Movies Galore takes a look at Director Yan Kaos’s Short films “Killing In The Name of Love”, “Moon Blood: Blessed are the Sick”, and “A Ceremony In Blood: The Call of Cthulhu” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by French Canadian director and distributor Yan Kaos of D.I.Y. productions is actually another cut of his “Necromance: A Love Story” which aside from being a new edit is clearer and he definitely does not use older film to tell this story of a killer who drugs, ties with Barb Wire and then drags of to mutilate… in a leatherface-like outfit…


This cut he did in black and white and in color on a 2 disc set he farmed with pictures from the film he’d printed himself and I think that this cut goes to show his editing skills to a certain degree… plus i think for gore collectors it’s nice to have something physical.

I think the gore enthusiasts would enjoy seeing this cut whether’s unique or not only time will tell… as this is the part of Necromance’s that Yan is Specifically in…


“Moon Blood: Blessed Are The Sick” is another cut with art work by I believe Yan Kaos himself from D.I.Y. Productions and you could basically call this a highlight of his film “Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death” with a difference of watching the moon turn blood red along with blood puking and that bowel movement that made a tattooed dead girl shake vehemently with an upside down cross and satanic symbols in the… an interesting cut at best a cool title and some art work… as this cut was what the film was before it turned into “Blood Orchestra” and was originally supposed to be called “Food Poisening” but he thought he’d failed in making it so he used it this cut in his film “Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death.”


More put out for the collectors appeal so definitely you whom are gore enthusiasts it will appeal to you… the imagery is still sick and demented so like I said more for the collector for sure…


“A Ceremony in Blood: The Call of Cthulu” is another cut from French Canadian D.I.Y. productions distributor and director made from a specific highlight taken from his “Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death which was a bonus film on his reb=ndition cut “Moon Blood: Blessed Are the Sick” where we see the moon covered in black as a hooded man disembowels himself as a ceremony takes place at dawn, and as it is suggested my imagery and guttural sounds, sacrifices his organs to bring Cthulhu into human form…


If I had not seen Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death” I probably would have been more sickened. There is one added scene where a book laying next to a crucifix is either being pissed on or bodily liquid of some sort gooping onto some lit candles but to the gor enthusiast i think it would be liked.

All in all these are not bad cuts of their films it was different to see some of the films differently.  Honestly I just like them for the titles but If your a collector and like this type of film… definitely search it out to find them…

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