Movies Galore Floats Down with the new Pennywise in director Andy Muschietti’s Film adaptation of “It: Chapter One

Written by David Strege


Directed by Andy Muschietti most known for his horror Hit “Mama” from 2003 based on his short film of the same name has taken on the helm of Of of Stephen King’s most popular miniseries from the 90’s as well as a 1986 Novell of the Same name “It” for 2017 with New Line Cinema, Katzsmith Productions, Lin Pictctures aka Dan Lin a Tawainese Producer known for Producing “The Lego Movie” and Vertigo Pictures with Distribution already through Warner Bros.

It is the story of seven teenagers living in Derry, Maine who go up against a mysterious entity and only together save their town and their divinity by facing their own horrors.

The film starts out like the Miniseries with  Billy Denbrough (Lieberher) and his brother Georgie where Georgie wants to play with a paper boat Billy has made…


Georgie plays with the boat as it’s raining and the boat sails away from him and falls into a sewer hole in the side of the street. Where as Tim Curry played the Role in the Miniseries, Bill Skarsgard takes up the role as the sadistic child killing clown that terrorizes this group  that calls themselves the Loosers.

I will say that the quips of Eddie (Grazer) throughout the film were comical and made the film and Billy (Lieberer) whose supposed to have a lisp wasn’t Brandis whom played the original Billy but for a modern adaptation I guess wasn’t bad.


I think that this film was better than I had antisipated it being and that being said this film is slated for another part which is to come out next year.

I do feel that the chemistry with the cast of children is definitely strong though it is weird to have the adult story and the kids story not be interlaced with one another going into a back story like it did in the 90’s miniseries.

Did I like the film? I’m on the fence on the one hand I think that wildly shaking about Pennywise in this adaptation and constant Smile on his face can and would be annoying… on the other hand there’s something about him especially in the beginning that absolutely draws my attention to the clown.

I think the public is going to definitely take a look and see that putting a remake together this might be how to do it.  Then again I’m still thinking to myself are the effects of cgi over the top…


I’m still looking forward to it’s second part  like I said others will probably enjoy it more than I did but I was looking for a scare point and I didn’t find one. So I was disappointed somewhat in that respect. This film has some huge pants to fill I’m curious to see what others might think as Tim Curry was and is a legend as a horror figure but in the end as I really think about the performance of Skarsgard I think he made an attempt and made it his own but… I’m wondering if the CGI just doesn’t fit the image I have of him.

Now I did like the back story and I did love the very beginning I’m just not a fan of CGI folks it doesn’t look right to me… everyone’s allowed to have an opinion and I know not everyone will agree I think the kids had fun in their roles, I think that Skarsgard makes an interesting Pennywise up to you in the end folks but there’s my thoughts enjoy!

Starring Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough, Jeremy Ray Taylor as
Ben Hanscom, Sophia Lillis as
Beverly Marsh, Finn Wolfhard as
Richie Tozier, Chosen Jacobs as Mike Hanlon, Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie Kaspbrak, Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Uris, Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, Nicholas Hamilton as Henry Bowers, Jake Sim as
Belch Huggins, Logan Thompson as Victor Criss, Owen Teague as Patrick Hockstetter, Jackson Robert Scott as Georgie Denbrough, Stephen Bogaert as Mr. Marsh, Stuart Hughes as Officer Bowers, Geoffrey Pounsett as Zach Denbrough, Pip Dwyer as Sharon Denbrough, Mollie Jane Atkinson as Sonia Kasprak, Steven Williams as Leroy Hanlon, Elizabeth Saunders as Mrs. Starret, Megan Charpentier as Gretta, Joe Bostick as Mr. Keene, Ari Cohen as Rabbi Uris, Anthony Ulc as Joe the Butcher, Javier Botet as Hobo, Katie Lunman as Betty Ripsom, Carter Musselman as Headless Boy, Tatum Lee as Judith, Edie Inksetter as Hostess, Martha Gibson as Old Woman, Kasie Rayner as Field Hockey Girl #1, Isabelle Nélisse as Girl in Bathroom, Jocelyn Mattka as Another Girl, Donald Tripe as
Old Man in Car (as Don Tripe), Liz Gordon as Old Woman in Car, Paige Rosamond as
Dead Girl #1, Neil Crone as Chief Borton, Sonia Gascón as Mrs. Ripsom, Janet Porter as Stanley’s Mother, Memo Díaz Capt. as
4th of July Clown, Chantal Vachon as Girl in Magazine, Roberto Campanella as Organ Player Clown, Cyndy Day as Pharmacy Cashier (uncredited), David Katzenberg as El Aparato (uncredited), Aimee Lenihan as Student (uncredited), Kylie Lenihan as Student (uncredited), Kelly Van der Burg as Abigail (uncredited), Becky Wolf as Girl on Street (uncredited).


