Movies Galore takes a look at director’s Chad Fuller and Matt Green’s short film “Hell’s Half Acre” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Fuller & Green Productions the same team of directors of the short film “The Switch” from 2016 known as Chad Fuller also an actor as well as Matt Green also an actor.

I like how the film begins almost in sepia not entirely in black and white… where it looks like a farmer and his family we’re working their day in the hay when two criminals Charlotte and Zeke stumble across their farm murdering his family in cold blood not before the Owner of the farm shouted a curse that if they touched his family he’d come back from Hell to enact his revenge…


The next part of the film is basically about two different parties a paranormal group who’d heard about Hell’s Half Acre and a family that appears to live on the cursed and supposedly haunted grounds…

After watching the film I can say wow… such an 80’s influenced slasher film.  Definitely blood that looks like blood and someone who knows how to use camera angles to suggest the acts of killing… definitely going to be I think a favorite for Splatter enthusiasts the acting was great on all angles in my mind.  Sometimes I find in indie films actors and actresses can look and sound so unenthusiastic as they aren’t all paid to do so but not here.

I think that having a historian that that set the presence and mood of the legends had a play in what was to happen next as well. I mean the killer kind of reminded me of The Town That Dreaded Sundown quite a bit but I think this was creative in its own… I think if this film hasn’t hit festivals it should definitely be viewed as it is one of my favorite short films so far of 2017. Great job guys!

Here’s the trailer!

Starring Lee Vervoort as Zeke, Cindy Maples as Charlotte, James Stokes as
Killer, Chad Fuller as Eddie, Nathan Austin as Deputy Darnell, Evan Logsdon as Billy, Matt Green as Sheriff Green, Robin Wyatt as Strange Man, Andy Grace as Greg, Nathan Carson as Wyatt, Elmer Jones as Confederate Ghost, Alonzo Pennington as Alex, Apollo as White dog, Siena Welch as Historian’s granddaughter, Tabitha Deheart as Mother #2, Shannon Stockin as Lacy, Samantha Thompson as
Mother, Kathy West as Debra Jean, Trenden Shelton as Ghost Boy, Karol Welch as Historian, Kathy Clayton Girvin as Mama, Dan Vermeersch as Nut Knox.


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