Movies Galore takes a look at director Zachery Halfter’s short film “Solutions” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by first time director Zach Halfter is another short film involving actor Timothy J. Cox where he basically plays a political figure running for mayor…

His problem is his competition so he goes about and finds a man willing to assassinate a man for a price…

Now the film is narrated by the son of this man that James Cross (Cox) has contacted who is literally thrown into finding out what his father really does when he realizes the target’s home is in fact Cross’s home on the account he didn’t come up with the right Price…

I think this was obviously intended to be slightly humorous and was in fact quite humorous as Oise Ohiwrei did seem to play the bumbling son of a criminal learning his first ropes… I think that Stephens also portrayed his character as a wise Ass business associate used to things being done his way very well too…


I hope that you out there if you catch this at a short film festival this will be liked for the characters were I think chosen well for their roles and I like that it went off on a kind of dragnet feeling with the narration with that Jazz elevator type music.  As it switched between black and white to color I recommend that you seek this film out if you can I enjoyed it…

Starring David P.B. Stephens as Derek Price, Oise Ohiwerei as Damon Price, Timothy J. Cox as James Cross, Shannon Costigan as Cross’ Daughter, Yasmin Ozcan as Waitress, Stephen Pavlics as
Man On The Street.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Hart D. Fisher’s “Flowers on the Razorwire Episode One: Chance Meeting” Anthology from 2004!

Written by David Strege


So I know that on my review of Hart D. Fisher’s “The Garbage Man” I was some what negative about the film so I really didn’t describe the film much just my feelings around the man behind the film as well and the pain he must have been going through…

This being said I actually believe this is his masterpiece “Flowers on the Razorwire Episode One: Chance Meeting” which was supposedly supposed to be part of an anthology but never quite made it…

So the anthology starts out with some woman in some kind of getup costume where she apparantly ties up a man that we saw getting ready to go somewhere… in another segment, Japanese model Mitsuo Ôtani plays a tenant in an apartment doing her laundry and as it would appear gets on to a rickety elevator where several floors up a service man gets on who tries to flirt with her but instead goes into gory details about this new killer on the loose…


I have to say this was incredibly better than “The Garbage Man” which was his first story anyways but this segment, this short film is exactly how a story should play out… Monks plays an awesomely annoying, talkative service man with a Brooklyn accent and…. you never suspect the ending until the final moments… though minimal gore effects an almost perfect set up to what appears to be a great anthology if it had been finished.

With it’s limited edition there’s also a cool comic book for the anthology tale which I believe there were more comics that were behind this anthology made which leads me to believe there could be more coming… which I would very much invite.  This is his real stamp in the indie film world and I guarantee if he picked up where this film left off I think he could come back with some successful franchise.

I loved this film I want to see more, know its an unfinished piece but please don’t leave it hanging here Hart… in any case I absolutely recommend you to check this film out if you can.  I recommend this to horror film lovers to check it out and own Immediately.  I can definitely see how this was a hit in japan it’s unique I don’t care if others don’t enjoy this start to a possible anthology I hope to see more it… I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this… enjoy!

Starring Wanda Curtis, Fred D’Amico, Hart D. Fisher as Guy Passing Elevator, Joseph M. Monks as Doug Shanks, Mitsuho Ôtani.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Hart D. Fisher’s “The Garbage Man” from 2009!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Indie Pictures in association with American Horrors, director Hart D. Fisher one of America’s most controversial horror creators on account of his Dahmer Comics that have been black listed and burned around the world this film “The Garbage Man” started 16 years before but on the account the Hart’s live in girlfriend Michelle David was raped and killed during an armed motel robbery where she worked by a man named Eric Daniels during the time of the filming in 1993 halted Hart in his tracks as being a very emotional time period and nearly a decade fighting to keep the man in prison in 2008 decided to pick up his lost masterpiece once again and finish what he’d started.

This being said “The Garbage Man” is a very stark, dark film about an African American serial killer that holds a job as a Garbage man.  Whom tries to hold a steady relationship but always comes off as weird.  The films problem is it’s slowness, and I think the film holds a time capsule of the pain Hart was also suffering for there is a moment in the film that we see into his mind and the voices inside his head… I honestly believe that there is no real need to be repetitive in scenes unless your trying to be more art-house for to me if your slowing down to go in slo-mo or repeating scenes sometimes it makes you go off focus of the original story line.  I feel like this started out to be a good slasher-like film… sixteen years go by and i understand that brutality is a language here in the underground,  the film is very gritty and a shot on video style…

