Movies Galore takes a look at Canadian Director Yan Kaos’s ” Le Veuve Noir” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by D.I.Y. distributor and production director Yan Kaos… is a french canadian snuff film maker and bringer of extreme death… some people get his work and some don’t if your into sex, death and mutilation as an expression-full art form than Yan is your man…


The film “Le Veuve Noir” at a runtime of 8 minutes and 42 seconds, translates to meaning Black Widow which is Nemesis Bathory’s personage in this film as a man a victim with no name lays tied up on the floor.  The Black Widow fucks this victim and mutilates this mans family member beyond recognition…


Honestly I believe that Yan enjoys inventing his own art form of film making in death and gore… and loves to express it in his own way.  Some have called his films trash but those are the haters, for some reason each short film Yan brings to the table interests me whether it is his independent attitude where he makes films on his own steam he is definitely a different butterfly and I respect his marketing skills and fervor.

I defdinitely don’t think this was a bad film and if your a gore film seeker you should definietly seek his short films out. I like that each is different and with time i think he’s perfected a following….

Starring Nemesis Bathory as LA Veuve Noire.

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