Movies Galore takes a look at director Artturi Rosten, Esa Jussila and Aku Salminen’s short films “The Defiler” from 2016 and “Trans” also directed by Esa Jussila and Artturi Rosten from 2012!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Jussila/Rosten Productions director Artturi Rosen, Esa Jussila and Aku Salminen from Finland and distributed by Yan Kaos’s company D.I.Y. Productions are two short films one is a Splatter-Punk  neonsploitation film that I’ll speak about now… though in subtitles… originally this had a 2 disk DVD with Edward Swenson’s OldSkull Videos limited edition and it sold out… though the shorts are from 2012 and 2016 this release from D.I.Y. Productions is a 2017 release and given permission by the directors to release them.


So this film starts out with a few personal pictures but begins with a girl named Candi being dragged while being called a “whore” to the cell of an inmate named Greta “The Defiler” aptly nicknamed for being kind of a female bad ass as she escapes by ripping the guard apart to go after an escaped girl named Mini into an underground world of pimps, sex and drugs.


I’m definitely loving the colors, the sex involved and the violent gore filled killings Greta enacts.  What’s interesting is I was thinking slightly about the world of Escape from New York of its surroundings and there’s an albumn of the soundtrack on vinyl that’s shown…

I don’t know why this hasn’t gotten a release before this short film is really really good and badass with the gore fest of head splages definitely brain splatters…


Greta’s search for Mini leads her to a fat fucker named named Eggy which then in turn led to another fat individual whom had Mini in a vat with some kind of liquid that once electrocuted gave her some kind of Demonic power.


“Trans” the second film follows what looks like a man waking in a fever with what looks like an old incision on his chest… evidently he starts remembering in pieces between vomiting and pain.

Whatever pain he’s on he goes to the dealer or what I think is a dealer and tells him the pain he is in and they appear to go into some back alley doctors place where it appears that we now learn there was something put inside him as the doctor thinks is a beautiful thing.

But it’s not and it escapes killing in its path but we don’t see it… and it seems to be or have a blade-like arm that is slightly scythe-shaped… and there is a moment where the creature seems to eat the arm down to the bones on one of the victims…


I really enjoyed both of these Trans being more darker but the effects were spot on glorified gore “The Defiler had to have some money put into it to have some of the effects that it had but it also had a larger cast than Trans did…

The colors of “The Defiler” were phenomenal along with the effect and it helps that the acting was decent and there were a few gore scenes I’ve never seen before I don’t think I’ve seen two heads sliced open same time before…

I recommend these shorts to you gore enthusiasts who are out there and you horrror fiends but definitely more the gore and it helps the Greta was definitely sexy had a kind of Everly slash Escape from New York slash Barb Wire vibe going on a kick of death to save her lesbian prison lover… but with a limited release there weren’t many copies left last I checked… but here were my thoughts…

Starring in “The Defiler” Sara Koiranen as
Mini, Diana Ball as Greta The Defiler, Jonna-Stina Waurio as Female Prisoner #1, Simo Ruotsalainen as Guard #1: Offroad-butch, Jessica Koivistolainen as
Female Prisoner #2, Carlotta Moore as
Female Prisoner #3, Teemu Nikki as
Guard #2: LAPA, Aku Salminen as
Homeless Pornstar, Sini Sandman as
Candy Rat, Tito Tuononen as Candy Rat’s Client, Tomi Tuominen as DJ, Junani Pennala as DJ, Sami Maanpää as Car Sex Couple, Anni Pikkanen as Car Sex Couple, Markus Harjula as Dope Friend, Daniil Kozlov as Sorcerer, Pyry Sopenlehto as
Silver’s Boytoy, Toni Kandelin as Silver, Joonatan Järvinen as Nightclub Psycoosi Staff, Lauri Salminen as Boy On the Savage Dancefloor, Helinä Leppänen as
Teahouse Guard, Kristian Aho as Eggy, Petri Aulin as Vovin, Mort Grankvist as
Spliced Teahouse Guard, Joonas Jormalainen as Spliced Teahouse Guard, Ari Savonen as Guard #1, Juho Valamaa as
Guard #2, Sara Nieminen as Guard #3, Junnu Aho as Eggy’s Teahouse guest, Vuokko Aittola as Eggy’s Teahouse guest, Anita Haapasalo as Woman prisoner, Matti Huoponen as Eggy’s Teahouse guest, Ines Kakkonen as Woman prisoner, Laila Kallio as Woman prisoner, Jani Kiltti as
Street Scum, Eeva-Maija Manninen as
Street Scum, Markus Matilainen as Street Scum, Lisa McWhirter as Street Scum, Nea Niemelä as Street Scum, Hanna Ojala as
Eggy’s Teahouse guest, Boris Pilleri as
Street Scum, Hilla Pohjalainen as Woman prisoner, Johannes Repo as Street Scum, Pertti Räbinä as Eggy’s Teahouse guest, Malviina Sisero as Street Scum, Timi Tamminen as Street Scum.

Starring in “Trans” Rami Airola, Toni Kandelin, Antero Nala, Pyry Sopenlehto, Janne Suni.


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