Movies Galore takes a look at director Ansel H. Faraj’s “Doctor Mabuse” and “Doctor Mabuse: Epitomar” from 2013 and 2014!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Hollingsworth Productions director Ansel Faraj and distributed by Alpha New Cinema of Alpha Video meaning oldies dot com is a film noir for the ages on Fritz Lang’s legendary character Doctor Mabuse for the modern age…

In “Doctor Mabuse” the thing that’s different is Ansel was able to get a hold of three of the original Dark Shadows actors and actresses Jerry Lacy, Christopher Pennock, the still beautiful Katherine Leigh Scott and the still beautiful Lara Parker at the age of 19 and as the film begins with Mabuse’s Head and we hear Lacy’s voice I can begin to see why Ansel saw Mabuse in  Lacy though not as vindictive as the Reverand Trash he still holds a powerful voice on the screen.  I too was and still am a Dark Shadows Soap Opera which I myself own the entire series have always wanted to meet the cast of the series but Ansel has fulfilled me to be able to see these great character Actors and Actresses in another macabre-like setting.


As it is we see Mabuse run into a man named Tom giving him a message that he has returned… but also to figure out who might be the first adversary to rise up against him being told it was Inspector Carl Loheman.

The Inspector is tasked into looking into the whereabouts of Mabuse by going to see a Madam Von Harbau and Madam Carrozza about the matter… and when the camera panned to Lara with the green glow of her eyes I can still see Angelique in her as she speaks in tongues to the Inspector…


Much of this world is dark, colorful and mysterious as the Inspector tries to unwravel the pieces of the case his predecessor left behind.

AS we find out Mabuse is a master mind at manipulative mind control in getting into your head…  as he stumbles into certain characters such as Dr. Clem who made a mysterious machine, Christina Novello a sex symbol as well as a pawn to lead Lohemann in circles…

To figure out the plan for Doctor Mabuse’s Utopian world “Epitomar” for Mabuse is dying…. and needs a successor…


In “Doctor Mabuse: Epitomar” Mabuse has now taken over the body of the good Inspector Lohemann on his greediness to shape his utopian world the only thing that could stop him is a key.  A key that the world of Supernaturalists intend on keeping from his reach.  Mabuse is also haunted by the spirit of Madam Von Harbau who is still working against him and bringing about his downfall from power… Enter Rotwang (Corrigan) an almost Renfield like creature whom is in charge of some experiments with Mabuse’s deathray machine and has made some indescructtable as well as a controllable army…


Enter a new young lady Lucy with powers of the supernatural and to invade ones mindand speak to the dead, that the powers of Good will resides in as humanities last hope against the plans of the mad Doctor.  Not only this but Mabuse has turned paranoid for someone has stolen his doctrine.

Ultimately I have enjoyed these two films for though I may be biased as I was a fan of Dark Shadows and it’s actors I do believe these films will be liked by those that have been fans of that soap as they are somewhat dramatic.  There is also definitely a darkness to both of the films.

I think the acting was impeccable and that it shows these Dark Shadows remnant actors and actresses still have that awesome stage prescience. I certainly recomemmend that you who are interested check this collection of Mabuse films out.  Yes they are slow but I enjoy the subject matter behind both. What do you think? The fact this was mostly filmed in a small garage both and done on small budgets and able to get these great actors to commit to these films is an astounding achievement and impressive…

For “Doctor Mabuse” from 2013 Starring Jerry Lacy as Dr. Mabuse, Nathan Wilson as Inspector Carl Lohemann, Kathryn Leigh Scott as Madame Von Harbau, Lara Parker as Madame Carrozza, Bahia Garrigan as Christina Novello, Linden Chiles as Inspector Norbert Von Wenk, David M. Graham as City General Oscar Lang (as David Graham), Julian Grant as
Edward Hull, Derek Mobraaten as Tom Smith, Annie Waterman as Madame Hecate, John C. Smith as The Apocalypse Man, Vivian Brasch as Lady Levana, Mihran Konanyan as Cag, Matthew Greene as Grey

For “Doctor Mabuse: Epitomar” from 2014 it stars Jerry Lacy as Dr. Mabuse, Nathan Wilson as Dr. Mabuse, Kathryn Leigh Scott as Madame Von Harbau, Lara Parker as Madame Carrozza, Christopher Pennock as Professor Konratz, Bahia Garrigan as Christina Novello, Dane Corrigan as Rotwang, Kate Avery as
Maria the Robot, John C. Smith as
Cesare Krauss, Kelsey Hewlett as Lucy Ulrich, Thomas Adisi as Michael Ulrich, Douglas M. Eames as Stanton (as Douglas Eames), Kelly Erin Decker as Gabelle, Elyse Ashton as Teresa, Annie Waterman as Madame Hecate, Nicole Garciabas Anna LaSoeur, Noel Braham as Joseph Rogue, Jackson Gutierrez as Haddo, Heather Savoy as Crimson, Chris Tyler Link as Jacques, Jane Drewett as Kali (as Jane Monroe), Andrew Leighty as Rex.


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