Movies Galore takes a look at director Thomas Lee Rutter’s “Bella In The Wych Elm” from 2017!

Written by David Strege

Brought to us By Carnie Features director Thomas Lee Rutter is a somewhat silent experimental narration of a suggestion of what really happened and the circumstances and origins of “Bella and the Wych Elm” in this 2017 midland tale.

And so begins a tale from 1943 April 18th that still remains a mystery of a human skull that led to a skeleton that was found in Hagely Woods a severed hand, blue suede shoes and a ring of either an innocent woman or one well deserving of her demise… found by three young boys…


I honestly didn’t think this was going to be a narrated film but I don’t mind a bit as except for the narrator being a litttle hard to understand I understand the need to make the air of the tale more natural as if coming from a local of Hagley Woods, Worchestire itself.


A police Sgt. Skerratt had ordered the tree which chances are the wood of the tree might have been used in making coffin’s which is evidently creepy…

But in 1953 information came about from an Anna Claverly about who made a suggestion in a local paper about the killer of Bella being dutch having died in the insane asylum in 1941 having been there illegally… whether Bella had actually been a gypsy or a Cabernet singer that was a spy during the war that just so happened to have recieved the wrong secret has remained a mystery and that’s exactly what this film tries to explore…

I absolutely loved the imagery in this film the hand representing the candles that hold the light theory and that’s what this is a theory that it’s possible that the Mystery has been solved… and I think that there is quite a bit explain in this feature.

I’d put this into a documentary style of film as it is based on more fact than fiction so I thouroughly recommend that you see this as I like that it was filmed with older film and in black and white it was definitely haunting and as the film says… phantasmorgraphic…

The limited edition copy of this film was put out with two silent film versions of the documentary which as well interesting and fascinated as these are modern adaptations of the silent film age so I suggest you go and get yourself a copy if you are interested in this kind of film well done Mr. Rutter.

Here is a trailer:

Starring Barry Anscomb-Moon as Sgt. Skerratt, Matias Barnes as Boy #1, Peter Grail as A. H. Hodgetts, Jim Heal as Professor Webster, Tatty’ Dave Jones as
Narrator, Lee Mark Jones as The Dutchman, Evan Mancrief as Boy #2, Sarah L. Page as The female spy / The spirit, Ria Parfitt as Voice of the Spirit / Voice of the Enchantress / Voice of Una Mossop, Martin Pugh as Boy #3, Richard Quarterman as Charles Walton, James Taylor as W. Byford ‘Quaestor’ Jones, Traci Templer as Una Mossop, Isaac Trevallion as Boy #4, James Underwood as Jack Mossop.

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