Movies Galore takes a look at director Ansel H. Faraj’s newest Feature “The Night-Time Winds” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Hollinsworth Productions director Ansel H. Faraj and distributed by Alpha New Cinema aka Alpha Video aka Oldies dot com is the tale of two sisters haunted by the past…


Sheila (Decker) and Wendy (Avery) have seemingly been apart from eachother for some years when the death of they’re mother Mrs. Shirley Francis (Ashton, a Milwaukee native actress) which was brought on by a sudden heart attack left Wendy with out a home so Sheila invited her back home to the ancestral home where she had lived with her husband Brad at one point…

The only thing is the only sleeping room in the home is up at the top of a flight of spiral stairs… Sheila as well is acting very paranoid and strange… there must always be lights on…. there is to be no direct staring into mirrors and the winds howl constantly carrying sounds that make the sisters nervous…


When a noise is heard Wendy goes down to investigate with Sheila trying to convince Her it’s nothing and there’s nothing to be afraid of… but there are spirits that are driving Sheila mad… and when Wendy runs into the caretaker Mckray she begins to learn how crazy her family really was… and the secrets that both sisters keep from eachother…

Honestly I was surprised how short this film was but I loved the black and white creepy vibe.  There is definitely an Avant-garde way of film making that I think reminded me in the beginning when Wendy first arrived… that reminded me of Kubric’s maze in “The Shining” (Even though I despise Kubric’s “The Shining” he had a specific way of film making you can’t deny” scene at least when she’s arriving to the property… when I think Spiral staircase I’ll be thinking of this location.

I think that Ansel has found a very decent group of Actresses and seasoned Actors to work with. To create his visions of the macabre and I think that those who appreciate the classic black and white films will enjoy these created tales of horror that Ansel is creating.  I enjoyed this film but I’m wondering what the rest of you will think… I recommend you seek this out it certainly wasn’t bad… the acting was spot on as far as I could tell I enjoyed the characters so check it out!

Starring Christopher Pennock as McCray, Kelly Erin Decker as Sheila, Kate Avery as
Wendy, Nathan Wilson as Old Jonas Bishop / Brian Bishop, Elyse Ashton as
Mrs. Shirley Francis.


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