Movies Galore takes a look at Canadian director Yan Kaos’s “Blood Orchestra: Cacophony In Death” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by French Canadian director and distributor of D.I.Y. Productions Yan Kaos of “Wron Dose Bad Reactions”, “Meat Butcher Baby”, “Necromance: A Love Story” and “Le Vueve Noir” is almost a full feature of madness and chaos of self mutilation an demons called “Blood Orchestra: Cacophony Of Death” from 2016.

I have to say the art on this peice of sickness is fantastic don’t you think? But the film involves a hooded figure in some kind of a demetia state, self mutilation, eating of ones own intestines under a full moon, including an abortion with a crucifix and the madness that follows the sounds of death… including a man who brushes his teeth to death…


I will have to say this film was Yan’s most vividly graphic film to date and I think his masterpiece if i can call it a masterpiece for their is definitely alot of moonlight,  I love the old ruins that he filmed in between the gore and being able to film that fondue skull was brilliant. I also think that there was a touch of tribute to Paolo’s Salo, or the 100 days of Sodom as there was a woman who was having a bowel movement even in death that animated her to life some pretty sick shit but somewhat intense to see a dead body animated by a bowel movement WTF…


In anycase I think the gore enthusiasts again will love this film not really a storyline or plot but random thoughts of madness that apparently were caused by a demon that is coming for us…  I think that Yan is definitely getting better at his craft making this more of an arthouse film… now on this film even though it’s snuff it’s killing, its death and sick as fuck I’ll recommend this film for people to see if only to see the madness in the film at least once…


An Image master at his best I think this is actually my favorite film of Yan’s even though not all of his films are my kind of tastes I love the titles and the fact he’s got a following in the underground world…

Starring Nemesis Bathory as Dead Skin Mask Girl / Bloodbath Psycho Girl, Yan Kaos as Necronomicon Reader / Mutilation Man 1, Betty Moreau as Tatooed Girl, Fred Otis as Blood Puker.

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