Movies Galore takes a look at director Ansel H. Faraj’s feature “The Last Case of August T. Harrison” from 2015!

Written by David StregeIMG_7351

Brought to us by Hollingsworth Productions director Ansel H. Faraj comes a detective story inspired on H. P. Lovecraft’s short stories of the world of Cthulhu distributed by Alpha New Cinema aka Alpha Video aka oldies dot com.

While August Harrison, a retired private eye, is in the company of his visiting Artist son Jason, Jason asks his father to look into the case of a freind of his.


This freind ends up being a women name of Eleonor Williams doing research and a young man Drake Johnson that has some footage of hers needs to be found evidently important to her research of shall I say worlds within worlds a totally different molecular plane… not only that the mystery steeped as Eleonor seems to be working with a professor Richard Hobbs.


When nothing turns up and even the young man he’s looking for seems to not even exist online he goes to Eleonor and tells her there’s nothing more he can do.

But then he gets a call from Drake to meet him so he does and he tells August that Eleonor is a witch and they want this footage so they can contact these creatures hidden in the celluloid that are the old ones Cthulhu and all that jazz the monsters H. P. Lovecraft wrote about are real… shortly afterwards Drakes eyes were ripped from him in the darkness by some unknown creature…

Williams and Hobbs are after the film but it was stolen from him but Jason his son has also not been answering his calls… in some dreamlike state it appears he has some vivid dreams of lovecraft and the creatures that which he is calling upon…


Ulimatly the private eye ends uphaving to choose whether to kill those that would even attempt to connect with these creatures in the celluloid but can he save his family from it before they too are taken in the dark…

I think this was an interesting adaptation of a Lovecraft tale… had its weirdness and an almost Gaillo feel when it came to the visions and the world of the Mythos creatures in the Celluloid… definitely built a creep factor and for the minimal amount of effects that were used they weren’t overly done and it was believable.

I think that if your a horror enthusiast or a dark Shadows lover you enjoy this film as well as One more Dark Shadows actress Lisa Blake Richards has been added to the cast of the Hollingsworth Productions… I recommend this film for you to see for sure I don’t think there is any bad acting in Ansel’s productions just a slowness of sorts that builds and has that BBC feel to it… theatrical… seek it out if you can I enjoyed the tale what I saw of it…


Starring Jerry Lacy as August T. Harrison, Maggie Wagner as Eleanora Williams, Lisa Blake Richards as Susan Harrison, Kelly Erin Decker as Nurse Morningside, Nathan Wilson as H.P. Lovecraft, Eric Gorlow as Jason Harrison, Max Landwirth as Drake Johnson, David M. Graham as
Professor Richard Hobb (as David Graham).


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