Movies Galore takes a look at director Yan Kaos’s feature length film “Necromance: A Love Story” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by D.I.Y distributor and french canadian director Yan Kaos under the pseudonym Nekro Kaos who brought us such short films as “Wrong Dose Bad Reactions” and “Meat Butcher Baby” films this film about a love with death…

I believe this is filmed on some older film but a woman makes some coffee apparently drugged then falls asleep while a masked man wraps barbed wire around his intended victim, strangles her then drags his victim down the hall to continually stab the fuck out of the victim.  I’m not saying it’s beautiful to see as I don’t entirely enjoy torture or death of this nature but what interests me is how far a film maker can take murder and killing to the extreme to make you wonder if it’s real.


Now there was a child’s head that you could tell was fake the the killer had brought to taunt his victim but in indie films you have to have some sort of imagination to get what he was trying to portray…

My assessment is that there is a first part the love of murdering the victim, the second part is after the body decayed the killer threw on a pig looking mask and danced with the decaying, formless, body as a necromantic is someone who has sex with the dead is portrayed…

Though this isn’t my cup of tea entirely, I can see that Yan considers this to be a form of art,  there is a lot of taboo about the subject of necromancy… I happen to know a lot of people who enjoy watching people get tortured and mutilated and I think this is kind of an homage to films like Jorg Buttgereit’s “Nekromantik” duology from 1987 as the film has quite a cult following…


I believe the victim put on a decent act of death with the film itself definitely being on the weird gore side which I believe that the gore enthusiast will love. I’m not sure I’d recommend his films if you are faint of heart or don’t appreciate independent films but definitely think you should seek this film out at least to watch once.  I enjoyed watching it for what the film is… I will continue to watch this sickness… for in ways I love watching the things he films and in a way i’m against killing hehe…

Starring Nekro Val Bundy as The Victim, Nekro Kaos as The Killer, Nekro Scatagorphobic as The Necropheliac.

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