Movies Galore take a walk on the Sleaze side and Interviews Director Sean Donohue of Sleazebox pictures including about Death-Scort Service 2: The Naked Dead from 2017!

Written by David Strege


So I’m glad that you’ve agreed Mr. Sean Donohue to this interview with Movies Galore of Milwaukee…

MGOM: First let’s begin begin with your name, where your from, and What were your inspirations for becoming a director of independent films? How did you come up with your concept idea for your distribution company Gatorblade films and The Sleaze Box?

SD: I was born in Baltimore, Maryland but have lived in Florida most of my life. I had always wanted to be an actor as a kid and when I got older I realized that I would be better off trying to make films instead of acting in them.  On another note, The Sleaze Box is not my company.  The Sleaze Box is run by Chris Woods.   I run Gatorblade Films.  Death-Scort Service 1 and 2, Cannibal Claus and Chaos A.D were a Sleaze Box/ Gatorblade collaboration.

MGOM: Good to know as im still laerning on which company’s are associated with where. May I ask why did you choose horror? Or at least the genre your creating in Independent Film? And what is your favorite horror film if you had one or two that influenced you?

SD: I love horror and comedy.  I grew up watching alot of both.  I want to make a comedy, I even have one in the works.  Can’t really don’t have a favorite horror film, I like them all so much.  The first horror film I saw was the original Fright Night.  That movie definitely got me interested in the genre.

MGOM: What kind of challenges did you have in making “If I Can’t Have You…” and or “Bloody English”?

SD: I worked on If I can’t Have you with director friend, Chris Leto.  It was my first independent horror film I worked on.  I did a little bit of everything, lighting, camera, F/X and editing too.  Bloody English was my first horror short.  It was fun to make but hot as hell as we shot it in the middle of a hot Florida summer.

download (2)

MGOM: “Joe Vampire” and or “Agrizophobia”?

SD: Joe Vampire was my first full length horror film that I produced and directed.  There were alot of problems to say the least.  I’m glad it got made and was definately a learning experience.  Agrizoophobia was a short I created for a compilation that never happened.  It is a special feature on the Joe Vamp DVD.  That one was alot of fun but again hot, rainy and sandy as we shot most of it in the woods.

download (4)

MGOM: “DIe Die Delta Pi” and or “Death-Scort Service”?

SD: Die Die Delta Pi still to this day was my highest buget film and definately one of the hardest to make.  We had a huge cast and every problem in the book.  It’s still amazes me that it got to exhist.  Death-Scort Service on the other hand was alot easier than alot of other films I made before it.  What I didn’t expect from that one was the amount of love and appraise it got.  I think it’s my most popular movie.


MGOM: “Cannibal Claus” and or “Death-Scort Service 2: The Naked Dead”?

SD: Cannibal Claus was another fun one and Bob Glazier KILLED it!!  I had always wanted to make a Christmas movie and and glad this one happened.  I hope it lives on through the generations.  DSS 2 was definately a challenge as it was my first sequel and I had alot of new cast members I hadn’t worked with before on set.  Things went pretty smooth and we definately had a good time making it.


MGOM: Did you have a favorite scene or shot you remember that you can share from “If I Can’t Have You…” and or “Bloody English”?

SD: The Bath tub kill.

