Movies Galore takes a look at director Ross Bigley’s Short film “Doris Gives Good Therapy” from 2009!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Dirty Jobs Films director Ross Bigley from Milwaukee this short film is Comical in the awkardness as it was an official film selection at the Wildwood Film Festival.


When your going in to a therapy appointment your going there to get help on explains the problems you have and possibly some guidance on things you could do differently… you certainly don’t expect your therapist to talk back nor belittle you with his or her issues but that is exactly what Dora does to this man…

I think the actors in here definitely played their parts… Libby Amato I’d certainly love to have seen her play this character in a larger role… Thing is it was very unprofessional lol… as far as Dan Katula I don’t think he could have pulled the unsuspecting client any better than he could have certainly worth a one time watch in a WTF moment that’s for sure.

I enjoyed this film even though it was shorter than I anticipated well done Ross!

Starring Libby Amato as Doris, Dan Katula as Man.

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