Movies Galore takes a look at Director’s Skip Shea and Mike Messiers short film “The Actor” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Directed by Skip Shea and Mike Messiers this short film “The Actor” from 2013 stars David Graziano as an actor from New York that comes and sits in an empty theater and muses about his mistakes… his life choices and his regrets…

He speaks of his love Christina whom at one time he’d loved her but his ambition got the best of him…


I think I like this film not only because it shows that this actor can realize where he went wrong but also because it shows somewhat of a hauntedness that I think all actors and actresses can relate to…

I think it also helps that I’ve seen David in another film that was later and I think he does a decent job as an actor.  I believe the film might of been called “Delusion” which eventially got picked up by Epoch Cinema.

For the short film Enthusiasts I certainly recommend this film you can find it easily on YouTube definitely seek the film out it was enjoyable…

Starring David Graziano as The Actor, Christine Perla as Christina, Diana Porter as The Coach.

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