MGOM: “Joe Vampire” and or “Agrizophobia”?

images (2)

SD: Joe Vampire – the Strip club scene

Agrizoophobia – the Werewolf transformation

MGOM: “DIe Die Delta Pi” and or “Death-Scort Service”?

SD: DDDP – razor wire neck strangulation

DSS – Baseball bat kill.

download (5)

MGOM: “Cannibal Claus” and or “Death-Scort Service 2: The Naked Dead”?

SD: C. Claus – Dick ornament

DSS 2 – Power saw kill

MGOM: Where did you happen to film “If I Can’t Have You…” and or “Bloody English”?

SD: Both were filmed in Tampa, Fl. and surrounding areas.

MGOM: “Joe Vampire” and or “Agrizophobia”?

SD: Both were filmed in Tampa, Fl. and surrounding areas.

MGOM: “DIe Die Delta Pi” and or “Death-Scort Service”?

images (3)

SD: Both were filmed in Tampa, Fl. and surrounding areas.

MGOM: “Cannibal Claus” and or “Death-Scort Service 2: The Naked Dead”?

SD: Both were filmed in Tampa, Fl. and surrounding areas.

MGOM: Who were your make up artists for “If I Can’t Have You…” and or “Bloody English”?

SD: I did some of the F/X on both of those and my friend James Vale also helped out.

MGOM: “Joe Vampire” and or “Agrizophobia”?

SD: A combination of myself, Marcus Koch and James Vale.

MGOM: “DIe Die Delta Pi” and or “Death-Scort Service”?

SD: Marcus Koch on DDDP and Me and Marcus and Shelby Mcintyre on DSS.

MGOM: “Cannibal Claus” and or “Death-Scort Service 2: The Naked Dead”?

SD: Myself and Hannah Moon on DSS 2.

MGOM: How do you think your characters or effects turned out after production for “If I Can’t Have You…” and or “Bloody English”?

SD: I thought the actors did a decent job.    Those movies needed more production value though, lol.

MGOM: “Joe Vampire” and or “Agrizophobia”?

SD: All and all I was pleased with everyones performance.

MGOM: “DIe Die Delta Pi” and or “Death-Scort Service”?

SD: Again everyone did a great job.

MGOM: “Cannibal Claus” and or “Death-Scort Service 2: The Naked Dead”?

SD: Very happy with the ways these turned out.


MGOM: Did you have any problems casting for any of these four features of yours? And how was your relationship with your casts and the rest of your crew or crews for “If I Can’t Have You…” and or “Bloody English”?”Joe Vampire” and or “Agrizophobia”?“DIe Die Delta Phi” and or “Death-Scort Service”? “Cannibal Claus” and or “Death_Scort Service 2: The Naked Dead”?

SD: All my movies have had some kind of “problem” .  The more you make you just become faster and better at fixing the problems.

MGOM: Is there anything else that you’d like to ad? If you have some possible new film in development why don’t you tell us a little about it? If not will we see more of your talent?

SD: I am working on a couple scripts at the moment and will be doing F/X on Chris Wood’s new movie next year.

MGOM: Well Mr. Sean Donohue I thank you so much for your time and for letting me dig deep inside your Twisted mind!

SD: Thank you so much for the opportunity any time!

Movies Galore takes a look at SOV anthology “The Carnage Collection” by Directors Bob Ferraria, Derrick Ferreria, and Kimball Rowell From 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Point and Shoot Films director’s Bob and Derrick Ferreria as well as KImball Rowall is an SOV anthology slightly done in the style of VHS-like style which i think was relatively decent and I’m certainly hoping that more comes from this studio.

Indie horror films get a lot of shit for not having originality or at least a followable script but Carnage takes us through a series of short films that showcase bits of gore and I think having  Ryan Nicholson of Gutterballs’ underground fame as an SFX adviser has certainly helped in bringing this anthology collection about though minimal at best.

I’d actually bought this film a while ago when it first came out and I’m sorry galorians for not getting to it but there are many films that come out one after the other so here it is my retrospect…

Carnage (3)

The film begins as an HVTV salesman knocks on the door of a young man not having cable of any sort offers the free installment of this service and right away warning signs nothings really for free hehe. As these short films in this anthology don’t entirely have names that I can see I shall call this first segment “Jingle Balls” as nothing better than a slasher short of a plastic Santa display chasing a fat boy down with a knife making head splodges with presents.

