Movies Galore takes a look at director Tiziano Cella’s feature “Subject 0: Shattered Dreams” from 2015!


Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Media Dab Director Tiziano Cella and Distributed by SGL Entertainment on his first feature directorial debut into a lengthy feature from short films…

So the film begins as elevator Concertino music plays through a voyeauristic rear window peep show in the credits as we hear a man leaving a voice mail… as in the next scene we see a naked woman waking up next to a naked man, realizing the man is dead and covered in blood starts to scream…


As it turns out the woman is Laura Williams the wife of Robert Williams whom is trying to get a new project to be invested in. Roberts partner seems to be involved with one of the investors and it seems whatever project Robert is involved with also involves the murder of the dead man in his wives bed…

On the other hand there is a junkyard involved as well… a beautiful young secretary with a boyfriend and a young man seemingly infatuated with her named Joshua.  Joshua is a little strange as he seems to workout to loud classical music disturbing his some what pretty chinese neighbor.

The Subject spirals out of control and ultimately this is a story about how you can not control every experiment, that no one is in control but once the monster is out it can not be stopped.  I really liked this film though the story had some slow bits to the plot It has a somewhat reminder of Bourne Identity likeness but an originality creating its own unstopable killer.  My problem only problem with the film has nothing to do with the film per say but the actress who played the young secretary though she was beautiful and you do see her naked she looked undernourished to me as you can see her rib cage which I am sorry to say it is very unattractive at least to me.  On the other hand I very much want to see more of the female police detective covering up evidence in more of a lead role.

Other than this I think David White and Tiziano Cella’s meeting between master and puppet was the best part of the film and was certainly an interesting twist.  I recomend this film for other Horror enthusiast’s and if you enjoy a slow burn I think this is your film.  Enjoy!

Here is the Trailer!

Starring David White as Robert Williams, Tiziano Cella as Joshua, Cristina Lizzul as
Liutenant Cristina, Yuri Antonosante as Giorgio De Rosa, Stefano Patti as Pickpocket, Martina Palmitesta as Katia Morelli, Jonathan Silvestri as Inspector, Daniel De Rossi as Daniel Brooks, Giuseppe Ragone as Giuseppe Torre, Lauren Jane Matic as Lauren Williams, Susanna Rose as Isabelle De Gaulle (voice), Cinzia Susino as Marleen, Salvo Di Natale as Drunk Man, Simone Paradiso as
Liutenant Simone, Isabelle Awity as Isabelle De Gaulle, Qiuyu Liu as Joshua’s Neighbour, Laura Fimognari as Katia Morelli (voice), Viviana Rondinone as
Pizza Boy’s Mother (voice), Carlo Fabiano as Pizza Boy, Lorenzo De Angelis as Customer.

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