I understood it took years for Hart to develop remembering this film at a time of pain no one should deal with? But I feel the film dragged to an extent, I respect it though for being his first project and finishing it eventially so even though Hart’s past is always staring himself in the face he was able to finish this film even though it is rocky… I know this film holds cult standing in certain circles it’s worth seeing for asthetic value as a one time viewing, but and I have to say this wasn’t a great horror film nor did it fully keep my interest.  I’m not saying it doesn’t hold some kind of value it just didnt entertain me as much as I thought it would especially since I’m met Mr. Fisher and he doesn’t seem to be that bad of a man to get to know for all the controversy surrounding him…

Starring James Meredith, Greg Hill, Tracee Scott, Desseari Shepston, Rick Canning, Joe King, Erik Adams.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Emir Skalonja’s new short film “Melancholia” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Foxtrot productions director Emir Skalonja once again is an experimental short film with synth music and imagery starring Michalina Houlihan called “Melancholia” as a girl who deals with her psychological demons in her drug induced mind.

We are given the impression at least I think… that she was peer pressured into taking some form, of pills that end up placing her into an other-world reality filled with pain of the tormented souls and creatures of the damned those that appear to mock and those that are stuck in what it appears to be a repeated state of cannibalism as well as that of suicidal thoughts… while being locked away for them… and or paranoia…

Now the film is really very slow… and there is repeated imagery but I think and feel that this was a film I can say used the camera angles to his advantage to create this alternative world this young girl portrayed which I thought was brilliant.  Because of it being so slow and without words I would call this more of an art house sort film for which often these types of film are like ink blot tests where they can be taken as metaphors for meaning other messages implied…


I think that this short film was better than I expected it to be as I wasn’t sure what to expect as Even though I enjoyed his “The Plague” series so far I wasn’t totally entirely impressed (when I say this it doesn’t mean that they weren’t without their merits of interest, for I’d like to see what he can do in his upcoming 3rd film in the series, I tend not to like military involved Zombie flicks at least straight navy…) since I think his best film to date was “Flesh of My Flesh” this being said I think it helped that there were returning actors from “Flesh of My Flesh” in this short film as it worked to his advantage.

I recommend this film and think that gore enthusiast’s will enjoy seeing this as well as some horror films for there is a market for art house gore films and I hope this finds a home in the underground community as this is a tough crowd to please… I’m hoping to see more of Michalina as I think she portrayed alot of emotion in her character… not to mention her demons….

Starring Katherine Fudge as Woman, Victoria Haines as Bully, Michalina Houlihan as  The Girl, Fattie King as Tormentor, Robin Lalisse as Man, Krystal Shenk as Bloody Woman.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Andy Lalino and John Karliss’s short film “Filthy: The Movie” from 2003!

Written by David Strege


So brought to us by Metropol Productions, Inc. is a short film Co Written and directed by Andy Lalino and John Karliss called “Filthy” from 2003.

Dana Diamond (Bass) though a beautiful reporter for WMIA news seems to off the air be quite the snippy snit towards her camera man is stuck reporting the onslaught of pillage and destruction on the “Devil’s Night” as locals seem to call this Halloween Eve.

After seeing that another rival reporter Liza Deveroux (Alexander) is getting more film coverage of the rioting and looting, Diamond wants in on the action big time… Opportunity come in the form of a raggedy looking deviant who pisses on her, but catches another women and taunts her by hole punching her eyelids.

While some steals the news van Dana and her trusty camera man pursue the deviant over a fence but her camera man missteps and lands in a bathtub bloody and bleeding… apologizing up and down she takes the camera and continues on her own after the deviant into what looks like an abandoned building.

The place is a pigsty down right filthy just as Dana uncovers that there are children stuffed like animals in one of the rooms she is sacked by Pussey (Grotte) quite like Baby from House of a 1000 Corpses in fact but also part of an inbred family run by Fermentia whom dolls up Dana in a wedding dress for the deviant Leonard.


I think and feel there are some very clear undertones of being influenced by House of a 1000 Corpse and or Texas Chainsaw Massacre as the film goes on into a mock weddding as we are introduced to a man made of body meat… all being said I think the acting was decent and the film was very watchable and likable, I’m Kind of surprised this is just a short film.  I think horror enthusiasts will enjoy this as much as anything for its humor and though there was some blood the gore was somewhat already there.

All in all I’ll recommend this film but I I feel like this heavily resembled the family in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses so I’m not entirely sure it can totally stand on it’s own two feet alone… But Andy Lalino also produced the “Uh Oh Show” with Herschel Gordon Lewis so i was a little impressed…

Starring Jennifer Bass as Dana Diamond, Sheri Lawrence as Fermentia, Krista Grotte as Pussey, John Biebrich as Rocky, Chris Brooks as Leonard (as Christopher M. Brooks), Leah Boyette as Linda Diaz, Justin Ezell as Jake, Jeff Henkel as Padre, Shade Burnett as Bio-Hazard Cop, Jacob Dolezal as Meatman, Jess Alexander as Liza Deveroux, Karen Ezell as Onlooker.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Alex Rousseau’s short film “The Devil In Me” from 2018!

