Movies Galore takes a look at director Sy Cody White’s short film “The Watchers” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Two man crew productions and Hocus Pocus Features is a short film directed by Sy White and written by Jeff Moffitt about a man named John.

John is paranoid that those around him are watching him and it appears people are… he leaves messages with his wife Marcie about his kid, so it looks like hes trying to keep things together to work things out between them… so he began to see a Doctor Orwell whom tried to tell him he was unwell but the his (Orwell’s played by actor Timothy J. Cox) car exploded and suddenly the police were after him and bomb materials in his apartment… ad that to this invisible society of watchers John Porter (Moffitt) finds out that he has more troubles than even he can remember being part of…

For being independent I thought the story line was brilliant for this short film and honestly wonder if a few rules might have been broken due to the New York subway sequences.  I think the element of mystery surrounding the characters that were haunting this man were executed well and felt kind of dragnet in style.

I enjoyed this short film and think that others whom might not have seen this short film and are short film lovers will enjoy the suspense in this film. I’ll leave that up to you though but definitely search this film out if you can… Timothy J. Cox I feel is one of the better character actors out there you should definitely catch your chance to see him if you see him on the bill.

Starring Jeff Moffitt as John Porter, Timothy J. Cox as Dr. Orwell, Peter Francis Span as Mysterious Man, Kathleen Boddington as Watcher, Darrin Biss as
Phil, Rich Sab as Watcher, Robert Nesi as
Police Officer, James Konczyk as Tony, Mike Sgroi as Vic, Gerry Hoylie as Watcher, Ronald E. Giles as Watcher (as Guillermo B. Arguello).

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