Brad Twigg’s “Wrestle Massacre” for 2018 is open once again to finish production says Movies Galore!

Written up by David Strege


Because I am one of the producers behind this project… this is the next project by director Brad Twigg of Funky Monkey Films who brought us Milfs vs. Zombies and Killer Campout among others…..


The film is based on a segment in a short film that was basically part of his first “Frames of Fear” anthology and stars several hall of fame wrestlers including The Cuban Assassin the film stars Richie Acevedo (Outsiders), Rosanna Nelson (MILFs vs Zombies), Rene Dupree (Former WWE Tag Team Champion), Julio Fernandez (Killer Campout) and features WWE Hall of Famers Nikolai Volkoff, Tony Atlas, Jimmy Valiant and former NWA Tag Team Champion Manny Fernandez.


WRESTLEMASSACRE follows Randy, an awkward groundskeeper who is obsessed with professional wrestling. Longing for a sense of belonging with grandiose dreams of becoming a wrestling superstar, Randy is only met with abject humiliation and alienation. A brutal shaming at a local wrestling school coupled with a bizarre encounter with a demonic stranger pushes Randy over the edge and lights the spark for his blood lust.

Donned in wrestling gear and armed with homicidal rage, Randy sets out on a blood soaked rampage to punish those who wronged him. With each ghastly kill, Randy takes a trophy from his tormentors to add to a wrestling title belt crafted from human flesh. The only hope of putting an end to his reign of carnage lies with Becky, an understanding client who is one of the only few to ever show him kindness.

You can even buy cut off nipples lol so please check out the campaign for us see if you can get some random pieces from the set and buy a copy of the film thanks ahead of time and the Support! You have two months left! Now there are many of you I have helped out if you know anything about indie film making you put back into the community from those you’ve helped out whether it be a review or helped fund your film unless you want one less backer please support if you can… it’s time to scratch back I don’t ask much…

David Strege


Movies Galore of Milwaukee

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