Written by David Strege

devil in me

Brought to us by Cat 4 Collective and Sugar Hell Productions director Alex Rousseau and edited by Molly Walsh Video Productions Adrian Baez talents… is this new experimental short film called “The Devil In Me” for 2018.

Filmed in black and white the narrator tells us this is a tale of Bunny Evergreen and her obsessions with sex, death and metal music… we see a woman tied up in a room, ball and gagged… we see that she enjoys the cemeteries…

Basically there’s a message about graphic violence in the end while we sit through a scene Miss evergreen reading about violence, posing in erotic torture stances and masturbating to the thoughts of killing herself… whether or not she does is left visually up to us…  but the message is that kids get their own ides from all the stuff that comes out on TV or in books and movies… so its not really surprising that the road of suicide is actually taken.  When its all put out on social media and no one sensors it as much any more… the film is subjective and not for everyone…

I think and feel this type of film making is an underground movement using deathmetal music with visuals to tell a story… there is a slow violence in filming the suicidal thoughts of  an individual its hard to express what one goes through… ultimately I’m not necessarily sure I’d recommend this film as apposed to it’s suggestive nature but the actress is sexy to look at even though there is a slow amount of gore… Did I enjoy it…? The thought concept intrigued me… and I like that it was filmed in black and white. I guess that parts up to you…

Starring Lola E. as Bunny Evergreen, Jeanne Silver as Narrator.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Adrian Baez’s short film “Flesh & Blood A Go! Go!” from 2017!

Written by David Strege

flesh and blood

Brought to us by Corruption Video and Molly Walsh Video Productions is a newer short film directed by Adrian Baez called “Flesh & Blood A Go! Go!” for 2017 about a young girl named Kandi looking to become that next Hollywood starlett…


The film begins on what looks to be a woman tied up and bloodied… while we are introduced to Mick (Ryan) whom approached Kandi (Davis) who is down on her luck at rejections trying to search for her American dream as a succesful actress.  Mick offers a chance to be in this up and coming glamour magazine…

In the the meantime Mick’s photographer played by Baez is upset he’s only gotten two of the four actresses he apparently has set up in a contract to shoot fast enough as we see him spiral into a drug induced frenzy…

When Kandi arrives at the shoot there is one other girl there waiting so when invited back when I thought there was going to be one photographer there are tow men to size them up… my guess is one is an assistant the other the photographer…

Fpr all intents and purposes this is a fetish shoot that starts out innocent enough but turns into a massacre the girls didn’t expect… set up in chapters I can already tell this is a different film than his previous efforts for he doesn’t use his narrative technique until the last chapter….

I think that this was shot well, I loved the music that played in the background, had more of a techno thing going on… it certainly wasn’t bad on the suggestive aspect that the photographer had already killed… I do believe if you are a gore enthusiast you’ll be satisfied,  the ladies were pretty enough to be eye candy along with the gore… but you get a sense of deranged madness… in a sense it reminded me of “Peeping Tom” from the 60’s only with more blood…

I’m not sure I’d totally recommend this as it does promote murder but It does leave alot up to the imagination about what happens in the end.  A unique sense of style.

Starring Shane Ryan as Mick, Karri Davis as Kandi, Matt Holbrook,  Nicoletta Hanssen as Amy, Adrian Baez as Murder Photographer, Denis Tolyarenko as Jeff, Jacqueline Dusza, Maggie Smith as Victim.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Adrian Baez’s short films “Entrails and Amour” from 2015 and “My Perversion” from 2016!

Written by David Strege

Entrails and Amour

So this was the short film that Molly Walsh Video Productions director Adrien Baez directed before the gothic short “Queen Wasp” about a pair of lesbian lovers Ana and Suzy.


Because of Ana’s dark moments of depression Suzy decides to end it off between them.  What Suzy doesn’t know is how much pain this would cause and how bad Ana would spiral into the thoughts that she did…

Although we are all in control and responsible for our own lives suicide is never an option.  Ana took that option as we see her degress and hear how she wonders if Suzy will even care that she is gone. I don’t feel this is only about Suicide I also think this is about loss and not wanting to be alone with out eachother…

Much of this film is a narration of thoughts quite like “Queen Wasp” in that respect so we are relying on a more visual experience to tell a story… I do not think much acting talent is needed to play a visual role such as this but you also have to give credit to the music behind Entrails and Queen Wasp.

