Movies Galore takes a look at director Daniel Lafaso’s short film “Gary From Accounting” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


So this short film brought to us by Cherality Films and directed by Daniel Lafoso, written by Phoebe Torres and is really about a man named Gary who mistakenly thinks he’s been invited to a party from a guy he works with Nathan but ultimately gets sucked into an intervention on his drinking orchestrated by his wife and his sister and his kids…


Honestly this was rather Awkard to watch, normally when I see Timothy J. Cox in his roles I’ve liked every role.  As Nathan? Alright his role is enjoyable but I’ll be frank, the acting seemed somewhat stiff this time.  Although I found it awkard i still enjoyed this film and I guess if I were subjected with a rehab intervention I’m not sure how I’d of reacted either…

Ultimately (Grenier) Gary reminding me very much of many of the people stuck in office cubicles with no humor besides being the pizza boy of the team…

I think it was an enjoyable but like I said there is a slight stiffness like the dialogue mightof been hard to spit out but I do recommend that you see it for yourself at least once for you short film lovers out there that love to watch short films, definitely not a bad film at all.

Starring Mark Grenier as Gary, Timothy J. Cox as Nathan, Thea McCartan as Hannah, Jake Lipman as Belle, Christopher John as Little Boy, Rhea Kottakis as Little Girl.


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