Movies Galore takes a look at director Z. Smith’s new feature length film “Befouled” for 2017!

Written by David Strege


Some films are experimental, meaning they are normally supposed to be made for ones own artistic amusement and not necessarily to be horrific but turn out this way in the end as I take a look at Z. Smith’s new feature film at a run time of 64 minutes… Coming out on Underground Gorelector’s label… As he’d edited the film and directed the film himself with images…

if you like films like “Begotten” or “Orozco,  The Embalmer” or “Aftermath” like films or even Kurt Anger and his Magic Lantern Cycle of films… this might be up your alley…

From what I saw of the film it goes from Black and White to some yellow ultraviolet rays to some multiplicity of a man boiling chicken to toiletry in some kind of Sadistic way I presume… but ultimately you get a sense of the very disturbed and if this is what you like?  Then check it out! For its coming into a very classy VHS Clamshell case from Underground Gorelectors and hitting the streets very soon!

Did I enjoy the film? Well I at least enjoy trying to describe it a little it was definitely trippy and I think it will be popular among the artsy horror types so I think I’ll recommend it for people to check it out and see if it is up their taste in venue… It won’t be everyone’s tastes but I’d certainly like to see more of what this man can do… enjoy!

Here’s the trailer!

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