Movies Galore takes a look at director Yan Kaos’s newest gore film “Meat Butcher 2” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought o us by French Canadian director and Distributor Yan Kaos of D. I. Y. Productions… a man normally known in the indie field for his gore short films is a full length feature sequel to his 2009 short film “Meat Butcher Baby.” I say first true feature length as I don’t consider Yan’s “Necromance: A Love Story” to be that long of a feature as it is 41 minutes and 24 seconds long but it is considered the length of a featurette in some areas of the world it is a feature so technically this is his second full length feature but I consider this his first true length of a feature… in my mind a feature is 60 minutes or longer…


Again here the film has images of death, victims in peices, an aborted fetus in a meat grinder…. but even besides the grossness of intestines displayed on some of the victims… there is some video footage taken of the same ruins we see in Blood Orchestra where we see a place of beauty littered by human waste and that honestly sickens me worse than the brutal killings an mutilation as we see the butcher strangle a victim.

It’s almost like he filmed the trash to answer exactly why the butcher kills, because humanity has no respect for mother nature… as well as graffiti… its truly a shame that this world has come down to the people have to tag an mark up everything to ruin it.

As it turns out there is a small twist and an end to the butchers reign and it all happens because of a twin to the second victim… now I will say this again wasn’t my type of film but i like that it seems like all the short films and this film are some what connected.  Like each time Yan films a short or a feature it furthers his story line…

I will say the baby’s corpse getting grinded was rather sick and demented but thats just what kind of sickness you’ll get when you watch a Kaos film… ultimately I’m not sure why I enjoy seeing these films I did like Blood Orchestra better than this film but I’m glad the Butcher had an end in a way, even glad Meat Butcher Baby had a sequel.  I think the gore enthusiasts into torture, blood and death will enjoy this feature and I recommend it for those types of people other that that not bad on the random imagery in the beginning definitely has a place…

Starring Nemesis Bathory as Second Twin, Nekro Val Bundy as Dead Girls Flashes In The Intro (as Nekroval Bundy), Yan Kaos as The Butcher.

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