was one of his earliest films I like to start at a film makers earliest beginnings if I can. Before you go damning this film as well it was making some very early advances in some newer 3D tecnology at the time… in fact this quite possibly was the first Zombie feature in 3D ever…

The film begins with a dream-like sequence as a woman in a pink night gown is wandering an abandoned building when up from some floor boards maybe three or four fulci looking Zombies attack her she screams but then she wakes up.

As with most of Sterlings productions as I’ve seen so far the credits seem scattered though out the beginning thirty minutes of each film that being said I’ll continue…  the woman Tara Woodley (Smith) who’d been dreaming is lost on her way to finding the town of Scokes-borough when she runs over a strange man by the name of Ebenezer Jackson played by director Joe Haggerty of his own films, whom seems to have a voice that reminds me of a space rpg game from the early 90s by the name of Roger Wilco, which she could have killed but somehow he got up like nothing phased him and so hitches a ride with Tara.


I’m actually enjoying the banter that Ebenezer gives as each couple of moments he calls Tara a nickname from periwinkle to Sherlock Holmes but after driving for a bit they end up at the abandoned building from Tara’s dreams as Ebenezer tells her a tale.  He tells of three bodies found in 1971 a couple diving to a campsite’s car breaks down, the man being ex military goes in search of a gas station he thought is up the road… after almost being raped back by the road the woman follows the Sgt. we find out his name is Draper and soon is kidnapped and tied to homemade explosives as the sarge is put through drills by an unknown person. Turns out the past can come back to haunt you in more ways than one…

Ebenezer has time for one more tale so he tells of Custer, Indian’s and three teenagers Jason, Buzz and their female romp freind are on their way to a campsite but instead find their way onto the grave site of on “Wild Jim Conklin” said to have rose up and killed every man and woman in a church in 1894.  You know what they say about disturbing one’s grave… but it seems his descendants are not quite dead or done…

The third tale is that Ebenezer the man telling Tara these tales isn’t quite alive either for evidently he was killed 25 years ago in a drunken accident… I was told that this was a bad film but strange as it may seem I rather enjoyed it… I think the second tale had more of a “Mama” kind of tale going on and had more natural looking special effects like I have said an almost Fulci-like look to the creatures.  I think the acting was decent it wasn’t as bad as some basement films I’ve seen but I like the fact there is a little offness at the end.  I enjoyed it.  Maybe I just like bad films.


I certainly think that if you are a gore enthusiast definitely check this film out it seemed like these weren’t just zombies they had a spirit element too which is different. At least give it a chance on a one time watch.  I didn’t think it was entirely too bad, I’ve seen worse. Seek it bout if you wish…

Also from what I understand Joe Castro of Terror Toons was in the film and had a hand to play in the special effects area I thought what was done was clever so well done!

Starring Greg Brown as Pvt. Wilson, Garrett Clancy as Sgt. Ben Draper, Michael Coen as Jason, Brian C. Donnelly as Main Zombie, Matt Emery as Man #1, John Kyle Grady as Buzz, Joe Haggerty as Ebenezer Jackson, Janet Tracy Keijser as Melinda (as Janet Tracey), Beverly Lynne as Marsha, Joe Myles as Man #2, Jarrod Robbins as Geeter, Emmy Smith as Tara Woodley.

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