Movies Galore takes a look at Director Austin Bosely’s feature “Dismembering Christmas” from Wisconsins Slasher Studios 2015!

Written by David Strege


So this holiday feature is brought to us by Slasher Studios producer Kevin Sommerfield but directed by Austin Bosely and I’d picked this up at the same time as “Don’t Go To The Reunion” but I didn’t revisit this till now as I’m working my way to watching some Christmas Horror films and discussing it on our podcast Inside Movies Galore but figured I’d review it now… plus it’s the one and only film I know filmed in Wisconsin.

The film begins with some horrible sound issues they were up and down man but as we see someone walk into a door set up some decor of Christmas and stack some presents under a tree… while a figure dressed in black comes behind and consistently stabs that person… the blade having the name “Mark” on it.


Lauren (McInnis) and Travis (Boseley) are on their way up to a home with their freinds Katie, Sam, Justin and Claire and Mark.  A neighbor name of Joan Wallace makes some very cryptic remarks about being their neighbor saying no one will here them and all just a very odd character…

It’s Mark’s parent cabin and as some the girls go for a walk they get a very disturbing warning from the son of a sheriff where at the same house a woman was found in the basement swearing up and down that Santa Claus had killed her husband and family in the rooms above…


After a somewhat lively party Lauren and Travis go off into the night and run into a figure in a snow suit as it swings a candy cane stick spilling travis’s guts and chasing down Laura… one by one each of the freinds are mutilated and killed in different ways around the holly… will they survive the holidays?

alright so there were some really bad acting in the film but that’s part of the reason I liked this film plus it’s from Wisconsin but the kills are worth seeing whether killed by sharp candy canes through snowmen or not one but two heads lopped off… the kills were different… and unique.


I want to say I did meet Shannon McInnis in person as she was volunteering one year at the women’s film festival here in Milwaukee and she was a really nice person so now viewing it for the second time since I recieved the film I’m saddened her screen time was so short.

The biggest thing I was impressed with from the film was a part where it looked like there was a drone camera flying around the main actresses character and the killer the way that widened the view was impressive.  I do think the cabin itself was really neat with its winding staircase but this was meant to be like a bad 80s film.  This being said I wasn’t fully surprised whom the killer was but I think the film wasn’t a bad homage to the genre.

I think I’m more bias as it is from Wisconsin but I do think that if you haven’t seen the film and are a horror enthusiast you should at least check this film out for its kills certainly entertaining.

Here’s the trailer:

Starring Baker Chase Powell as Mark Turner (as Baker Chase), Danielle Doetsch as Katie, Leah Wiseman as Emma, Austin Bosley as Travis, Marla Van Lanen as Joan, Johnathon Krautkramer as Justin, Jennifer Lenius as Claire, Nina Kova as Sam, Shannon McInnis as Lauren, Scott Seagren as Frank Fuller, Kevin Sommerfield as Stepdad (uncredited).

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