This film is not for everyone I imagine but it holds a captured beauty that gore fans will love.  Most definitely more of a haunting tale taking a dip into the mental instability behind reasons for killing oneself. Sometimes there is a difference between love and obsession…

Starring Karie Chupp as Ana, Alyssa Ritchie as Suzy.

My perversion

So on the limited edition version of Entrails and Amour there was a second short film directed by Adrian Baez called “My Perversion” from 2016.


Marco is a man controlled by the urges of the voices in his head.  In a sense he is a serial killer of sorts as he has a list of people he’s ordered to kill as he stalks two girlfriends after they get together at a bar.

Again more of a narration using deathmetal music and synth while Marco dons a red hood and runs after one of the girls in a parking garage and mutilates her. From waht I gather afterwards he goes back to his car and there’s a victim in the trunk…


As the killer is pummeling his last victim with a hammer… he is surprised upon by the victim still being alive… I think and feel that with every film that Adrian directs has an intended story line to artful gore.  These aren’t everyone’s taste for sure as its almost straight snuff killing with Death music but I believe he has a style, a signature and I like that he’s somewhat different.

My Perversion is I believe about the urge to kill and the voices that pretty much spawn this killer’s spree… I’m not sure I’d recommend this to all but I guess if your a gore enthusiast definitely check these out they had some very limited releases if you can find them.  I don’t know what fascinated me about them just the artful way they were done I suppose and his marketing.

Starring Karie Davis as Andie, Kathleen Maressa as Hero, Nicoletta Hanssen as Samantha, Andy Truong and Matt Wade as Marco/ The Killer, Buster as Dog Face, A. Baez as Garage Victim, Casper as First Victim, Norrin LeBeau as Voices.

Movies Galore take a look at Molly Walsh Productions director Adrian Baez’s short film “Queen Wasp” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Molly Walsh Video Production is a kickstarted project directed by Adrian Baez who seems to have created a very interesting short film called “Queen Wasp” in 2016.

The film begins with narration by A. Baez claiming that there was in fact someone by the name of Jessica Bathory also known as Queen Wasp as the film is in neo-noir black and white…


A hooded man is leading what appears to be a woman in barbed wire chains through what looks like a path in some woods, the woman is wearing a mask… next a young woman I’m assuming to be Jessica Bathory exspalins to us how a certain new  commanderhas taken over this town where drugs are legal and encouraged, how her sister was murdered and no one has looked into it….

So Jessica goes out on a suicidal mission to infiltrate the command postby injecting herself with a toxin to make them notice and not forget or die trying… with talk of a dying King this short film was a slow roaster of an arthouse gore film.


I very much think that this has a message of totally destroying the hierarchy or government and starting anew, I definitely felt a political vibe, I also felt a mythology coming into play a created mythology that can be built on.  Though this had a torture them going on there’s something about its execution I love and will be following the direction of Adrian Baez’s films as I think his films hold a place in underground horror…

Starring Nick Principe as Tormentor, Shane Ryan as Luke / The Commander, Adrian Baez as The Narrator, Kathleen Maressa as Jessica Bathory / Queen Wasp, Kellyn Turrietta as Donnie, Juliez Frazier as Chris, Claire Angeline Harvey as Claire.

Movies Galore takes a look at director John Van Slyke’s short film “Pedestrian Confessions” from 2009!

Written by David Strege


So I’m not sure whether this was the first confessional short film the second or third from Third Choice Ensemble director John Van Slyke but here it is working with Dirty Job Films once again in 2009.

It’s as if these passer by’s just ended up confessing their greatest sins from Mattress Tags, to clipping their toe nail shavings into their bosses coffee, to stealing the number 3s on dates off bank calendars, and Killing their Fed Ex Guy’s, to leaving their stray cats in public bathrooms… these are some random stories being Confessed to none other than “The Fonz” Statue here in Milwaukee.

Now I wouldn’t doubt that there are really some strange things people do whether to get attention for but I think these confessionals like “Nigerians and the Cost of Email” and “Forgive Me Fonzie” are like John Van Syke’s comical tributes to keeping Fonzie alive by making actors confess to “The Fonz” like he’s a god of some sort but I liked it.

I know that the college film scene for UWM loves to see John Van Slyke’s short films and I’m glad I’ve now seen these in their entirety I also think that the actors and actresses that work with Slyke’s are very seasoned and certainly know how to improv which is basically what these are I think improv short films. so I recommend you seek out these three confessions to “The Fonz” short films I think they are now cultural to Milwaukee now…

Starring Nathan Irish as Man 2, Dan Katula as Man 1, Robert W. C. Kennedy as Man 3, Jocelyn Ridgely as Woman, John Van Slyke as Man.