Carnage (5)

The second segment I’m going to call “Open Your Mind” I’m only naming these segments as i cant find any information out on them for the present… in any case a young man follows a written address to get some drugs but instead is taken on an acid trip of sorts as he is held under the influence by the freaks in the room, but ultimately wakes up in an empty home…

The next segment I’m going to call “Ejectulation” shot in black and white a character named Doug comes home with a vhs player evidently having no relationship fucks the hole the vhs slips into not expecting it to get fed up…

The next Segment I’m going to call “Fucking Venus” as two bro-skies end up getting some killer weed no pun intended… that turn them into the living dead… the next segment after that is about a young girl gothically dressed that draws a clown that comes to life in a murderous rage… I’ll call this segment “Clown Reaper”.

Carnage (2)

I’m going to call this next segment “Angel of Death” as a man can not take it anymore but every time he tries to kill himself  a smoking figure in sunglasses keeps watching him.  The next segment I’m calling “Always Loved You” as a young black-haired woman is walking in the woods gets chased down and mutilated by her friendly neighborhood stalker…

Carnage (4)

In this next segment called “Stuffed” a pleasently plump young woman named Andrea’s grandmother has died so ends up going over to see what hasn’t been picked over by other family members and finds a stuffed animal sloth named Rufio who becomes her best and only freind… Rufio on he other hand has some sexual fetish ideas on the other hand…. a play on I think how some women don’t mature and grow up never getting rid of their obsessive stuffed animal collecting… and turn into murders….

Carnage (1)

The four tales I found to be interesting and of note were The Santa Claus tale, the vhs teeth tale, the Angel of Death tale and the last tale “Stuffed” now there were parts you could tell were fake but this certainly is at least worth a watch if you haven’t already for a small gore fest. Enjoy!

Starring Tiera Colette as Gypsy / Torture Victim, Derek Ferreira as Derek / Big Dick Doug / Torturer, Bob Ferreira as Bob / The Tripper, Felisia Grimm as Nastasia / Andrea / Clown, Kimball Rowell as Stokes, Desiree Lynn Hersom as Jess, Alexis Ames as Bre, Reuben Claridge as Ryan Ellis, Chris Davis as The Watcher, Lucas Davis as Steezy, Druscilla DeVille as  Pepper, Mandatron Divine as The Pusher, Tom Ferreira as HVTV Salesman, Alberto Giovannelli as Male Clown Victim (voice), Sarah Jayy as Gina, Thomas Townsend as Rufio the Sloth.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Mark Polonia’s low budget man in the Ape suit feature “Empire Of The Apes” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Polonia Bros. Entertainment and specifically Sterling Entertainment, David Sterling has rendered some great new covers this year in 2018 to two films already made and one lost film of the Polonia Brother’s ape movies which I imagine were in tribute to films such as like the “Planet of the Apes” film series.

David Sterling is responsible for bringing about ten films in the Witchcraft series and entirely the man behind the Camp Blood series and many more budget films made for around 400 dollars or less.

Empire (2)

The film begins in a forest where we see several groups of Apes in Suits but for its independent value the ape suits don’t look bad except the orangutan looking ape looks somewhat like a Chimpansee… but a group carry battle axes like some are waiting and some are searching.

Next we see a human prisoner in chains being led somewhere. Learning that it is Captain Zantor (Diasparra) he begins be recanting why he’s been imprisoned…

Three female captives Theel (Costanzo) Jada (DeLorenzo) and Dane (Donahue) are imprisoned on a transport ship on their way to god knows where.  Theel using Jada as a distraction distract the guards to escape in an escape pod and dispatch to a planet below while being tracked by the prison ships Captain/Commander Zantor.  Meanwhile down on the planet Dane receives a dream of warnings but even so the three females were captured by the Ape Baal (Carolus) along with the Ape named Trask second in Command to an Ape leader by the name of Korg.  Korg believes the planet they are on is more of a prison so more than anything wants of this desolate planet.  When the females landed and confirmed their ship had been destroyed was then an opportunity for Korg and his race of Apes to further the line of his species.  Ordered to take the females and imprison them… Korg is the advised by Trask whom seems different than the war hungry Baal to speek to the old ones in council.

