Movies Galore takes a look at director’s Scott Ellis and Alex Rudzinski’s “A Christmas Story Live” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Now I know they make remakes of films but I’d heard they’d turned “A Christmas Story” into a musical but for the first time live Fox aired a live adaptation from directors Scott Ellis and Alex Rudzinski starring young Andy Walken who steals the show but I went into this performance wanting to hate it As I am a fan of the original.

The intro song was too pop too all over the place music wise and garbled to understand the words trying to be sung. The narrator of the adaptation was a total bad choice as Mathew Broderick in my mind hasn’t put in a decent performance since Deck The Halls and even then he was kind of hokey unfortunately I had to sit through his annoying voice through almost the entire film.  This being said after the first thirty minutes of rough watching it’s Andy Walken’s Performance that warmed my heart through the show.

I felt like Chris Dianontopoulus playing old man Parker was the best singer on the show and probably the one with the most broadway experience but for a moment I think he was competing with Walken for the spotlight but ultimately I think he very much played the swearing up a storm, leave it to beaver kind of Dad.

I do have to say where the fuck is the Orphan Annie Routine this I feel like was part of the whole drama of the film I feel like they cut that to ad the Jewish dancing that wasn’t even in the film to begin with to give actress Ana Gasteyer some more stage time but this being said her performance in the segment was amusing though I want my Orphan Annie decoder back.


I liked how Ralphy and Randy looked exactly like their original characters.  I though all the children in this version were astoundedly talented so I think they way they were tap dancing and all so young while staying in sync is what made the show.

As you can tell there were parts that I really didn’t like but it was more entertaining and enjoyable than I’d anticipated as I really didn’t have high hopes that Broderick could narrate even that well I survived the torture of his voice and was able to enjoy the rest of the cast and its ensemble.  There was a song that went from black and white back to color I rather enjoyed from Walken other than this it was enjoyable to see Ken Jeong from the Hangover trilogy play in two roles as well I kind alike his wacky tree salesman routine…

I guess I’m mixed as to fully liking this musical version it’s up to you aundience on this one these were my thoughts… what I will say is that I’m glad they used Rescue Dogs for the animals…

Starring Maya Rudolph as Mother Parker, Chris Diamantopoulos as Old Man Parker, Ana Gasteyer as Mrs. Schwartz, Tyler Wladis as Randy, Ken Jeong as Christmas Tree Man / Chinese Restaurant Owner, Brandon Arreaga as Hohman Indiana Caroler, Nick Mara as Hohman Indiana Caroler, Edwin Honoret as Hohman Indiana Caroler, Austin Porter as Hohman Indiana Caroler, Zion Kuwonu as Hohman Indiana Caroler, David Alan Grier as
Santa Claus, Fred Armisen as Elf, Bebe Rexha Opening Number Singer, Andy Walken as Ralphie Parker, Jane Krakowski as Miss Shields, Matthew Broderick as Ralphie as an Adult, Noah Baird as Ensemble / Billy, JJ Batteast as
Ensemble / Flick, Sacha Carlson as Ensemble / Scut Farkus, Artyon Celestine as Ensemble / Richie, Abigail Dylan Harrison as Ensemble / Louise (as Abigail Harrison), Allie Kiesel as Ensemble, Kylee Mellick as Ensemble / Nancy, Tyra Polk as
Ensemble, Sammy Ramirez as Ensemble / Schwartz, Elie Samouhi as Ensemble / Grover Dill, Hayley Shukiar as Ensemble / Esther Jane, Marcello Silva as Ensemble, Corey Anderson as Ensemble,Linda Cevallos as Ensemble, Karen Chuang as
Ensemble, Audrey Douglass as Ensemble, Jennifer Foster as Ensemble, Cornelius Jones Jr. as Ensemble / Salvation Army Officer, Jose Luaces as Ensemble, Jason Michael Snow as Ensemble / Bank Robber, Terrance Spencer as Ensemble, Katherine Tokarz as Ensemble, Isaac Tualaulelei as
Ensemble, Josie Connolly as Kids Jazz Band, Lauren Dawson as Kids Jazz Band, Roman Connolly as Kids Jazz Band, Alan Pekrul as Kids Jazz Band, Kaige Moore as
Kids Jazz Band, Aidan McDonald as Kids Jazz Band, Kai Nuki as Kids Jazz Band, Kimmy Gatewood as The Apple Sisters, Rebekka Johnson as The Apple Sisters, Sarah Lowe as The Apple Sisters, Samantha Abrantes as Bunny Suit / Leg Lamp Kickline Dancers, Tyne Anderson as
Bunny Suit / Leg Lamp Kickline Dancers, Sarah Beymer as Bunny Suit / Leg Lamp Kickline Dancers, Tori Evans as Bunny Suit / Leg Lamp Kickline Dancers, Pauline Mata as Bunny Suit / Leg Lamp Kickline Dancers, Haylee Roderick as Bunny Suit / Leg Lamp Kickline Dancers, Bolt as
The Bumpus Hounds, Hina as The Bumpus Hounds, Lewis as The Bumpus Hounds.


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