Movies Galore takes a look at director Michael Wade Johnson’s short film “Ovulation” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


So this is a short film brought to us by Faux Pas Illinois director Michael Wade Johnson from 2013 who brought us such films as Candie’s Harem, Brimstone and God’s Hostage…  is about a relatively young lady who is having trouble having a child with her boyfriend.

The beginning of the film has two couples describing having children after having troubles of their own, I’m assuming artificial insemination. Azura is obviously pressured by her mother to have a grandchild but there also is some information about Azura’s guy that is keeping her from having a child as well.


In the midst of an argument she accidentally kills Simon, something doesn’t smell right with his ex wife’s story so she ends up ironing out the details… not only that but her sister tells her she just got pregnant and ultimately she goes on a psychotic killing spree till she gets herself knocked up… i actually think she looks better in dreds… Azura…


I’ll tell ya something it is a weird slasher short but it definitely is a little humorous how mental women can get about having a kid… but would they necessarily go to these extremes.  I thought the acting was relatively decent and the idea unique I’d definitely recommend that if your looking for something to watch that’s short and not bad a watch besides to catch Lynn Lowry as the mother of the intended mother? who can beat that. I enjoyed the film for what it is.


Starring Mandi Johnson as Azura, Lynn Lowry as Azura’s Mother, Chelsey Garner as Ivy,
Willy Adkins as Simon, Colleen Elizabeth Miller as Regan, Jason Sullivan as Morgan, Michael Wade Johnson as Dedric, Deann Baker as Babysitter, Leah Uteg as Flora, Anita Nicole Brown as Chole, Michael Schmid as Demetrius, Lacey Nicole Montgomery as Ingrid, Ernest Douglas Nichols as Frey (as Ernest ‘Ernie’ Douglas Nichols), Marcus Bradford as PSA Guy, Quentin Martin as Miller – Bar Patron, Lisa Covarrubias as Heineka – Bar Patron, Renee Sebby as Bar Patron, Jose Sanchez as Bar Patron, Anthony Cooney as Bar Patron, Denis Mulvihill as Bar Patron, Thomas Mulvihill as Bar Patron, John Praznowski as Bar Patron, Grazyna Kuciel as Bar Patron, Samantha Tongol-Verdaguer as Bar Patron, Nora Kinnally as Bar Patron, Brian Neal as Bar Patron.


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