Movies Galore takes a look at director Sean Meghan’s short film “Over Coffee” From 2010!

Written by David Strege


So this short film is brought to us by A Studio In Production director Sean Meehan and is basically about the world somewhat inside an office type setting.

Carla works for a retail Company under Hamilton Rice whom always grabs him his Coffee before any meeting…

The film begins as office men Andrew (Potempa) and David discuss office politics, Cyber Sex and whether Andrew will ever get up the courage to ask Carla Out.

Thing is Hamilton (Cox) has just told Carla he’s on his way in and she’s forgotten his Coffee.  So Andrew volunteers to go but some random office floozy (Portnoy) stole the Coffee and Andrew had to flag it down in time to get it to the Boss…


I think the acting on Andrew’s part was a tad shaky at first and slightly phone but I think in the end he panned out as being the man for the part.  This film was meant to be a little comical and I think Timothy Cox playing the bit part of the boss looking like Mr. Clean with that shaved head was hysterical.  Most bosses often try to make you cower and do their bidding so it was entertaining to see Tim play such s role if anything watch it for the Humor.

Starring Erik Potempa as Andrew, Jocelyn DeBoer as Carla, Michael Oberholtzer as
David, Timothy J. Cox as Hamilton Rice, Mallory Portnoy as Laura, Franco Foti as
Coffee Shop Patron, Lauren Foti as Coffee Shop Patron, Jack Lundy as Coffee Shop Patron, Michelle Martinez as Coffee Shop Patron, Kathleen Hefferon as Barista, Mike Meehan as Coffee Shop Patron.

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