Movies Galore takes a look at director Francheska Arroyo and Albert Roberts short film “Hell’s Circus” from 2016!

Written by David Strege

Hell's Circus (2)

Originally shot at night with Sitrep films director Albert Roberts of “Test Group” a zombie film specifically acted by war verterans and Francheska Arroyo who also stars in the film as Christa…

As it would appear a group of friends get together to enjoy some time out in the woods and tell stories around a campfire. Little do they know that they are also sharing the night with some very freakish clowns leftover from an era when freak shows were the entertainment of the night.

Hell's Circus (3)

For a small little Gore short this actually has some humoresqueness to the characters that I think people will like.  I think that the acting in this short film is rather good partially because this film was made as if a bunch of friends decided to have fun with a camera.  I do think the fact that they had Albert Roberts on the set that there is an energy to the film that which those Who’ve seen “Test Group” can ascertain that Mr. Roberts is making a dent and a name on his end of the indie industry I commend him for working with Veterans that have been in combat still to this day.

Definitely lookout for this film in festivals if you see it! As for Arrayo she has certainly made a mark in horror to this being her first directed short film she couldn’t have done any worse that’s for sure… for a while they were streaming the film online as a web series.  Look out for Francheska Arrayo”s short films “The Urban Children” and “A Prelude to War: Star Wars Fan Film” enjoy!

Starring Francheska Arroyo as Christa, James D. Collie as Clown #5 (as Jd Collie), Braden Draucek as Clown #11, Tim Everett as Clown #1, Mistie Gibby as Emma, Hilary Hightower as Clown #14, Nova Hudson as Clown #7, Bonnie Lambeth as Clown #2, Patrick Lamont Jr. as Brian, Josue Lamonte as Clown #4, Siergio Larry as Lars, Valarie Lopez as Tammy, Greg Martin as Clown #13, Ted Parker as Clown #9, Stephen Wright Payne as Clown #10, Peter Rowden as
Matt, Ernesto Ruizperotti as Clown #8, Siergio Siergio as Lars, Indiana Sifuentes as Clown #3, Charles E. Tucker as Clown #12, Casey Wagner as Clown #6.


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