Movies Galore takes a look at director Tiziano Cella’s short film “Maledetta Cuba” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


Also known known as “Damn Cuba” this is a short film directed by Media Dab Productions Italian director Tiziano Cella from 2010.

Basically the film is about a brother making a phone call to a brother about a fantastic night he’d had in Cuba.  My problem with the film is it was really short but it did have a surprise ending.  The film showed me what you can portray with multiple screens to make it seem like one actor was actually two different people. The acting I can’t really say much as there isn’t much to talking on a phone or just sitting up straight on a bed…

I must say that there are still people who grew up with certain relationships being taboo and I think that the surprise in the end was to show a reaction to the man’s sleeping partner.  Did I enjoy the film? I enjoyed watching the film to an extent.  I’d half recommend it as there are certain WTF moments that age old concepts of whats right and wrong are often boxed into what’s socially accepted in society. I’ll say its an interesting film. Enjoy!

Starring Valerio Dalessandro, and Giuseppe Garasto.

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