Movies Galore takes a look at director Tim Everett’s Western short “The Bounty Hunter” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Bravo Whisky Charlie Films director Tim Everett from Scotland in association with Sitrup Productions and Travel Far productions is the tale of two sides of the western coin.

On the one hand we have some men running from the law with prices on their heads,  on the other we have not one but two Bounty Hunters…

I think this western tale was neat to see as it reverberated and reminded me of when I used to and still do watch westerns that have a tad bit of Justice in a lawless country.


You have here “Gentleman” Johnny Fletcher a man on the run, reportedly having killed some farming families or family but in his mind he’s been set up by another man and just goes to show there is a bit of lawlessness at least if only mildly suggested. As well as Trigger we meet along the way…



There is definitely a storyline that can be followed and I think if this film was entered in some festivals I think that people will dig this film as it has a rustic feel.  I think that The Bounty Killer has an honesty and carries his role as if it was natural.  I enjoyed this film and wouldn’t mind seeing more… I’d recommend this to western fans for sure. And as it is a proof of Concept film meaning meant for a larger film concept I’m definitely looking forward to sEeing that if it ever gets made.  Enjoy!

Starring Rock Chase as The Bounty Hunter, Grace Toso as Charlie Justice, Eric Morris as “Gentleman” John Fletcher, Mike Dixon as Tagg “Trigger” Galley.

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