Movies Galore takes a look at director Phil Newsom’s short film “Simple Mind” from 2012!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Director Phil Newsom with Phil Newsom Productions is a short film from 2012 about a man named Bob who is unaware of his realities.

Once again I’ve watched another film starring actor Timothy Cox as he narrates this film while confessing to crimes of murder to a psychologist….

But while he’s confessing we see that he pretty much looks like your average Joe but we see him stalk a woman named Samantha (McCarson) as he explains his relationship with a woman… now I thought that it was the psychologist that he was following but how could he have been when he was talking to her…

When in actuality Bob is just living a life in his mind… the only thing he can do…

I guess I enjoyed this short film as even though it’s subtle in bringing you about to Bobs realization in the end and living with a Level one Schizophrenic myself as a room mate of mine when I first got back from college myself, I can believe that anyone with this disability can believe whatever realities that they create… where as Bob believed he was a murderer  my own room mate believes that they found a Seven headed dragon in the sands of the Sahara desert and that it was the devil that he killed… as this was my freinds reality that he lived in and still does it is entirely possible to believe in Bob’s reality.


I think that once again Mr. Cox shows that he can play some versatile roles. My only thing is I was reminded of James Mangold’s Identity from 2003 with this film just a tad…  but I think this film is its own message.

I think that the short film enthusiast will enjoy this film. But I also think it can be misinterpreted… definitely different but I recommend This film for people to watch…

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Bob, Kristi McCarson as Samantha.

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