Movies Galore takes a look at director Drew Marvick’s feature film “Pool Party Massacre” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Floating Eye Films director Drew Marvick working with Big Idea Productions is a film that was made with some love to the 80s and totally meant to be campy and somewhat fun.

The film begins at a pool while a scuzzy looking tattooed pool cleaner is cleaning a pool where suddenly a beautiful looking lady in a swimsuit called Mrs. Stevens starts to flirt with him… but as it turns out both are dead on there feet.

Meanwhile Blair Winthorpe is throwing a pool party on while her parents whom don’t even respect her are going on vacation. Basically a gaggle of teeny bopper drama queen socialites that have forgotten to leave their bitchiness on the playground and rely totally upon hired help for everything except the brain power in their cell phone batteries.

Nancy being Blair’s freind since childhood is also invited and has tried to fit in with her freind’s socialite freindships but things seem frosty at first between the two as her parents doting on Nancy over her is daunting for Blair.

Utimately a killer is randomly killing the freinds off one by one… since one freind has invited Troy whose into torture porn and his idiotic creepy brother Clay… who seems to want to share his dirty sanchez or whatever that is with the ladies before he claims to go spill his seed all over the house…

I do have I say there is some odd humeresque lines on unibrows and Ferris Bueller’s Day off to quoting Toy Story to the vinegar squint men get when they cum that makes the film downright goofy that sets the mood not to mention how psychotic (McKusick) as Blair and her brother are in the end…

Though th acting was hokey at moments the girls were so bitchy they were annoying so it kind of made it easier when they were killed off when all of them insult eachother it’s easier to not give a flying fuck about the character.  I’d say this film was entertaining and… there at least two kinds of kills I hadn’t seen before effects wise it looked pretty good…

I enjoyed the film it’s, campy, sexy fun that pays homage to the flair of the 80’s slasher attempts and their was some oddball humor I’d recommend for a night of intrigue it wasn’t that it was horrrifying but it had its moments of enjoyability… so you that are comedy horror fans out there  should for sure check the film out…

here’s the trailer!

Starring Alexis Adams as Tiffany, Sally Burnswello as Mrs. Winthorpe, Nick Byer as Clay, Paul Card as Ralph, Dora Deceuninck as Dora, Jimmy Grosse as
Danny, Mark Justice as Troy, Trevor Layne as Chet, Drew Marvick as Blaine Winthorpe, Jenifer Marvick as Kelly, Kristin Noel McKusick as Blair Winthorpe, John Molinaro as Mr. Winthorpe, Destiny Faith Nelson as Jasmine, Crystal Stoney as
Britney, Cameron Lee Vamp as Pool Guy, LeeAnna Vamp as Mrs. Stevens.


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