Movies Galore takes a look at director Stephen Cognetti’s found footage film “Hell House LLC” from 2015!

Written by David Strege

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As found footage films go I know a lot of people found this up on amazon prime but I saw a posting of a pre-order to a limited edition of this little gem… when you watch a found footage film you kind of have to go in under the illusion that these were in fact found tapes of this supposed happening.

This being said and being directed and produced by Stephen Cognetti was really rather good. It follows two sets of people a film crew doing a documentary on what actually happened one night in October of 2009… when a group of young people decide to renovate an abandoned inn in up state New York and call it Hell House…


The Documentary crew are able to get in contact with a lone survivor of what happened as one of the young people setting up the haunted attraction had pretty much videotaped they’re entire progress. So when she came for an interview she brought a bag of the footage…

On it were phantom clowns, hooded figures, ghostly piano playing and the mayhem that happened in the basement to their intended actors meant to scare the crowd of people coming in… What I love about this story is how it backtracks and fills you in like pieces to a puzzle and it kept my interest all the way through…

I would say ever since I saw the found footage film “The St. Francisville Experiment” directed by Ted Nicolaou of Empire Pictures, Pre-Full Moon era that I even felt some shape of some fear, this was definitely intense where it was intense and was entertaining I certainly suggest a watch.

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Starring Gore Abrams as Paul O’Keefe, Alice Bahlke as Diana Graves, Danny Bellini as Alex Taylor, Theodore Bouloukos as Robert Lyons, Natalie Gee as Hotel Clerk, Jared Hacker as Tony Prescott, Phil Hess as Joey, Ryan Jennifer Jones as Sara Havel (as Ryan Jennifer), Lauren A. Kennedy as Melissa, Jeb Kraeger as Martin Cliver, Miranda Robins as Miranda Kelley, Adam Schneider as Andrew McNamera, Kristen Michelle Taylor as Kate.

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