Empire (3)

With a gladiator battle for the human females ahead and a betrayal of a human commander this i feel felt like a grand homage to films like the franchise “Planet of the Apes” films featuring Charles Heston among others, originally written by a french Novelist Pierre Bouille, and King Kong like films but I feel like in a way this is its own film as the masks are entirely real looking as well as the little bits of CGI that appear to be suttle. I do think the acting of Danielle Donahue as Dane should be of note as she was the only good actress in the script.  The other two I suppose aren’t too bad to look at but i’d of liked to have seen some chunk to the actresses instead of muscles and boyish looking chests.  Though i do like the attitude at times of Theel played by Elizabeth Costanzo… when I think of an ape movie i think big breasts, scandelous to zero clothing, captivity and blood this film was certainly  cleaner than it could be…

images (1)

I’m not normally a fan of CGI but i think that it was used well in the places it needed to as for the low budget I can certainly follow the story line though… I feel like because of the backlash that the Mark Wahlberg starred in version of “Planet of the Apes” this is how Mark Polonia may have wanted the film to go in his own way… In the same respect if You look at the marketing technique between this poster and its original:


I can see this film becoming a fad for cult collectors with is new image the cover is really cool.  I’m a fan of this film series so far though be aware there is a level of slowness and I feel as though the ending of the film was somewhat short but then again you get and see some of the ending in the beginning… I’d certainly recommend at least seeing this and its a neat item to have added to my collection. Enjoy!

Starring James Carolus as Baal, Elizabeth V. Costanzo as Theel, Marie DeLorenzo as
Jada, Steve Diasparra as Captain Zantor, Danielle Donahue as Dane, Jeff Kirkendall as Trask, Ken Van Sant as Korg.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Matt Porter’s short film “Gundersons” from 2011!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Dial Tone Pictures director Matt Porter is a comical short film starring Max Azulay as Max, a young man having come in for a physical only to find he’s contracted a rare sexual disease called Gunderson’s.

Before I say any more, I learned that Gunderson’s the short film is actually a small piece of a larger film called Argyle which Matt Porter had sectioned off into a smaller short film so I’m actually curious what the full extent of the film looks like… that being said Max (Azulay) ends up in charge of a small class of what looks like sixth graders health class.

As the substitute teacher normally is someone who basically fills in for a teachers absence not only does Max start talking about subjects kids that age should probably never hear, it is also quite comical =exactly what he says as if it were his last day in life living like having a sexually transmitted twitch like Gunderson’s is the end of his Career.

Now this is another short film Timothy Cox has acted in as he is a character actor playing the role of the Principal who has to give him the bad news. I believe that the acting was decent throughout the film and definitely some comical moments in the film that certainly shouldn’t happen in real life but I suppose someone with the “I almost wonder if it was made up” disease couldn’t have done any worse.

Now it did kind of look like the director filmed the kids in the classroom in an entirely different room then the one Max was in but as this is an indie short film you can certainly look past this.  I enjoyed the film, it is open to view on vimeo and would certainly recommend seeing the film.  But as i learned its part of a larger film I’d almost like to view the film as a whole to see what it had in it’s entirety. Enjoy!

Starring Max Azulay as Max, Timothy J. Cox as Principal Cox, Dan Azulay as Dr. Grossman, Nicolina Capitanio as Max’s Student, Jeremian Fox as Max’s Student, Alex Michaelopoulos as Max’s Student, Lexie Morin as Max’s Student, Daniel Murphy as Max’s Student, Phil Plucinski as Max’s Student, Yemaya Rich as Max’s Student, Robert Rossi as Max’s Student, Cody Schmidt as Max’s Student, Cassidy Steinhilber as Max’s Student, Marley Sternberg as Max’s Student, Lindsay Tierney as Max’s Student.